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March 2005

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It is with grave concern that we observe the growing threat of a new U.S. war--this time against the people of Iran.

The media is filled with reports of an alleged nuclear threat posed by Iran and the assumed need for the U.S. to take military action. These reports recall the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" stories issued in the months leading up to the war on Iraq.

In the lead up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, the Bush Administration asserted that Iraq possessed massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and that it was capable of launching an attack - nuclear, chemical and biological - on the U.S. within 45 minutes.

President Bush said that the U.S. had to attack immediately, and could not "wait for the final proof -- the smoking gun -- that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." We all know now that this propaganda campaign was a complete fabrication created to justify a war of aggression.

Now we see reports that are all too similar being made to justify military action against the people of Iran. Taking Iran to the UN Security Council is a prelude for unilateral action. Just as in the case of Iraq, none of the claims made by the U.S. government stand up to unbiased scrutiny. Iran has submitted to the most intrusive and humiliating inspections, above and beyond what is required by Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). None of the inspections have found any evidence that Iran is developing a nuclear weapons program.

There is only one government that has used nuclear weapons against civilian populations, and that same country has the largest stockpile of weapons of mass destruction on the planet. Most dangerous and incredible it is at this very moment developing a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons that it intends to use, not merely to threaten. That country is, of course, the United States. Shouldn't any real discussion of the dangers of nuclear weapons include the weapons stockpiled by the Pentagon and the history of U.S. aggression and interventions?

Iran has suffered greatly at the hands of the U.S. We recall the U.S. overthrew the democratically elected government of Dr. M. Mossadegh and returned the Shah to the Peacock Throne – ‘the proudest achievement of the CIA’. For 25 years the Shah ruled Iran with an iron fist for the benefit of U.S. oil corporations before the people of Iran, in the millions, overthrew his tyranny at a terrible cost in lives. For the past 27 years U.S. sanctions have impeded Iran’s right to development and brought great suffering to the people.

It is essential that all voices opposed to the devastation of a new war in the Middle East speak out now. We urge an immediate end to Washington's campaign of sanctions, hostility, and falsehood against the people of Iran. We oppose any new U.S. aggression against Iran. We need funds for human needs, not endless war for empire.

Initial Signers (add your name)

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Detroit Archdiocese*, Founding President, Pax Christi*
The Most Rev. Filipe C Teixeira
, OFSJC, Diocesan Bishop, Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, CCA

Michael Parenti
, author

Ramsey Clark
, former U.S. Attorney General
Howard Zinn, author, historian
George Galloway, MP, Britain
Tony Benn, MP, Britain
Denis J. Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary-General
Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Margarita Papandreou, former First Lady of Greece
Ardeshir Ommani, co-founder of American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)
Ervand Abrahamian, Prof. ME History, Author, Between Two Revolutions
David N. Rahni, Professor and scholar, NY
David Sole, President UAW, Local 2334*, Detroit
Steve Gillis, President, USWA Local 8751*

Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY
Thomas Koppel and Annisette, of the Scandanavian Popular Music Band Savage Rose

Dirk Adriaensens, coordinator SOS Iraq, exec. committee Brussells Tribunal)
Fatemeh Abdollahzadeh, Professor, Central Conn State University*, New Britain, CT
Dirk Adriaensens, coordinator SOS Iraq, exec. committee Brussells Tribunal
Amir Hossein Afrassiabi, Architect/poet, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Moji Agha, Founder, Universal Coalition For Interfaith And Intercultural Knowledge And Action (UCIIKA)*, Tucson, AZ
Sima Aprahamian, Asst. Prof. & Fellow, Sociology-anthropology & Simone De Beauvoir Institute*, Montreal, Canada
Hani Y. Awadallah, President, Arab American Civic Organization
Axis of Logic
Dr. Barbara Nimri Aziz, Executive producer of RadioTahrir-WBAI-NY
Afshin Babazadeh, Poet, London, United Kingdom
Brian Barraza, AMAT, Association of Mexican American Workers
Sharon Black, All Peoples Congress
Hamid Bonyadi, Legal advisor/Advocate, Attorney At Law, Teheran, Iran
Jean Bricmont, Brussels Tribunal
Brookline PeaceWorks
John Catalinotto, Editor – Metal of Dishonor
Ed Childs, Chief Steward, Unite Here Local #26*
Michel Collon, writer, publicist, Stop USA

Gerry Condon
, Vietnam war deserter/antiwar activist, Director, Soldier Say No / Project Safe Haven
Heather Cottin, Freeport Community Worklink Center*
Tiphaine Dickson, attorney
LeiLani Dowell, Queers for Peace & Justice
Gregory Elich, author, researcher
Elena Everett, Chair, NC Green Party*, Co-Chair, GPAX (Green Party Peace Action Committee)*
Leslie Feinberg, Nat'l Lgbt Caucus Co-chair, National Writers' Union/UAW*, Jersey City, NJ
Sara Flounders, International Action Center
Lenora Foerstel, Vice Pres. Women for Mutual Security*
John Bellamy Foster, Editor, Monthly Review*, Eugene, OR*
Tiokasin Ghosthorse, First Voices Indigenous Radio
Peter Gilbert, FIST – Fight Imperialism, Stand Together
Farrukh Sohail Goindi, Foundation for Democracy-Pakistan
Teresa Gutierrez, NY Committee to Free the Cuba 5
Samia Halaby, Defend Palestine, NYC
Bagher R. Harand, Upper Grandview, NY
Klaus Hartmann, Chairman, German Freethinkers Association
Jesse Lokahi Heiwa,
Imani Henry, Playwright/Performer
Nellie Hester Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council
Sherif Hetata, MD, novelist,International Coordinating Committee of the Mediterranean Social Forum*
Connie Hogarth, director, Connie Hogarth Center For Social Action, Manhattanville College*, Purchase, NY
Larry Holmes, Troops Out Now Coalition
Eric Hooglund, Editor, Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies, Hamline University*, St. Paul MN
Yoomi Jeong, Korea Truth Commission

Berta Joubert-Ceci, Philadelphia International Action Center
Charlotte Kates, NJ Solidarity – Activists for the Liberation of Palestine
Khadouri al-Kaysi, Committee to Support the Iraqi People
Nada Khader, Director of WESPAC* Foundation
Beth Lamont, NY Humanist Society*
Dustin Langley, No We Wont Go counter-recruiting network
The Audre Lorde Project
Robert Merrill, Ph.D.,Professor, Maryland Institute College of Art*, Baltimore, MD
MLK, Jr. Bolivarian Circle, Boston
Morteza Mohit, Glendale, CA
Monica Moorehead, Millions for Mumia
Milan Neuberg, President, The Party of Democratic Socialism, Czech Republic
New England Human Rights for Haiti
Erik-Anders Nilsson, Jersey City Peace Movement
Eleanor Ommani, American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)
Goli Ostadiar, Stop War with Iran, Tehran, Iran
John Parker,
Pam Parker, shop steward, Washington/Baltimore Newspaper Guild(WBNG) #32035
Rostam Pourzal, Iranian Cultural Association*, Washington DC
Ralph Poynter, New Abolitionist Movement*
Minnie Bruce Pratt, Lesbian Author/activist, National Writers Union*, Jersey City, NJ
Anne Pruden, 1199 SEIU delegate*
Milos Raickovich, composer, New York
Sami Ramadani, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University*, London, United Kingdom
Mohammad Reza Rasaei, PhD, Univerity Of Tehran*, Tehran, Iran
Gloria Rubac, Steward, Houston Federation of Teachers, Local 2415*
Nawal El Saadawi, Writer and Psychiatrist, President, Arab Women's Solidarity Association*,
Nader Sadeghi, Associate Professor of Surgery, George Washington University*, Washington, DC,
Roudabeh Shafie, Founder, Action Iran, London, United Kingdom
Njeri Shakur, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement
Reza Shirazi, Radio Producer, Fairfax Public Access TV*, Fairfax, VA
Nana Soul, Artists and Activists United for Peace
Annie & Buddy Spell, Covington Peace Project, Covington LA
Lynne Stewart, attorney
Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
Johnnie Stevens, Peoples Video Network
Brenda Stokely, New York City Labor Against the War
Kambiz Sur Esrafil Jahangir, Founder/Secretary General, Iranian Diaspora Against Defamation And Aggression, San Diego, CA
David Swanson, Co-Founder, After Downing Street, Charlottesville, VA
Mark Lewis Taylor, Professor of Religion & Culture, Princeton Theological Seminary*
Nadje Tesich, Author, Playwright, Poet
Usavior, Artists and Activists United for Peace
Tony Van Der Meer, Prof. Univ. of Massachusetts*, Boston, MA
Saeed Vaseghi, Professor, Brunel University*, London, United Kingdom
Klaus von Raussendorff, Association for International Solidarity*, Germany
Michael Tarif Warren, attorney
Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO*
Walter Williams, People Judge Bush

Full list of signers (List in formation.)
Organizational/group signers:
14 Friends Of Palestine, Novato, CA
9-11 Revelations Group, Minneapolis, MN
A Concerned American Iranian, Novato, CA
Academics For Peace, Albany, NY
Action Coalition Of Taos, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Action Iran, London, United Kingdom
Activist Without Borders, Orlando, FL
Advocacy For Justice, Saginaw, MI
After Downing Street, Charlottesville, VA
Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Bloomington, IN
Against The War In Iraq, Greencastle, IN
Aghia Sophia Children's Hospital, Athens, Greece
AID, Inc, Hightstown, NJ
Alberni Social Justice Group, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
Aldrig Mere Krig, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Alice Peace And Justice Coalition, Alice, TX
Al-Iqamah Movement, Johannesburg, South Africa
All Pakistan Federation Of United Trade Unions (apfutu), Gujrat, MN, Pakistan
American Citizen, Seymour, TX
American Heritage Service, Inc. And The Ecotopian Society, Brodhead, WI
Americans Against The War - Paris, Paris, France
Americans For A Palestinian State Political Action Committee, Oakland, CA
Americans For Peace And Justice, Montpellier France, Montpellier, NC, France
Anti Imperialist Camp Italian Group, Perugia, Italy
Anti War Coalition South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa
Anti-Corporate Globalization Movement, Sarasota, FL
Anti-Imperialist Camp, Vienna, Austria
Applied Creativity, Inc., Seminole, FL
Arab and African Research Centre (AARC), Giza, Egypt
Arab Journal, Woodridge, IL
Arabic Translation Center, San Francisco, CA
Arc-a Return To Center, San Francisco, CA
Arge Wehrdienstverweigerung, Salzburg, Austria
Arms Against War, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Artists Against The Occupation, Tokyo, Japan
Ashton Place- Assisted Living, Sarasota, FL
Asociación De Espčcialistas Universitarias En Estudios De La Mujer., Buenos Aires, Argentina
ATTAC Deutschland, Hamburg, Germany
ATTAC Germany - Region Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
ATTAC International, Buenos Aires, Argentina
AUM, Winston-Salem, NC
AUT, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Autodeterminación Y Libertad, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Axis Of Logic, Boston, MA
Baker Consulting Group, Issaquah, WA
Bastaguerra-Associazione Pacifista, Roma- Italia, Italy
Bay Area United Against War, San Francisco, CA
Beaconhouse School System, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Beena Vision Systems, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Global Education, Eugene, OR
Berkeley Women In Black, Berkeley, CA
Bernalillo County Green Party, Albuquerque, NM
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Beyond Today, Chicago, IL
Birmingham Peace Project, Birmingham, AL
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition, Nashville, IN
Boston Anti-Zionist Committee, Acton, MA
Boulivarian Circle, Santa Monica, CA
Broward Antiwar Coalition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bunker Art Group, Los Angeles, CA
Butte County Employees Association, Oroville, CA
Byte Me! Ebooks Inc., Reno, NV
California Engineering, Inc., Tarzana, CA
California Prison Focus, San Francisco, CA
Cambridge Town & Gown Against War Mongering, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Camp Casey-Crawford, Tucson, AZ
Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament, London, United Kingdom
Campus Anti-war Network - VCU Chapter, Richmond, VA
Canada, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Candian Voice Of Women For Peace, Wolfville, NS, Canada
Carlisle Peace College, Carlisle, PA
Casa De Sousa Coffee House, Los Angeles, CA
Cattail Music, Ltd, Brattleboro, VT
Central Euroasian Studies, Göteborg, Sweden
Central Florida Veterans For Peace, Daytona Beach, FL
Central NJ Coalition For Peace And Justice, Fair Haven, NJ
Central Vermont Peace And Justice, Rutland, VT
Centre For Asia Pacific Partnership, Tokyo, Japan
Centre For Research On Globalization (CRG), Terrasse Vaudreuil, QC, Canada
Che List, N. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cheshm Andaz Iran, Teharn, Iran
Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs, Kamuela, HI
Church Of Mary Magelene, Nashville, TN
CIC, Tallahassee, FL
Citizens For A United Earth, Ionia, NY
Citizens For Just Democracy, Amarillo, TX
Citizens For Legitimate Government, Pittsburgh, PA
Citizens For Truth & Justice-Maui County, Pa`ia, Maui, HI
Citizens To Elect Green Party Congressional Candidiate Byron De Lear In The 28th District-san Fernando Valley, Ca, Sherman Oaks, CA
City College Of New York, New York, NY
CK Green Inc, Omaha, NE
Coalition Against Racism (CAR), Winterville, NC
Coalition For A World Parliament And Global Democracy, Seattle, WA
Coalition For Peace And Justice, Linwood, NJ
Coalition To Free The Angola3, New York, NY
Coastal Convergence Society, Huntington Beach, CA
CodePink Of Tallahassee, Fla, Tallahassee, FL
CodePink Orlando/, Orlando, FL
CodePinkForPeace, Sherwood, AR
COFAVI Comisión De Familiares De Víctimas De La Violencia Social De Argentina, Lomas De Zamora Buenos Aires, Argentina
Communist Party Usa Wisconsin Section, Green Bay, WI
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Community Health Center, Amherst, MA
Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH
Concerned Citizens For Peace, Hemlock, NY
Concordia University, Montral, QC, Canada
Confederazione Cobas - Italy, Roma, Italy
Connie Hogarth Center For Social Action, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
Consciously Living Center, Newport Beach, CA
Consultor Independiente, Heredia, Costa Rica
Corneilius Sings, London, United Kingdom
CVU Nordjylland, Langa, Denmark
Damian Coen, Moruya, Australia
Data-Eksperten, Askeby, Denmark
DAWN/DC Anti-War Network, Arlington, VA
Deja Vu PR, New York, NY
Democracy For America, Ferndale, WA
Democracy For America, Long Branch, NJ
Democracy For Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Democrats, Marietta, GA
Denver International Action Center, Denver, CO
Denver PDA, Denver, CO
Department Of Politics, European Studies And International Relations, Felsted, United Kingdom
Deseret Foundation For Peace, Murray, UT
Diocese Of Saint Francis Of Assisi, Cca, Brockton, MA
Dismedia, Aarhus, Denmark
Dragon Dynamics, Beith, United Kingdom
Dreamlabz Technologies, Kanpur, India
Ecumenical Peace Institute/CALC, Berkeley, CA
Edinburgh Stop The War, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Education, Zemst, Belgium
Elijah Speaks, Atlanta, GA
Emergency, Volterra, Italy
Enea, 00060 Rome, Italy
Enlightend Humanist Party, Dothan, AL
Environmentalists, Iranian Greens, Stockholm, Sweden, Arelee, SK, Canada
Episcopal Church, Wheeling, IL
Episcopal Peace And Justice Commission, Oklahoma City, OK
Episcopal Peace Fellowship Southwest Washington, Vancouver, WA
Esperanza Peace And Justice Center, San Antonio, TX
Essene, Sausalito, CA
European Peace Forum German Section, Berlin, Germany
Fantazine, Missoula, MT
Faringdon Peace Group, Faringdon, United Kingdom
Federal Comittee of The Peace Council (Germany), Kassel, Germany
Fellowship Of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY
Fife Stop The War Coalition, Anstruther, United Kingdom
Fondation On Multilateralim, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Formerly Food Not Bombs Etc., Brighton, MA
Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Free Ameica Now, Astoria, OR
Free Iraq Now, Anaheim, CA
Free People's Movement, New York, NY
Free Speech League, Winston Salem, NC
Freedom Socialist Party National Office, Seattle, WA
Fumc-tacoma Micah Project, Tacoma, WA
Gattacicova, London, United Kingdom
Gender And Politics, Opera (mi), Italy
Generals For Peace & Disarmamentt, Chalandri-athens, Greece
Ghost Troop, Houston, TX
Global Action To Prevent War, Columbia,, MO
Global Star Alliance, Geneva, Switzerland
Goldsmiths College, University Of London, London, United Kingdom
Gordon H. Wood Art & Design, Seattle, WA
Government Of The Usa In Exile, Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Grand Rapids Institute For Information Democracy, Grand Rapids, MI
Grannies Against George, Pensacola, FL
Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Cleveland Heights, OH
Green Party, N.J., Ridgewood, NJ
Green Party Of Florida And Palm Beach County Green Party, Lake Worth, FL
Green Party Of Michigan - Detroit Greens, Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Green Party Of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN
Green Pary, Usa, Chapel Hill, NC
Gruppo Scint, Saxomboli, Italy
Guyanese-American Workers United, New York, NY
Haleh Family, Inc., Van Nuys, CA
Head Start, Corydon, KY
Heal, Seattle, WA
Heyyanka Foundation Switzerland, Courtemaîche, Switzerland
High Country Peace & Justice, Boone, NC
Home For Peace And Justice, Saginaw, MI
Homeless Of America, Los Angeles, CA
Hospice, Santa Rosa, CA
Hr-access, Noida, India
Http://, Mexico
Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, Highland, NY
Humanist Party Of Italy, Milan, Italy
Humanitarian, Everett, WA
I.C.S., Glendora, CA
ICSSA, Ottawa, ON, Canada
IFEF, Brussels, Belgium
Implex, Los Angeles, CA
Independent Greens Of Virginia, Ruckersville, VA
Independent Journalist, Gainesville, FL
Indian Country Today, Syracuse, NY
Indonesian Institute Of Sciences, Jakarta, Indonesia
Industrial, Sadat City, Egypt
Inpdum-ws, Mocksville, NC
INPL-Nancy, Nancy, France
Institution Of Structural Engineers (UK), London, United Kingdom
Internation Network Of Sweethearts, Alameda, CA
International Action Center, New York, NY
International Advocates For Health Freedom, Point Roberts, WA
International Business, Deerfield, NY
International League Of Peoples' Struggles International Coordinating Committee, Vancouver, BC, Canada
International Longshore And Warehouse Union Local 400, Vancouver, BC, Canada
International Philosophers For Peace, Radford, VA
International Socialist Organization, Chicago, IL
Internationale Socialisten, Delft, Netherlands
IPPNW-Oberberg, Marienheide, Germany
Iran Freedom Society, Stockholm, Sweden
Iran National Front Usa, Fairfax, VA
Iranavaz, Stockholm, Sweden
Iranian Diaspora Against Defamation And Aggression, San Diego, CA
Iraq Veterans Against The War, San Francisco, CA, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Irish Human Rights Coalition, Scottsdale, AZ
Iritec, Toronto, ON, Canada
ISO, Bagdad, AZ
JMH3 Associates, Buffalo, NY
Justice For Palestinians, San Jose, CA
Kalvipani, Chennai, India
Kantoor Milieu & Energie, St. Odilienberg, Netherlands
Karl Marx Institute Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
KY Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, Louisville, KY
La Pulce, Solbiate Olona, Italy
La Tranchée Locale, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Labor Art & Mural Project, New Britain, CT
LAUSD, North Hollywood, CA
Lawrence Coalition For Peace And Justice, Lawrence, KS
Lawyers Against The War, Vancouver, BC, Canada
LCS, Rancho Murieta, CA
Left I On The News, CA
Left Party, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, Fargo, ND
L'Hospitalet De Llobregat, Bar, Spain
Liberal Youth Of Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania
Linkspartei.pds,lv Hamburg, IA, Germany
Literacy Volunteers Of America, Willits, CA
London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom
Los Alamos Study Group, Albuquerque, NM
M.O.V.E. Men Opposed To Violence Everywhere, Chester, VT
Malu `aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action, Kurtisto
wn, HI
Manchester Metropolitran University, Manchester, United Kingdom
Maradeka, Alliance Of Muslim People Organizations In The Philippines, Manila, Philippines
Marina Shaell, Marina, CA, Iran
Marions For Peace, Ocala, FL
Marionsforpeace, Ocala, FL
Mariposa Democratic Club, Mariposza, CA
Marymount College Of Fordham University, Tarrytown, NY
Mechant Loup Production, Paris, France
Media For Thought, DC, MD
Medical Corpration Dojinkai, Skai, Japan
Medicine Hat & District Labour Council, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
Mediterranean League, Bronx, NY
Menschen Für Den Frieden, Düsseldorf, Germany
Mensoft Srl, Jud. Cluj, RI, Romania
Message Music, Inverness, FL
Metro DC Gray Panthers, Washington, DC
MFSO, Palisades Park, NJ
MHdesign And Con., Anaheim, CA
Michigan Chapter # 50, Veterans For Peace, Traverse City, MI
Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice, Detroit, MI
Middle East Crisis Committee, Woodbridge, CT
Military Family's Speak Out, Palisades Park, NJ
Millennium Solidarity Geneva Group, Geneva, Switzerland
Minjok-tongshin Internet Daily, Los Angeles, CA
Mission Beach Environmental Management Group, Carmoo, Australia
Missionaries Of The Sacred Heart Justice And Peace Centre, Australia, Erskineville NSW, Australia
MITF, Santa Rosa Ca, CA
MLPC/Peace Region Leftist Coalition, Edmonton, AB, Canada
MMU, Manchester, United Kingdom
Mona, Charleston, WV
Mothers Against War, New York, NY
Mountain Neighbors For Peace & Justice, Ruidoso, NM
Movement Against Uranium Project, Hyderabad, India
Movimiento 13 De Abril - Venezuela, Carabobo, Venezuela
Munich American Peace Committee, Munich, Germany, DE, Germany
Muslim Ummah, Houston, TX
Muslim Voters Of America, Oak Park, IL
MWAL, Vancouver BC, Canada
Nebraskans For Peace, Lincoln, NE
Nemesis Peace Centre, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Network For Envir. & Economic Responsibility United Church Of Christ, Pleasant Hill, TN
Network For Global Peace And Democrcy, Östersund, Östersund, Sweden
New Woman Foundation, Cairo, Egypt
New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association, Christchurch, New Zealand
New Zealand Peace Council, Wellington, New Zealand
NH Peace Action, Concord, NH
NIA Pacific, Santa Monica, CA
Non-Governmental Organizations Training Center (NGOTC), Tehran, Iran
Nonviolence International, Washington, DC
North Fork People Of Conscience, Southold, NY
North Shore Anti-war Coalition, Evanston, IL
Norwich & District Pecae Council, Norwich, United Kingdom
Norwich Stop The War Coalition, Norwich, United Kingdom
NPLA, New Patriot Liberation Association, Whitestone, NY

Nygaard Notes, Minneapolis, MN
Oklahoma Episcopal Peace And Justice Commission, Oklahoma City, OK
Old Westbury College, Babylon, NY
Olean Area Coalition For Peace And Justice, Hinsdale, NY
One World Life Systems, New York, NY
Open Asia, Paris, France
Open Mondays, Seattle, WA
Organization For Peace And Development, Lahore, Pakistan
Our Developing World, Saratoga, CA
Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
Pagéro Moosiggs Munich, Munich, Germany
Park City For Peace, Park City, UT
Party Of The Democratic Socialism, Praha 5, Czech Republic
Patrick Henry Democratic Club, Santa Ana, CA
Pattern Interrupt, Mission Hills, CA
Pax Christi International, Fairfax, VA
Pax Christi Rochester, Rochester, NY
Pax Christi, Lafayette, LA
Payne Farm, Shortsville, NY
Pe Spa, Miano, Italy
Peace Action Of San Mateo County, San Mateo, Ca, CA
Peace And Justice Commission For The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Albany, NY
Peace And Justice, Cape May, NJ
Peace Center Of Nevada County, Nevada City, CA
Peace Cycle Japan, Nakatsu-city, Japan
Peace In The U.S.A., Earlville, IL
Peace Train Coalition, Ossining, NY
Penn State-University Park, Belcourt, ND
Peoples Assembly-Asemblea Popular, Providence, RI
People's Voice Newspaper, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Perinton Historical Society, Fairport, NY
Physicians For Peace, Chennai, India
Physicians For Social Responsibility, Erie, PA
Pixelfarm, Berne, Switzerland
Poets Against War, Port Townsend, WA
Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, AK
Private Practice, Mount Kisco, NY
Progressive Democrats of Santa Monica Mountains, Woodland Hills, CA
Progressive Productions, Black Hawk, SD
Public Schools, Maccagno, Italy
Puerto Rican Alliance Of Los Angeles, Los Angeles,ca, CA
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Qualified Public Service Interpreter, Birmingham, Uk, United Kingdom, Boston, MA
Radio Nueva América- Estocolmo, Stockholm, Sweden
Rainbow Hammock Tribe, Silver Springs, FL
Rayan, Tehran, Iran
Rays Country Store, Mt Grove, MO
Red Cross Nordic United World College, Flekke, Norway
REDH - Red Solidaria Por Los Derechos Humanos, Montevideo, Uruguay
Representative Press, Mineola, NY
Resistance (Socialist Youth Org.), Berri, Australia
RHFactor Rock Hill For Action To Organize Resistance, Rock Hill, SC
Richard Marcuse Consulting, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Roots International, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Roxanne Warren Architects, New York, NY
Russian River Times, Monte Rio, CA
Rutgers University, Fort Lee, NJ
RVH, Montreal, QC, Canada
SACUR, USA, Orange, NJ
Safe Life (ngo), Dhaka, Bangladesh
SAGE, San Jose, CA
Saint Martin's University Club Of Social Action, Lacey, WA
Salaam Theatre, New York, NY
Salina People For Peace, Salina, KS
Salvation Center And Refuge, Springfield, MA
San Francisco Friends Meeting, San Francisco, CA
San Miguel Peacewalkers, Norwood, CO
Savings Guide Magazine Inc., Salem, OR
School Sisters Of Notre Dame, Milwaukee, WI
SDA Church, Food Not Bombs, Stop The Bison Coalition, Etc., Winnipeg, MB, Canada
SDCEA, Durban, South Africa
Seacoast Peace Response, Portsmouth, NH
Seneca Humane Society, Seneca Falls, NY
Serving Soldier, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Several, Silver Spring, MD
Shahrvandpub, Toronto, ON, Canada
Shanti Stress Management, Dover, NH
Shunpiking Discovery Magazine, Halifax, NS, Canada
SISA Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Sisters Of The Holy Names Of Jesus And Mary, San Francisco, CA
SKLF, Stockholm, Sweden
Slippery Rock Peace And Justice Coalition, Slippery Rock, PA
Soceity For Freedom In Iran, Los Angeles, CA
Socialistic Youth Front, Horsens, Denmark
Society Of Helpers, St Louis, MO
Solano County, Walnut Creek, CA
Solve Et Coagula, St.gallen, Switzerland
Somerset Voices For Peace And Justice, Bridgewater, NJ
Sound Ecology, Scarborough, ME
South Asian Network For Secularism And Democaracy (SANSAD), Burnaby, Bc, Canada
Spiritbody Resources, Kennett Square, PA
Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
St. Louis Community College-meramec College Progressives For Peace, St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Instead Of War Coalition, Saint Louis, MO
St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada
St. Pete For Peace, Clearwater, FL
St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Brooklyn, NY
State Of The World Forum, Scottsdale,, AZ, Hamburg, Germany
St-Luc Hospital, Montreal, QC, Canada
Stonewall Democrats Of Collin County, Richardson, TX
Stop Terrrorkrigen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stop The War Campaign, Norwich, United Kingdom
Stop The War Coalition, London, United Kingdom
Stop The War Coalition, St Andrews, United Kingdom
Stop United States Of Aggression, Brussels, Belgium
Students For Peace And Justice At UC-Irvine, Irvine, CA
Swift Dodge Sacramento, EDH, CA
Tallahassee Codepink Women For Peace, Tallahassee, FL
TAPS -Taking Action For Peaceful Solutions, Butte, Butte, MT
Taradji Law Offices, Chicago, IL
Team Effort Against Media Madness, Clovis, CA
Teatro Nacional Sucre, Quito, Ecuador
Telecom, Garland, TX
Texans For Peace, Austin, TX
The Amazon Xociety, Houston, TX
The Audre Lorde Project, Brooklyn, NY
The Cat's Dream, London, Se11 5xz, United Kingdom
The Earth Force United Organization, Perry, MI
The Ecotopian Society, Brodhead, WI
The Freedom Liberation Movement, Sydney, Australia
The Indonesian Peace Society, Depok, Indonesia
The Management School Of Restorative Business, Wakayama, Japan
The Peacemajority Report, Lindenhurst, IL
The Prince Myshkins, Madison, WI
The Resistance, Long Beach, CA
The Sight Society, New York, NY
The Spanish Association For Standardization And Certification (AENOR), Marid, Spain
The Squid's Ink, Hoboken, NJ
The Underground College, Portland, OR
The Univeristy Of New England, Armidale, Australia
The Wonder Bear Co., South San Francisco, CA, Berlin, Germany
Thejas Daily, India
The-Origin Foundation, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA
Tom Paine Chrapter 101, Albany, Ny - Veterance For Peace, Inc., Albany, NY
Topanga Peace Alliance, Topanga, CA
Treenet, Waltenschwil, Switzerland
Tu Delft, Delft, Netherlands
Tufts University, Northport, NY
Turning Corners Group, Kailua, HI
Two Of A Kind, AFM Local 1000; Montco Progressives, Cheltenham, PA
U.P. Socialist Club, Kincheloe, MI
U.S. Citizens Against War (Florence), Florence, Italy
UAH College Democrats, Huntsville, AL
UFT-NYC, Hollywood, FL
UMC, Endicott, NY
UNG Vänster/Youth Left, Vällingby, Sweden
Unicorn Services, Wake Forest, NC
Union County Peace Council, Linden, NJ
United Church Of Christ In Japan, Hiroshima City, Japan
United Church Of Christ, Anacortes, WA
UPAJ, Peace & Justice, GSI, Oak Park, IL
UQAM, Montréal, QC, Canada
Us-El Salvador Sister Cities, Chicago, IL
Vaccination Liberation, Spirit Lake, ID
Vernier Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Veterans For Peace, Pacific Grove, CA
Veterans For Peace, Pueblo Chapter 129, Pueblo, CO
Veterans For Peace, San Francisco, CA
VHE, Gřrlev, Denmark
Virtual Us Peace Academy [vuspa], Lynnwood, WA, Vatican City
Vnjhkiio, Stockholm, Sweden
Voice For Peace, Gannon University, Erie, PA
Vote For Life Against The Death Penalty, Bueckeburg, Germany
We The People United Movement, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
WESPAC Foundation, New Rochelle, NY
West Raleigh Presbyterian Church Peace & Justice Committee, Raleigh, NC
West Suffolk Health Authority, Thetford, United Kingdom
Western Ma IAC/TONC, Northampton, MA
Westminster College, Delhi, India
WHCPJ, West Hartford, CT
Wilmington Peace Meetup, Wilmington, NC
Wolf Enterprises Human & Civil Rights Advocacy, Whitefish, MT
Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
Women For A Better World, Occidental, CA
Women For Peace, Finland, Helsinki, Finland
Women Speak Out For Truth & Justice, Willoughby Hills, OH
Womens International Democratic Federation, New York, NY
Womens International League For Peace & Freedom, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Worcester Stop The War Coalition, Worcester, United Kingdom
Workcomp Claims Staffing, San Leandro, CA
World Prout Assembly, Highland Heights, KY, Perth, United Kingdom, South Lake Tahoe, CA, Bologna, Italy
YCL Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Young Democrats Of Collin County, Plano, TX
Znet Italy, Zelarino, Italy

Individual signers:
A. Douglas, Providence, RI
Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor, Pan-african News Wire*, Detroit, MI
Abbas Fahr, Senior Research Scientist, National Research Council Of Canada*, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Abbass Sekhavat, Dallas, TX
Abby Badakhshan, Flower Mound, TX
Abdeen Jabara, Board Member, Center For Constitutional Rights*, New York, NY
Abdol Ali Moezzi, Ashburn, VA
Abdol Hamid Banaei, San Jose, CA
Dr. Abdol Rahim Abbasi, Isfahan University Of Technology, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan
Abdollah Ebrahimi, FRRE*, Hannover, Germany
Abdolmohamad Fayzolah, project engineer, National Iranian Oil Company*, Ahvaz, Iran
Abdul Jaweed, Engineer, Bangalore, India
Abdulla Mahmood, Manama, Bahrain
Abid Jan, Director, Icssa, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Abigail Vorce, Charleston, SC
Abolghasem Alighardashi, PhD student, Inpl-nancy, Nancy, France
Abul Azam, Senior Research Fellow, Greensboro, NC
Achmedd Khammas, Interpreter, Berlin, Germany
Adam Becker, Assist. Prof. of Religious Studies and Classics, New York University*, New York, NY
Adam Lougee, Ambridge, PA
Adam Maciejewski, Geneseo, NY
Adam Roufberg, Founder, Natural Philosophers International*, Rifton, NY
Adam Wasserman, Anti-corporate Globalization Movement, Sarasota, FL
Addae Watson, Unitarian Universalist Minister, Arc-a Return To Center, San Francisco, CA
Adel Mohammadpour, Les Ulis, France
Adela Brent, Sexual assault counsellor, Brisbane, Australia
Adele Kushner, Alto, GA
Adele Volta, Newburyport, MA
Adi Rapport, Carrboro, NC
Aditya Mahajan, H R Executive, H R Access*, New Delhi, India
Adrian Hart, Valencia, Spain
Adriana Evangelizt, Mme, Bush Danger*, Paris, France
Adrien Burke, Sunland, CA
Adrienne O'Niell, Torrance, CA
Adrienne Prince, Camarillo, CA
Afsaneh Kalantary, Lecturer, UC Santa Cruz*, Santa Cruz, CA
Afshin Babazadeh, Poet, London, United Kingdom
Afshin Mrad, Jersey City, NJ
Afshin Shirazi, San Mateo, CA
Agatha Haun, translator, Seoul, Korea
Aghaghia Rahimzadeh, San Rafael, CA
Agnes Johnson, Teacher, Kaplan*, Mount Vernon, NY
Agnes Keiser, Quakertown, PA
Ágnes Saszet, Cluj-napoca, Romania
Agustina Gallegos, Hollister, CA
Ahmad Farhaadi, Organisation Of Iranian People's Fedaian (majority )*, Koeln, Germany
Ahmad Ibrahim, San Diego, CA
Ahmad Karimi-H+A97akkak, Professor, University Of Maryland*, College Park, MD
Ahmad Mobasher Amini, student, Nantes, France
Ahmad Mohamady, Kermansh, Iran
Ahmad Soolari, Potomac, MD
Ahmadreza Ali-hosseini, Student, U Of Ottawa*, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Aida Ashouri, Co-chair, Students For Peace And Justice At Uc-irvine, Manhattan Beach, CA
Aidan Macdonald, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Aidin Khobjou, London, United Kingdom
Aileen Montour, Roslindale, MA
Aileen Terra, Cleveland, OH
Aileen Vincent-barwood, writer, Sun City Center, FL
Aire Norell, Los Angeles, CA
Aisha Chaudhri, Director of Operations, Chicago, IL
Akbar Nassiri, Montréal, QC, Canada
Akbar Shaghayegh, Environmentalists, Iranian Greens, Stockholm, Sweden
Akbar Soleimanieh, Losaltos, CA
Akbar Zahiri, Teacher, Tehran, Iran
Akemi Tanaka, Kahokutown, Japan
Akiko Narumi, lawyer, Osaka, Japan
Akiko Oishi, public worker, Act And Unite To Stop The War*, Osaka, Japan
Akio Kamitani, Sapporo, Japan
Akio Teraoka, Drug Information Center Asahi*, Osaka City, Japan
Akira Asada, Professor emeritus, Sinsyu University*, Takarazuka, Japan
Akira Ishimaru, Fukui, Japan
Akira Saigoh, Yachiyo, Japan
Akiro Matsumoto, Professor, Eichi University, Niigata City, Japan
Akram He, Sss, NV, Iran
Akram Woodhead, Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Alan Ackbar, head of anti facist religious groups, London, United Kingdom
Alan Balogh, Hillsboro, WV
Alan Bickley, Madison, WI
Alan Carlson, Associate Member, United Steelworkers Of America*, Saint Paul, MN
Alan Coltharp, Chimacum, WA
Alan Cottey, Poringland, United Kingdom
Alan Gilbert, John Evans Professor,, University Of Denver*, Morrsion, Co 80465, CO
Alan Macdonald, Sanford, ME
Alan Maki, Director of Organizing, Red Lake Casino, Hotel, And Restaurant Employees' Union Organizing Committee*, Warroad, Mn 56763, MN
Alan Myerson, Culver City, CA
Alan Nasser, Professor of Political Economy, The Evergreen State College*, Olympia, WA
Alan Palmer, Peace Activist, Nemesis Peace Centre, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Alan Sadeghi, Irvine, CA
Alan Stinchcombe, Member, Campeace, Cambridge, Uk*, Haverhill, United Kingdom
Alan Taeger, Albion, CA
Alan Zorthian, Architect, Alan Zorthian Architect*, Los Angeles, CA
Alana-Jean Swartz, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Albert Lerner, M.D., Laredo, TX
Albert Wight, Retired, Basin, WY
Alberto Burgio, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Ferrara, Italy
Alberto Cacopardo, Teacher, Gruppo SCINT, Saxomboli, Italy
Alberto Fiorini, Verona, Italy
Alberto Masala, poet, Bologna, Italy
Alberto Parise, Marostica, Italy
Alberto Puchini, engineer, Rdlab*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Alberto Signorini, Zevio Vr, Italy
Albrecht Schmiedel, Berlin, Germany
Alejandro Andreassi Cieri, Sant Cugat Del Vallčs, Spain
Aleksandar Zafirovski, Skopje, Macedonia
Alena Ashenberg, M.D., Acton, MA
Alessandra Valle, Sociologist, Naples, Italy
Alessandro Di Rienzo, Ferrazzano Cb, Italy
Alessia Pugliatti, Venice, Italy
Alessio Marchetti, Student, Spirano - Bergamo, Italy
Alex Abasi, Law Librarian, Los Angeles, CA
Alex Callinicos, Professor of European Studies, King's College London*, London, United Kingdom
Alex Gould, member, UFCW Local 328*, Pawtucket, RI
Alex Khasnabish, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Alex Lemski, Whippany, NJ
Alex Orrow, Alex Orrow, London, United Kingdom
Alex Stamm, Advertising Chair, Nebraskans For Peace, Lincoln, NE
Alexander Glowka, St. Paul, MN
Alexander Martin Remollino, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Alexander Patico, Columbia, MD
Alexander Rice, Santa Monica, CA
Alexandra Hoge, Director, Self-employed*, Washington, DC
Alexandra Lovell, Brooklyn, NY
Alexis Fellenius, Design Consultant, Winston Design*, Stockholm, Sweden
Alexis Maestre, Fort Myers, FL
Alexis Manning, Salinas, CA
Ali A. Mahdi, Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University*, Delaware, OH
Ali Akbar Nikoukar, IT manager, Jhu, New Delhi, India
Ali Akbar, Encino, CA
Ali Aliabadi, Nutley, NJ
Ali Baghdadi, former editor, Arab Journal, Woodridge, IL
Ali Esbati, Stockholm, Sweden
Ali Ghasemi, London, United Kingdom
Ali Hamidian, PhD student, Malmö, Sweden
Ali Izadi-Kharrazi (Yerevani), Editor of Fire This Time, Mobilization Against War & Occupation -MAWO*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ali Jamali, Master Engineer, Berlin, Germany
Ali Kafi, St.clair Shores, MI
Ali Kaflou, Ph.D student, Insa De Lyon*, Villeurbanne, France
Ali Kazemi, Student, Tehran, Iran
Ali Khamnehee, No War against Iran, Rahbar*, Tehran, Iran
Ali Khazaei-nezhad, Physician, Schaumburg, IL
Ali Khoshab, Abingdon, United Kingdom
Ali Moazzami, Journalist, Shargh Newspaper*, Tehran, Iran
Ali Mohammad Aghamohammadi, Clinical assistant Professor, UCLA*, Bakersfield, CA
Ali Mozaffari, PhD Student, Uwa*, Perth, Australia
Ali Parsa, Ret., Umah*, Hosnto, AZ
Ali Raiss-Tousi, London, United Kingdom
Ali Rashid, ER physician, Boston, MA
Ali Reza Lalehzadeh, manager, Santa Ana, CA
Ali Shirkhoda, Clinical Professor, Wayne State University*, Royal Oak, MI
Ali Shokouhbakhsh, Economics Instructor, College Of San Mateo, San Jose, CA
Alice Jessica Moseley, Educator and Designer, Plainfield, VT
Alice Myerson, Ny, NY
Alice Neill, U.S. Taxpayer, Onted, MI
Alice Rasher, member, Wespac; Gray Panthers Of Westchester County*, Mount Kisco, NY
Alireza Armin, Royal Oak Mi, MI
Alireza Bahraminasab, post doctoral fellow in physics, Ictp/italy*, Trieste, CA, Italy
Alireza Bayat, Forssa, Finland
Alireza Shirani, Grand Rapids, MI
Alison Dignam, Jamaica Plain, MA
Alison Johnston, Ali Johnston, Crockett, CA
Alison Njora, Brooklyn Center, MN
Alison Ross, Teacher, Atlanta, GA
Alita Letwin, Educator, Los Angeles, CA
Aliyyah Baliwa, St. Joseph, Trinidad and Tobago
Allan Brophy, father, Volunteer, E. Greenbush, NY
Allan Mork, Retired Teacher, Alpine, CA
Allean Morrow-Young, African American Committee To Free Mumia Abu Jamal and Aaron Patterson*, Chicago, IL
Allen Crenshaw Iii, Carrollton, TX
Allen Jasson, Owner, Rightofchoice*, London, United Kingdom
Allen Shoar, Las Vegas, NV
Allen Wells, Sarnia, ON, Canada
Allie Phillips, student, Winthrop Ssu, Rock Hill, SC
Alois Reisenbichler, unemployed, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christentum Und Sozialdemokratie (acus) Plattform Of Religious Socialists*, Wien / Vienna, Austria
Alvin Andre Meyer, chair Outreach Committee, Green Party, N.J., Ridgewood, NJ
Alyce Douglas, Providence, RI
Alycia A. Barr, artist, Humanity, Pine Grove, PA
Alysia Reiner, Ny, NY
Alyssa Burgin, Outreach Director, Texans For Peace*, Bulverde, TX
Alyzza Callahan, President, High School Amnesty International Group*, New Bedford, MA
Amalia Anton, Bucharest, Romania
Amanda Bicknell, student, Boston University*, Vista, CA
Amanda Demaria, Teacher, Kent, CT
Amani Gaillard, Millenniumsystems, Inc.*, Durham, NC
Amber Garlan, Green Party Of St. Paul, St. Paul, MN
Amelia Core Jenkins, Dallas, TX
Amin Khosravi, Manchester, United Kingdom
Amir Amiraslani, Gaithersburg, MD
Amir Azizi, No War On Iran, Bloomington, MN
Amir Geran, Thornhill, ON, Canada
Amir Hossein Afrassiabi, Architect/poet, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Amir Irani, Member of university scientific board, Iran
Amir Nasiri, Programmer Analyst, Loveland, OH
Amir Rahbar, Dubai , United Arab Emirates
Amir Rahmati, MD, Concord, CA
Amir Sariaslan, Student/Union activist, Sktf, Stockholm, Sweden
Amir Tabei, Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates
Amir Taheri, Student, Lake Mary, FL
Amitadyuti Kumar, Vice President, Association For Protection Of Democratic Rights*, Chinsura, India
Ammu Abraham, The Women's Centre*, Mumbai, India
Amos Batto, cofounder, Against The War In Iraq, Greencastle, IN
Amouzgar Taghi, Cesson_sevigne, France
Amr Ragab, Cairo, Egypt
Amy Albani, Oceanside, CA
Amy Barankovich, Minneapolis, MN
Amy Bartholomew, Associate Professor, Department of Law, Carleton University*, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Amy Dorsey, Charleston, WV
Amy Harlib, New York, NY
Amy Hostler, Chicago, IL
Amy L. Sacks, Portland, OR
Amy O'Brien, Alexandria, VA
Amy Samelson, San Jose, CA
Amy, San Jose, CA
Amy Turner, Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
Ana Burgos, Granada, Spain
Ana Daglio, translator, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ana Gordon-loebl, Brooklyn, NY
Ana Hale, Educator, Fort Lewis College*, Durango, CO
Ana Kirola, Sf, CA
Ana Sanchez, Newport Beach, CA
Anahita Kohan, mother, Hemet, CA
Anders Olsson, System Manager/Librarian, Royal Institute Of Technology Library*, Stockholm, Sweden
André Brochu, librarian, Malmoe, Sweden
André Kopischke, Hamburg, Germany
André Levy, Biologist, Pcp*, Lisbon, Portugal
Andre Powell, Delegate, Baltimore Metropolitan Central Labor Council*, Baltimore, MD
Andre Robinson, Political Cartoonist, Brooklyn, NY
Andre Sheldon, Newton, MA
Andrea A Marca, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Andrea Broussard, COO/CEO, Workcomp Claims Staffing, San Leandro, CA
Andrea Bruglia, San Benedetto Del Tronto, Italy
Andrea Charles, Birmingham, AL
Andrea Coburn, The Villages, FL
Andrea Kavanaugh, Senior Research Scientist, Virginia Tech*, Blacksburg, VA
Andrea Papini, Livorno, Italy
Andrea Rossi, Grotti Di Cittaducale (ri), Italy
Andrea Saunders, Bethlehem, PA
Andrei Smarandoiu, Somerville, MA
Andrés Claudio Mogni, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Andres Thomas Conteris, Program Director, Latin Am & Carib, Nonviolence International, Washington, DC
Andrew Baldwin, Independent*, Medina, OH
Andrew Claycomb, Los Angeles, CA
Andrew Courtney, WESPAC+A291 Foundation*, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Andrew Deppe, Chicago, IL
Andrew Gold, Glencoe, IL
Andrew Humm, former Commissioner, New York City Commission On Human Rights*, New York, NY
Andrew Joron, Berkeley, CA
Andrew Kang Bartlett, National Associate, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Church (usa)*, Louisville, KY
Andrew Millar, Trout Creek, NY
Andrew Moriarty, secretary, Pdsmm, Woodland Hills, CA
Andrew Phillips, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Andrew Ross, Student, Stop The War Coalition, St Andrews,United Kingdom
Andrew Sahyoun, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Andrew Trump, student, Boone, NC
Andri Kusmayadi, Editor, Pt Ygi*, Bogor, Indonesia
Andris Romanovskis, Riga, Latvia
Andy Appelbaum, Phila, PA
Angel Piedad, Chula Vista, CA
Angela Bedolfe, Christian social activist,, SDA Church, Food Not Bombs, Stop The Bison Coalition, Etc., Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Angela Colonna, Burnsville, MN
Angela Palermo, Denver, CO
Angela Smith, Coordinator, Heal, Seattle, WA
Angelika Schneider, Lilienthal, Germany
Angelina Joseph, retired Psychiatric Nurse, Vallejo, CA
Angelo Baracca, Professor, University Of Florence*, Florence, Italy
Angelo Vega, Unemployed, University Heights, NY
Angelo Vitiello, TEACHER, Liceo Martinetti -caluso, Italy*, Cuorgne', Italy, Italy
Anita Quintanilla, Austin, TX
Anita Rosenblithe, New York, NY
Anja Mann, Teltow, Germany
Anjomane Solhés Anjomane Solhés, Iran Freeddom Society, Stockholm, Sweden
Ann Cohn, Community Relations Chair, Stonewall Democrats Of Collin County, Richardson, TX
Ann El Khoury, Sydney, Australia
Ann Hass, Burlington, IA
Ann Manning, Prospect, OH
Ann Milton, North Platte, NE
Ann Robbins, Psychologist/retired, Sparks, NV
Ann Rogers, Traverse City, MI
Ann Roth, Fort Wayne, IN
Ann Rupp, Sbg, Germany
Ann Thomson, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Anna Asbury, Louisville, KY
Anna Bjarnason, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Anna Gigli, researcher, Roma, Italy
Anna Gyorgy, coordinator, Women And Life On Earth E.V.*, Berlin, Germany
Anna Hawting, London, United Kingdom
Anna Jacus, Secretary, Union County Peace Council, Linden, NJ
Anna Polo, Humanist Party Of Italy, Milan, Italy
Anna Sagel, High Country Peace & Justice, Boone, NC
Annamaria Rivera, anthropologist, University of Bari (Italy), Bari, Italy
Annamarie Deneen, Peace Activist, Brampton, ON, Canada
Annamarie Hessman, New York, NY
Anna-Nina Kovalenko, an artist, Nyc, NY
Ann-Christine Holmberg, teacher, Uwc*, Flekke, Norway
Anne Barron, Senior Lecturer in Law, London School Of Economics And Political Science*, London, United Kingdom
Anne Burgess, Lawrence Coalition For Peace And Justice, Lawrence, KS
Anne Carayon, Engineer, La Puente, CA
Anne Ellett, Architect, New York, NY
Anne Fox, Bay Shore, NY, Uruguay
Anne Frenal, Mother, Love*, Les Vans, France
Anne Gilbert, Seattle, WY
Anne Johnson, Cedar Falls, IA
Anne Manning, Albuquerque, NM
Anne Silver, Burlingame, CA
Anne Thureson, Renton, WA
Anneclaire De Roos, Assistant Professor, Seattle, WA
Anne-claire Rebibo, Paris, France
Anne-sabrina Laflamme, Montreal, QC, Canada
Annette Seiz, Konstanz, Germany
Annie Wallick, Robbinsdale, MN
Annisette Koppel, Singer, The Savage Rose*, Rio Blanco, ot
Anthony Arnove, editor/writer, International Socialist Organization*, New York, NY
Anthony Brown, Indianapolis, IN
Anthony Esper, Consultant, Brighton, MA
Anthony Iantosca, Steering Committee, Johnson Anti-war Coalition*, Johnson, VT
Anthony Jones, Hollywood, FL
Anthony McArthur, Edmonds, WA
Anthony Sansone, Counselor, West Seneca, NY
Anthony Viserto, Harrison, NY
Antoine Dennis, Columbia, SC
Antonella Martini, Busseto, Italy
Antonella Mazzoni, Modena, Italy
Antonello Zecca, member, Italian Campaign In Solidarity With The Alternative Information Center*, Marano, Italy
Antonia Davis, San Diego, CA
Antonia Thomas, human, Humanity, Bluewater, NM
Antonie Brinkmann, Bremen, Germany
Antonio Caputo, Galatone, Italy
Antonio Peratoner, Udine, Italy
Antony Schofield, Mental Health Advocate, Manchester, United Kingdom
Antony Wallace, Treasurer, Action Iran, London, United Kingdom
Anu Muhammad, Professor, Jahangirnagar University*, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aphrodite Harris, Librarian, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Aqeel Wasi, Jr Exe AccountsMuscat, Oman
Arab Lotfi, film maker, Egyptian Socialists*, Cairo, Egypt
Arafet Moumen, Cagnes Sur Mer, France
Arang Keshavarzian, Assistant Professor, Concordia University*, Montreal, QC, Canada
Ararat Setian, Glendale, CA
Arash Salehi Shahrabi, journalist, Paris, Iran
Araz Fanni, Coordinator, Central Euroasian Studies, Göteborg, Sweden
Ardeshir Eftekharzadeh, PhD student, University Of Maryland*, Hyattsville, MD
Ardeshir Kiarash, Attorney at law, Encino, CA
Arianne Stocking, San Rafael, CA
Aric Leavitt, Author, West Los Angeles, CA
Aristotelis Marinis, IT Project Manager, Galileo Hellas Sa*, Elliniko, Greece
Arlene Taeger, Facilities Coordinator, Point Arena Schools*, Albion, CA
Arlene Tolopko, Retired teacher, Otis, MA
Arlene Williams, Rockford, IL
Arman Ghods, Chiropractor, Corona, CA
Armand Ramirez, event co-ordinator, Upland Progressive Democrats*, Covina, CA
Armando Aligia, Dr., Bariloche, Argentina
Armin Fiand, lawyer, Hamburg, Germany
Armin Kröning, LPPNW Germany*, Leverkusen, Germany
Armina Lamanna, Founder, Crescent Moon Entertainment Co.*, Glendale, CA
Armities Shafiei, student, Paris, France
Arne Hansen, journalist, Aldrig Mere Krig, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Aron Dawson, Brentwood, United Kingdom
Art Goodtimes, County Commissioner, San Miguel Peacewalkers, Norwood, CO
Arthur C. Moore, Henderson, KY
Arthur Hynes, N. Ferrisburg, VT
Artur Wroblewski, Dublin, Ireland
Arturo Pérez Saad, Teacher, Brooklyn, NY
Arya Irandoost, Toronto, ON, Canada
Arya Rais-Firouz, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Arzoo Osanloo, Assistant Professor, University Of Washington*, Seattle, WA
Ĺsa Maria, Poet, Ystad, Sweden
Ĺsa Tillberg, legal adviser, Stockholm, Sweden
Asad Rizvi, student, Buffalo, NY
Ashkan Mir Shafiee, Student, Stockholm, Sweden
Ashkbous Talebi, Teacher, Baltimore County Public School*, Woodstock, MD
Ashley Peterson-cool, Tacoma, WA
Ashley Pietrzykowski, Atlanta, GA
Ashraf Almosilhy, factory manager, Industrial, Sadat City, Egypt
Asif Khan, Redditch, United Kingdom
Asli Köksal, Istanbul, Turkey
Assaf Kfoury, Professor, Boston University*, Brookline, MA
Atamao B. Tchanile Kane, Hamburg, Germany
Athena Melville, Educational Consulting, Melville Montessori School*, Talmage, CA
Atieh Samadi, Toronto, GA, Canada
Atif Rawjani, Software Test Engineer, KAT*, Karachi, Pakistan
Atousa Behzadi, Menlo Park, CA
Atsumi Ogura, Kitaku, Japan
Audrey Taylor, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Audur Hakonardottir, Selfoss, Iceland
August Latimer-dorney, Student, Ventura, CA
Augusto Cacopardo, Fiesole, Italy
Austin Gelzer, Democracy For America, Long Branch, NJ
Ava Beath, Britt, MN
Ava Fayaz, Glendale, CA
Ava Jordan, Treasurer, Women's International League For Peace And Freedom*, St. Louis, MO
Aviva Siegel, New Rochelle, NY
Avril Corke, Ringwood, United Kingdom
Axel Plumley, Keep the world intact.., Spa, Belgium
Ayako Okajima, student, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Univercity*, Oita-city, Japan
Aydin Salek, Austin, TX
Ayesha Gill, Oakland, CA
Ayse Berktay, Vice President, Peace Initiative Turkey*, Istanbul, Turkey
Ayse Erzan, Istanbul, Turkey
Aysun Andersian, Cupertino, CA
Azadeh Baderkhani, Corte Madera, CA
Azadeh Kian-Thiébaut, Associate Professor, Political Science, University Of Paris 8, Ivry Sur Seine, France
Azadeh Mazaheri, elektronice, Stockholm, Sweden
Azer Kilic, Grad. Student, Bogazici Uni.*, Istanbul, Turkey
Azi Razavi, office manager, Bridgewater, NJ
Azita Ranjbar, Student, Newport News, VA
Azita Razavi Zadeh, Baskingridge, NJ
Azita Rezvan, Austin, TX
Azmi Audeh, Retired, Boulder, CO
B.E. Meadows, Livingston, TN
B.J. Wagner, Professor, Basking Ridge, NJ
Babak Askari, student of college, Abroad*, Bangalore, India
Babak Yari, MD, Rasht, Iran
Babatunde Abdullah, Technical Illustrator, Elijah Speaks, Atlanta, GA
Bagher R. Harand, Upper Grandview, NY
Bagot Anne, Teacher, Paris, France
Bahadur Najak, Lecturer, University Of Durham*, Stockton-on-tees, United Kingdom
Bahauddeen Latif, London, United Kingdom
Bahman Bakhshi, Director, Kingswood Computing Ltd*, Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom
Bahman Elyassi, student, La, CA
Bahman Joorabchi, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Bahram Kouhgard, Bus driver, Odense, Denmark
Bahram Nooryani, Managing Director, Gbp Norway As*, Stavanger, Norway
Baldo Lucaroni, Perth, Australia, Australia
Barb Lightner, Arlington Heights, IL
Barb Olsen, Duluth, MN
Barbara A. Leroy, Deer, AR
Barbara Aswad, Professor of Anthropology, Wayne State University*, Claremont, CA
Barbara Back, Calistoga, CA
Barbara Baird, Academic, West Hobart, Australia
Barbara Bakie, Kirbyville, MO
Barbara Beach-Moody, Redmond, WA
Barbara Campbell, Livingtston, TX
Barbara Chappell, Bluffton, OH
Barbara Cullen, International Executive Comittee Representative for Canada, Women's International League For Peace And Freedom*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Barbara Edgar, Saint Paul, MN
Barbara Ehrentreu, North White Plains, NY
Barbara Fuchs, art-manager, Attac, Ag Globalisierung Und Krieg*, Berlin, Germany
Barbara Geiger, social worker, Annapolis, MD
Barbara Götz, Graz, Austria
Barbara Henderson, Lantana, FL
Barbara Kienzler, mother & worker, Springfield, IL
Barbara Klaassen, Human Being, Lifeform On Planet Earth, Atlanta, GA
Barbara L. Martin, Retired Senior Citizen, Conway, NH
Barbara Larcom, Baltimore, MD
Barbara Mallin, Mentor, OH
Barbara Okishoff, New York, NY
Barbara Potter, Warden, Glasgow Quaker Meeting*, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Barbara Shaffer, AA, Kensington, MD
Barbara Stiner, Zürich, Switzerland
Barbara Teeters, Grandmother, Asheville, NC
Barbara Terry, consultant, Bloomington, IN
Barbara Tomlinson, Seattle, WA
Barbara Van Davis, Aurora, IL
Barbara Vedder, Dane County Board Supervisor, Madison, WI
Bardia Behabadi, student, USC*, Pasadena, CA
Barney Richards, National President, New Zealand Peace Council, Wellington, New Zealand
Barry Childers, clinical psychologist, Geneva, Switzerland
Barry Kissin, Candidate for Congress, Frederick, MD
Barry Miller, Board Member, Olean Area Coalition For Peace And Justice, Hinsdale, NY
Baruch Ramirez-Ramirez, PhD Student, Norwich, United Kingdom
Basem Khader, Chappaqua, NY
Basil Cupido, Johannesburg, South Africa
Bb Aka Barbara Cole, Spencer, WV
BC Hall, Louisville, KY
BC Mary, Parksville, Canada
Beatrice Nava, New York, NY
Becky Adams, Sylva, NC
Becky B. Gregory, Bloomington, IN
Becky Doe, musician, London Uk, AL, United Kingdom
Becky Sambol, Herndon, VA
Behrang Asfia, Civil Eng., Tehran, Iran
Behrokh Nadem, Student, Stockholm, Sweden
Behrooz Afrasiabi, Associate Professor, Allegheny College*, Meadville, PA
Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi, Professor of History and Sociology, University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign*, Urbana, IL
Behrooz Nikkhou, Encino, CA
Behzad Ansari, GIS Software Enginer, Tu Delft*, The Hague, Netherlands
Behzad Enayat Aval, Toronto, ON, Canada
Behzad Faiz Mahdavi, director, Faiz & Co Limited*, London, United Kingdom
Behzad Kalhor, Nurse, Vnjhkiio, Stockholm, Sweden
Behzad Khazeh, president, Blizzard Services*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Behzad Nourai, St-Hubert, QC, Canada
Ben Austin, Grantham, United Kingdom
Ben Craggs, Creative Director, Digital Scribblings*, London, United Kingdom
Ben Gibson, US Citizen, Nasu, Japan
Ben Goldfarb, Ny, NY
Ben Olive, St. Louis, MO
Ben Price, Organizer, Carlisle Peace College, Carlisle, PA
Ben Shafie, Oakland, CA
Benedetta Origo, Benedetta Origo, La Foce*, Chianciano, Italy
Bénédicte Bouckaert, Ligničres, France
Bengt Andersson, Halmstad, Sweden
Benita Rossmeier, Los Angeles, CA
Benjamin Corley, Laramie, WY
Benjamin Egerod, Student, Copenhagen, Denmark
Benjamin Graneberg, Student, Ĺrhus, Denmark
Benjamin Hubbard, Professor Emeritus, Calif. State University, Fullerton*, Costa Mesa, CA
Benjamin McCarthy, Lincoln, NE
Benjamin Priest, Instructor/Student, Suny Buffalo*, Buffalo, NY
Bennet Zurofsky, Attorney, Reitman Parsonnet, PC*, Maplewood, NJ
Benny Joseph, Communist Worker, Suci*, Trivandrum, India
Benthe Foss Mikkelsen, Skive, Denmark
Berit Westby, Program Assistant I, Louisville, CO
Bernadette Garcia, Albuquerque, NM
Bernadine Williams, Founder, The Amazon Xociety, Houston, TX
Bernardino Tolomei, Padova, Iran
Bernardo Pezzati, Student, Firenze, Italy
Bernd Kümmig, Michendorf, Germany
Bernhard Krickler, Fehring, Austria
Bernice Vogel, Plainfield, VT
Berno Wies-Mechela, Dipl.Psych., Heidelberg, Germany
Berrtrand Aubrey, New York, NY
Bert Dyer, San Francisco, CA
Bertha Kriegler, Schenectady, NY
Bertie Pillai, physician, Darwin, Australia
Beryl Landau, San Francisco, CA
Besenia Rodriguez, Yale University*, New York, NY
Bet Power, Director & Curator, Sexual Minorities Archives*, Northampton, MA
Beth Berry, Sunderland, MA
Beth Friedland, New York, NY
Beth Gill, Professor of Sociology, Randolph-macon College*, Ashland, VA
Beth Hassel, Saint Bonifacius, MN
Beth Palmer, member, June 1st Peace And Justice Coalition*, Mt Vernon, IN
Beth Rockwell, Erie, PA
Bethany Kulp, Seattle, WA, North
Betsy Calhoun, architect, Whitegate Architects*, Garrison, NY
Betty Carr, Denver, CO
Betty Christensen, San Diego, CA
Betty Havey, Tallahassee, FL
Betty Younger, Penney Farms, FL
Beverly Hiestand, Retired Nurse, CWA 1168*, Buffalo, NY
Beverly Nelson, Current events scholar, Portland, OR
Beverly Sondag, Pagosa Springs, CO
Bigita Faber, Förslöv, Sweden
Bijan Parsia, UMD*, Greenbelt, MD
Bilal Robinson, CEO, Sacur,usa, Orange, NJ
Bill ´llis, A Coalition For Self-learning*, Rangeley,, ME
Bill Diamond, San Mateo, CA
Bill Johnson,*, Victoria, BC, Canada
Bill Mcarthy, Exeter, RI
Bill Montague, Concord, MA
Bill Oliveau, Albion, CA
Bill Ramsey, Coordinator, Human Rights Action Service*, St. Louis, MO
Bill Scheurer, Editor, The Peacemajority Report, Lindenhurst, IL
Bill Stearns, Portland, OR
Bill Tenpenny, Lebanon, FL
Bill Vana, Durango, CO
Billie Wendelaar, Student, San Diego, CA
Billy Rainbow, Santa Cruz, CA
Billy Rainbow, software engineer, The SCO Group*, Santa Cruz, CA
Binesh Hassanpour, Student, University Of Toronto*, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Birgitta Jonsdottir, Writer and publisher, Friends Of Iceland, Saving Iceland, SHA*, Reykjavik, Iceland
Birol Oran, Essne, Germany
Birthe Thystrup, Stege, Denmark
Biswapriya Purkayastha, Shillong, India
Björn Hallberg, N/a, Sweden
Blair Campbell, Elsah, IL
Bob Bogen, Board of Directors, Communications Coordination Committee For The United Nations*, Mount Kisco, NY
Bob Hyland, Doylestown, PA
Bobbi Lempert, Orcas, WA
Bobbie Monahan, Baltimore, MD
Bonita Breitmeier, Parkersburg, WV
Bonnie Benson, Great Barrington, MA
Bonnie Block, Past Chair, Wisconsin Network For Peace And Justice*, Madison, WI
Bonnie Davis, Fayetteville, AR
Bonnie Faith-smith, Cambridge, MA
Bonnie McFadden, Maui Peace Action*, Makawao, HI
Bonnie Naismith, Retired, Surrey, BC, Canada
Bonny Mochan, Mother, Wib Baltimore*, Baltimore, MD
Boris Sclauzero, Terzo Di Aquileia (ud), Italy
Boris Sery, East Brunswick, NJ
Boris Veith, ATTAC*, Hannover, Germany
Borzou Aram, London, United Kingdom
Brad Duchaine, Researcher, Neenah, WI
Brad Simpson, Assistant Professor of History, University Of Maryland, Baltimore County*, Baltimore, MD
Bradley A Tepaske, Jungian Analyst, Pacific Palisades, CA
Brandon Harris, Boonville, IN
Brenda Amlashi, teacher, Chelmsford, MA
Brenda Brown, unemployed designer+A625, Placitas, NM
Brenda Carmody, Westminster, CO
Brenda Iijima, poet, publisher, Brooklyn,, NY
Brendan Carroll, White Plains, NY
Brendan Fitzpatrick, Hartford, CT
Brendan Miller, Somerville, MA
Brent Buell, Writer/Director, New York, NY
Brent Buice, Athens, GA
Brian Appleton, writer, San Jose, CA
Brian Gregory, Choppington, United Kingdom
Brian Griffith, writer, Toronto, ON, Canada
Brian J. Foley, law professor, Florida Coastal School Of Law*, Jacksonville, FL
Brian Leonard, Springfield, VA
Brian McElhinney, Father, The Mcelhinney Family, Skelmersdale, United Kingdom
Brían Ó Cualáin, Ennis, Ireland
Brian Rudin, Chicago, IL
Brian Shorky, computer administrator, Los Angeles, CA
Brian Tierney, Student, International Socialist Organization*, Washington, DC
Brian Victoria, Visiting Professor of Japanese Studies, Yellow Springs, OH
Bridget Munger, Chair, West Raleigh Presbyterian Church Peace & Justice Committee, Raleigh, NC
Brienne Callahan, Chicago, IL
Brock Kuznetsov, Delta, BC, Canada
Brooke Randolph, Kensington, MD
Bruce Davidson, Shutesbury, MA
Bruce Faur President and CEO, Raccoons Unlimited, Saint Augustine, FL
Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power In Space*, Brunswick, ME
Bruce George, Bruceable, The Retired Good Guy, Camp Verde, AZ
Bruce Hall, Ipfw Peace Action*, Ft. Wayne, IN
Bruce Krawisz, Marshfield, WI
Bruce Kronberger, Sacramento, CA
Bruce McGuire, Writer/Musician, Americans For Peace And Justice, Montpellier, France
Bruce Millies, Bainbridge Island, WA
Bruce Whitehead, London, United Kingdom
Bruno Oriti, Member, People's Organization For Progress, Central Jersey*, Highland Park, NJ
Bruno Steri, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Bryan Burtnick, No. Brunswick, NJ
Bryan Jones, Chino, CA
Bryan Tulloch, Employee, Blackwood Rail*, Elliot Lake, ON, Canada
Bryana Sokolow, spiritual counselor, Lafayette, CA
Bue Grunnet, Teacher, Denmark*, Ulfborg, Denmark
Buff Whitman-B+A665radley, ˇpresente!*, Kentfield, CA
Bunny Daubner, Bristol, VT
Burton Barber, Lakeland, FL
C Beasley, Solsgirth, MB, Canada
C Diaz, Houston, TX
C. A. Hilgartner, Md, Kirksville, MO
Cabrini Schmitz, Prioress, Fort Smith, AR
Cahit Baylav, Musician, London, United Kingdom
Caitlin Berrigan, Tisch School Of The Arts*, New York, NY
Caitlin Powell-Bowman, Whistler, BC, Canada
Calum Waddell, Managing Director, Keysoft It Ltd*, Perth, United Kingdom
Calvin Konno, Honolulu, HI
Calvin Woida, member, No One Is Illegal - Vancouver*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cameron Edwards, James T Edwards, Pasadena, CA
Camila Pineiro, Oakland, CA
Can Boga, Istanbul, Turkey
Candace Boudreau, Halifax, NS, Canada
Candace Milne, Humptulips, WA, Uganda
Capt. Jim McIntyre, pastor, Collegedale, TN
Carl H. Feldman, Menlo Park, CA
Carl & Marie Ford, Blackwood, NJ
Carl Clark, President, RBUSD Board Of Education*, Redondo Beach, CA
Carl Hendricks, Yonkers, NY
Carl Holback, Bellevue, WA
Carl Rosenberg, Editor, Outlook: Canada's Progressive Jewish Magazine*, Vancouver, Canada
Carl Schlaikjer, retired, Middleboro, MA
Carl Van Dyke, Monte Rio, CA
Carl Webb, Austin, TX
Carla Pilavdzic, San Jose, CA
Carlene Clements, Groton, MA
Carlo Martini, Student, Znet Italy, Zelarino, Italy
Carlos D. Perez, Coordinador General, Redh - Red Solidaria Por Los Derechos Humanos, Montevideo, Uruguay
Carlos Morales-mateluna, San José, Costa Rica
Carlos Quiroz, Monterrey, Mexico
Carmela Sansone, Psychologist, North Caldwell, NJ
Carmen Lamontagne, Mom, Epsom, NH
Carmen None, gypsie, Major Exploited Ethnic Minority*, Sacramento, CA
Carol Ann Edington, English Teacher, Hokkaido University Of Education*, Sapporo, MA, Japan
Carol Ann Goldstein, San Diego, CA
Carol Auerbach, InstructorPhiladelphia, PA
Carol Carlisle, Coatesville, PA
Carol Chandler, US Citizen, San Francisco, CA
Carol Harder, Germantown, WI
Carol Hayman, Austin, Tx, TX
Carol Jean Thatcher, Instructor, Chico, CA
Carol Manuel, Virginia Beach, VA
Carol Moore, webmaster,*, Washington, DC
Carol Pippin, Peoria, AZ
Carol Spitzer, Brookline, MA
Carol Steffes, Registered Nurse, St Paul, MN
Carol Tashie, Central Vermont Peace And Justice, Rutland, VT
Carol Vanderschaaf, Atlantat, GA
Carol Zwaans, Huntington Beach, CA
Carole Alubaid, Dr And Mrs, Retired GP and SRN, West Lothain, United Kingdom
Carole Costanza, Peace Dale, RI
Carole Ferraro, Academics For Peace, Albany, NY
Carole Nelson-ingram, Federal Way,, WA
Caroline Jane Zandjani, Bristol, United Kingdom
Caroline McCormick Mendyk, Winter Park, FL
Caroline Wolf, IPPNW*, Speyer, Germany
Carolyn / Tom Horvath / Leonhardt, Co-Directors of Hope House, Hope House Of Prayer*, Cleveland, OH
Carolyn Burns, Therapist, Self Employed*, Covington, LA
Carolyn Devine, Oak Lawn, IL
Carolyn Hatcher, Port Angeles, WA
Carolyn Jordan, Northborough, MA
Carolyn Nikkal, Jamaica Plain, MA
Carolyn Scarr, program coordinator, Ecumenical Peace Institute/CALC, Berkeley, CA
Carolyn Serebreny, Palo Alto, CA
Carolyn White, Sydney, Australia
Carolyn Zaiser, Iowa City, IA
Carri Mogavero, Linthicum, MD
Carroll Oden, Chairperson, Irish Human Rights Coalition, Scottsdale, AZ
Carsten John, Teacher, Ho Yat Tung Primary School*, Hong Kong, China
Carsten Lundsgaard, Copenhagen, Denmark
Carter Daniel, Professor, Rutgers University*, Newark, NJ
Carwil James, Instructor, New College Of California*, San Francisco, CA
Caryll Faraldi, Editor, Freelance*, Cairo, Egypt
Cate Crinnion, Bellingham, WA
Cathal Maclochlainn, Albuquerque, NM
Catherine Bauer, Seattle, WA
Catherine Bell, San Jose, CA
Catherine Carter, Columbus, GA
Catherine Donaghy, Volunteer, Western Ma IAC/TONC, Northampton, MA
Catherine Flaherty, member, South Boston Residents For Peace*, South Boston,, MA
Catherine Henley, Santa Maria, CA
Catherine Holliday, Registered Nurse, Ona*, Toronto, Canada
Catherine Johnson, Arlington, VA
Catherine Johnson, Ecology Technician, Virginia Department Of Conservation And Recreation*, Richmond, VA
Catherine Kirsch, Advance, NC
Catherine Lodge, Gräfelfing, Germany
Catherine Manning Flamenbaum, Historian, Old Westbury College, Babylon, NY
Catherine Markey, Fort Smith, AR
Catherine O'Neil, Hendersonville, NC
Catherine Podojil, writer, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Cleveland Heights, OH
Catherine Pottinger, Secretary, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance*, Seattle, WA
Catherine Stearns, Wilmot, NH
Catherine Symons, Ashton -under-lyne, United Kingdom
Catherine Zwiener, Artist, Good Friends Group*, Loveland, CO
Cathi Rodgers, Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Cathi Rodgers, Mother, My Family, Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Cathie Bell, New York, NY
Cathie Lloyd, Senior Research Officer, University Of Oxford*, Oxford, United Kingdom
Cathleen Krahe, Carbondale, CO
Cathleen Krahe, Colorado Communities For Justice And Peace*, Carbondale, CO
Cathleen Plutchok, Palo Alto, CA
Cathrin Schuetz, Political Scientist, Woellstadt, Germany
Cathrine O'neil, Hendersonville, NC
Cathryn Sells, Grover Beach, CA
Cathy Doyle, Butte, MT
Cathy Justus, Pagosa Springs, CO
Catriona Hamilton, mother/carer, Peebles, United Kingdom
Cecelia Lavan, Justice Promoter, Dominican Sisters*, New Rochelle, NY
Ceci Wheeler, Poet and activist, Pittsburgh, PA
Celeste Bocchicchio, Ann Arbor, MI
Chad Halsey, Bay City, MI
Chadine D, Montreal, QC, Canada
Chana Bloch, Professor Emerita, Mills College*, Berkeley, CA
Channing Jones, Programmer, Aachen, Germany
Char Smith, Pittsburgh, PA
Charlaine McAnany, Chairperson, Ascension's Peace And Justice Committee*, Oak Park, IL
Charlene Barker, Board Member, Nyc Chapter Dept Of Peace*, Brooklyn, NY
Charlene CerridwenBrooklyn, NY
Charlene Mowery -pizzadili, Simi Valley, CA
Charles & Lavonne Richardson, Member, Central Nebraska Peace Workers*, Hastings,, NE
Charles Caputo, educator/composer, Mineola, NY
Charles Demers, writer/comedian,*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Charles E. Cannon, San Francisco, CA
Charles Ehlen, Glenmora, LA
Charles Featherstone, Alexandria, VA
Charles Fredricks, Student, Santa Monica, CA
Charles Heineke, Houston, TX
Charles Kausler, Green Valley, AZ
Charles Kidd, Camden, AL
Charles Kuntz, Bordeaux, France
Charles L. Krugman, paralegal, Fresno, CA
Charles Mauch, Houston, TX
Charles McEvers, Victor, MT
Charles Sampson, Sydney Forks, NS, Canada
Charles Shelton, Grottoes, VA
Charles Voss, Pleasanton, TX
Charlie Jackson, Founder, Texans For Peace, Austin, TX
Charlotte Correia, Topanga, CA
Charlotte Germain, Germantown, TN
Charlotte Wilson, bookseller, Waterstones*, London, United Kingdom
Chellee Chase-Saiz, Web & Production Associate, International Relations Center*, Mimbres, NM
Chelsea Schnabel, Student, Fort Smith, AR
Cher Tan, Singapore, Singapore
Cherie Erwin, Arroyo Grande, CA
Cheryl Dillis, Austin, TX
Cheryl Evans, Macungie, PA
Cheryl Gallagher, San Antonio, TX
Cheryl Labash, Detroit, MI
Cheryl Lutz, Allentown, PA
Chet Nettestad, Pres, Cwa 7219*, Pelican Rapids,, MN
Chet Rzadkiewicz, Lafayette, LA
Chettykulam Nellainayagam Deivanayagam, President, Kalvipani, Chennai, India
Chevreuil Veronique, Raelian Mouvement*, Annemasse, France
Chie Yoshida, Kyoto, Japan
Chikita Modeste, professor, France, France
Ching-Y+A824an Yeung, Biberach, Germany
Cho Jinyong, Seoul, South
Chris & Mary Fogarty, Chicago, IL
Chris Bluemel, Southampton, United Kingdom
Chris Bolger, Wheaton, IL
Chris Boyd, Fort Worth, TX
Chris Ernesto, St. Pete For Peace, Clearwater, FL
Chris Green, President, Ck Green Inc, Omaha, NE
Chris Gruener, Newton, MA
Chris Meyer, Berlin, CT
Chris Meyer, Student, Berlin, CT
Chris Nauss, Richmond, VA
Chris Persson, Chico, CA
Chris Sturbaum, Bloomington, IN
Chris Weaver, Georgetown, CA
Chris Wrinn, Chris Wrinn, Milford, CT
Christel Bronsema, Sumas, WA
Christiaan Cruz, Yorba Linda, CA
Christian Miller, Los Angeles, CA
Christian Solberg, London, United Kingdom
Christina Flounders, Student, Dresher, PA
Christina Saber, New York, NY
Christina Vanghle, Buffalo, NY
Christine Brown, Homemaker, Culpeper, VA
Christine Cordaro, founder, Milepost Ventures*, San Francisco, CA
Christine Gervais, Program Assistant, Cwe*, Brookline, MA
Christine Ho, professor, Aventura, FL
Christine O'Connor, wire editor/page designer, East Lansing, MI
Christine Stouffer, Attorney, Berkeley, CA
Christopher Blatto, Lakewood, CO
Christopher Brock, Salt Lake City, UT
Christopher Bruffee, Washington, DC
Christopher Gordin, Manteca, CA
Christopher J Smith, Professor of Musicology, Lubbock, TX
Christopher Leadbeater, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
Christopher Stanley, Professor of Theology, St. Bonaventure University*, Olean, NY
Christopher Voelker, Northridge, CA
Christopher Walsh, Brooklyn, NY
Christopher Wells, Hunter River, PE, Canada
Chuck Armsbury, senior editor, November Coalition*, Colville, WA
Chuck Churchill, Ashland, OR
Chuck Conner, Photographer, Spencer, WV
Chuck Mohan, President, Guyanese-American Workers United, New York, NY
Chuck Schobert, Veterinarian, Madison, WI
Chuck Weirauch, Writer/photographer, Caselberry, FL
Chuck Wilson, Hayden, ID
Cindy Charlebois, Normal, IL
Cindy Woodruff, Henderson, NV
Cinzia Nasso, Genova, Italy
Claire Gregory, Bloomington, IN
Claire Karam, Psychotherapist, Self Employed, Denver, CO
Claire Ryder, Peace Activist, 3 November Movement*, Denver, CO
Claire Schosser, St. Louis, MO
Claire/Llucia Surmik, Erie, PA
Clara Arndt, Lower Lake, CA
Clare True, Tukwila, WA
Clarence I Kuntz, New Bern, NC
Claude Hayes, retired, Educator*, Newbury Park, CA
Claude Maddox, Acton, MA
Claude Mostowik, Director, Missionaries Of The Sacred Heart Justice And Peace Centre, Australia, Erskineville Nsw, Australia
Claudia Broglia, ACCOUNTANT, Ipser*, Milano, Italy
Claudia Karas, Frankfurt, Germany
Claudia McLean, Copenhagen, Denmark
Claudia Pesenti, Teacher/CTU Delegate, Chicago, IL
Claudio Demuru, Loceri, Italy
Claudio Grassi, member of the central commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Italy, Roma, Italy
Claudio Pinto, journalist, Muvita Srl*, Genova, VA, Italy
Claudio Pozzi, Coordinamento Politico Campagna Osm-dpn*, Padula Scalo (sa), Italy
Claus Gmeiner, ödp (Ecological Democratic Party)*, München, Germany
Claus Jacobsen, Journalist, Dismedia, Aarhus, Denmark
Clayton Hallmark, Twinsburg, OH
Clement Corinne, Mantiel, Spain
Cliff Friedman, Golf Director, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Clifford B. Pearson, Member, North Texans For Justice And Peace*, Irving, TX
Clifton Bain, activist, Action Coalition Of Taos, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Clifton Ross, writer, Richmond, CA
Clive Searle, National Council, Respect Unity Coalition, Uk*, Manchester, United Kingdom
Clyde Beardsley, Marysville, WA
Cody Detmer, Cincinnati, OH
Colette Smith, Durham, NM
Colin Barker, honorarylecturer, Manchester Metropolitran University, Manchester, United Kingdom
Colin Neiburger, Human Rights Activist- Miami, FL, Miami, FL
Colin Peer, Boston, MA
Colin Ramsay, Sebastopol, CA
Colleen Bodane, Porter Corners, NY
Colleen Fulmer, Rev., United Methodist Church*, Florence, OR
Colleen Gray, Newark, DE
Colleen Hill, Gig Harbor, WA
Collon Shandler, Retired, Cartwright, OK
Connie Hammond, Board Member, Progressive Peace Coalition*, Columbus, OH
Connie Hogarth, director, Connie Hogarth Center For Social Action, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY
Constance Bernstein, San Francisco, CA
Constance Betton, Consciously Living Center*, Newport Beach, CA
Constance Williams, Portsmouth, NH
Consuelo Concepcion, Graduate Student, Unviersity of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Consuelo Johner-Pagnani, teacher, Zürich, Switzerland
Coral McDonnell, Grandmothers For Peace*, Duluth, MN
Corey Hanson, Student, Fort Lee, NJ
Corinne Price, Women In Black*, Slver Spring, MD
Corky Retson, Graphic designer, Los Angeles, CA
Corneilius Crowley, Musician, Corneilius Sings, London, United Kingdom
Cornelia Rakow, IAC*, New York, NY
Coroush Habib Tabrizi, MP, C.O.P.*, Tehran, Iran
Courtnay Anderson, Jamaica, NY
Courtney Breed, Mother, San Francisco, CA
Craig Clark, Fort Lee, NJ
Craig Clark, Manager, The Dream Of The Rood*, Fort Lee, NJ
Craig Collins, Ph.D., California State University East Bay*, Berkeley, CA
Craig Frey, San Diego, CA
Craig Mayle, Richmond, IN
Cristina Avendańo-wallace, Lamgen-patagonia*, Trelew, Argentina
Cristina Castello, Poeta y Periodista, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cristina Soler Crespo, television, RTW*, Valencia, Spain
Cristina Usubiaga, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Cristogianni Borsella, Activist, Mediterranean League, Bronx, NY
Crystal Schultz, Student, Redmond, WA
Curtis Francisco, Silver Spring, MD
Curtis Morgan, Burbank, CA
Curtiss Durand, MD, Davis, CA
Cushla McDinney, Research scientist, Biochemistry Dept, University Of Otago*, Dunedin, New Zealand
Cynthia Flood, writer, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cynthia Hollingsworth, retired, All Souls Nursery School*, Cambridge, MA
Cynthia Mazariegos, Student, Loyola University*, Chicago, IL
Cynthia Merkey, Ocala, FL
Cynthia Shadish, Maripoa, CA
Cynthia Snow, Brookline, MA
Cynthia Symington, Austin, TX
Cyrus Radford, Harvard, MA
Cyrus Sarmadi, Los Angeles, CA
Cyrus Sheikholeslam, San Diego, CA
D Javidan, Dr., University Of Paris 10, Paris, France
D Schrader, Sebastopol, CA
D. Beardman, Pontiac, MI
D. Gold, Austin, TX
D. H. Melhem, New York, NY
D. H. Strong, Engineer, Cocoa, FL
Da Wilson, Vice President, Butte County Employees Association, Oroville, CA
Dalal Oubani, teacher, Human Rights Activist, Sydney, Australia
Dale Klooster, Lake Village, IN
Dale Lehman, Dale Lehman, Neighbors For Peace*, Chicago, IL
Dallas Darling, Teacher/Activist, Alice Peace And Justice Coalition, Alice, TX
Damian Coen, Clinical Psycholigist, Damian Coen, Moruya, Australia
Damian Kemp, Eugene, OR
Dan Argabright, President, Sharkbaitsurfwax*, Reno, NV
Dan Elliott, Oct29 Coalition*, Sacramento, CA
Dan Farrell, St. Louis, MO
Dan Kelley, Santa Fe, NM
Dan Kinch, Brooklyn, NY
Dan Koon, Redwood City, CA
Dan Matthews, Chair, Oconee County Democratic Committee*, Watkinsville, GA
Dan Smith,, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Dan Vachon, Somersworth, NH
Dan Welsh, South Salem, NY
Dan Wyatt, Iraq War Veteran, Us Marine Corps*, Hurricane, WV
Dan Yaseen, Peace Fresno*, Fresno, CA
Dana Brown, Director, Committee On Us/latin American Relations*, Ithaca, NY
Dana Howell, Midland City, AL
Dana Ward, Professor of Political Studies, Pitzer College*, Claremont, CA
Daniel Amit, Prof, Hebrew University*, Jerusalem, Israel
Daniel Berkshire, Almond, WI
Daniel Blanchard, MLPC/Peace Region Leftist Coalition, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Daniel Brumbaugh, President, Rainbow Hammock Tribe, Silver Springs, FL
Daniel Buk, New York, NY
Daniel Cecil, Knightstown, IN
Daniel Clark, Sunbury, OH
Daniel Damon, San Diego, CA
Daniel Eden, President, Savings Guide Magazine Inc., Salem, OR
Daniel Faraldo, Los Angeles, CA
Daniel Knowles, Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Daniel Kontoff, Dan the Bagel Man, Formerly Food Not Bombs Etc., Brighton, MA
Daniel Malec, Danny Malec, Global Call Iraq*, Voluntown, CT
Daniel Man-Suk Han, Waterloo, ON, Canada
Daniel McCleary, HVAC/R Tech, West Linn, OR
Daniel Persson, Göteborg, Sweden
Daniel Pourkesali, Product Engineer, Athena Technologies, Inc.*, Leesburg, VA
Daniel Rostan, Development Associate, Fellowship Of Reconciliation*, Nyack, NY
Daniel Samek, Albuquerque, NM
Daniel Schoorl, gypsie, Major Exploited Ethnic Minority*, Sacramento, CA
Daniel Shively, Indiana, PA
Daniel Simone, Saint Louis, MO
Daniel Sparks, Athens, GA
Daniel Strum, Deligate, For 2005 Iran Deligation*, Nyack, NY
Daniel Tietzer, Hawthorn Woods, IL
Daniel Volz, Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA
Daniele Dellerba, webmaster,*, Vigevano, Italy
Daniele Sabia, Potenza, Italy
Daniella Ambrosino, Rome, Italy
Danielle Marsden, Aberystwyth, United Kingdom
Danilo Zuliani, Rome, Italy
Danny Choi, Itasca, IL
Danny H.C. Li, Peace veteran, Notinourname Hawaii*, Honolulu, HI
Danny Piccirillo, Newton Corner, MA
Danny Postel, Senior Editor,*, Chicago, IL
Danny Pyle, Orange, CA
Dante Bedini, Dosson Trevuiso, Italy
Darien Reece, Washington, DC
Dario Alfonso Bruschi, Las Flores, Argentina
Darius Fard, Professor Assistant, Ecole Centrale*, Lyon, France
Dariush Yahooda, Accountant, Pars Khodro*, Tehran, Iran
Dariush Zand, Newport B Each, CA
Darla Cain, Fairborn, OH
Darla Masterson, Tucson, AZ
Darlene Morton, Didsbury, AB, Canada
Darlene Wallach, Justice For Palestinians, San Jose, CA
Darryl Warner, Rockaway Beach, NY
Darwin Cole, Findlay, OH
Daryoush Abolhassani, Principal, Dac Associates, San Rafael, CA
Dave Collins, Richmond, VA
Dave Eisenhour, Fulton, MO
Dave Goodfield, Lecturer, Coventry, United Kingdom
Dave Hart, Davis, CA
Dave Headey, Co-Chair, Faringdon Peace Group, Faringdon, United Kingdom
Dave Kimble, Secretary, Mission Beach Environmental Management Group, Carmoo, Australia
Dave Lindblom, Mount Pleasant, UT
Dave Miller, Somerset, NJ
Dave Robinson, Brooklyn, NY
Dave Searles, President, American Heritage Service, Inc. And The Ecotopian Society, Brodhead, WI
Dave Silver, Representative, Coalition To Free The Angola3, New York, NY
David Antebi, Professor Emeritis, Rutgers University*, Highland Park, NJ
David A. Young, Seattle, WA
David Adams, Iraq War Veteran, Iraq Veterans Against The War*, Carbondale, IL
David Agnew, Cape Codders For Peace And Justice*, South Chatham, MA
David And Geri Turnoy, West Linn, OR
David Anshus, Fitchburg, MA
David Ball, Northampton, MA
David Ballantine, Chairman, St. John`s Peace And Justice Committee*, Frederick, MD
David Basche, New York, NY
David Berry, Lecturer, Loughborough University* Loughborough, United Kingdom
David Bicking, member, Anti-war Committee*, Minneapolis, MN
David Bohn, Wahiawa, HI
David Borris, Highland Park, IL
David Brown, Company Director, Wanneroo, Australia
David Bruner, Kingston, NY
David Calamoneri, The Squid's Ink, Hoboken, NJ
David Choweller, Riverside, CA
David Clifton, Boulder, CO
David Condon, President, Medicine Hat & District Labour Council, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada
David Cruz-uribe, Sfo, Professor, Trinity College*, Hartford, CT
David Davis, Retired, Shawnee Mission, KS
David Diamond, Dover, NH
David Dieteman, attorney, Erie, PA
David Dingler, Forest Park, GA
David Dixon, Coordinator, Action Center For Justice, Charlotte, NC
David Ellis, Professor Emeritus, Clovis, CA
David Esbester, London, United Kingdom
David Fairley, San Francisco, CA
David Fisher, Head, Teacher Support & Development, IFCELS+A1070, SOAS (University Of London)*, London, United Kingdom
David Gardner, Santa Monica, CA
David Goggin, Retired, Psychologist*, Eureka, CA
David Hakim, Corte Madera, CA
David Hartsough, Executive Director, Peaceworkers*, San Francisco, CA
David Heitler-Klevans, Two Of A Kind, AFM Local 1000; Montco Progressives, Cheltenham, PA
David Hokenstad, Milwaukee, WI
David Houck, Energy Justice Network*, Philadelphia, PA
David Hungerford, Chairman, Antiwar Committee, People's Organization For Progress*, Newark, NJ
David Ibbotson, Portland, OR
David Ingalsbe, Santa Monica, CA
David Jacobs, Tustin, CA
David Johnson, Artist, Fantazine, Missoula, MT
David Johnston, Havertown, PA
David Kay Snider, Mt Vernon, OR
David Keppel, Bloomington, IN
David Kiefer, Buffalo, NY
David Kinne, Broussard, LA
David Klafter, Brookline, MA
David Koppel, Freelance translator, Copenhagen, Denmark
David Krieger, President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation*, Santa Barbara, CA
David Kuehn, Ann Arbor, MI
David McVittie, Minister, Church Of Mary Magelene, Nashville, TN
David Murphrey, Director, Amarillo, TX
David Pearson, Sebastopol, CA
David Peterson, Front Man, Pattern Interrupt, Mission Hills, CA
David Pizzuti, Stockton, NJ
David Polden, Worker, London Region CND*, London, United Kingdom
David Quintana, Ozone Park, NY
David Roberts, Huddersfield, MI, United Kingdom
David Robertson, Student, Sydney, Australia
David Rohrlich, Professor, Boston University*, Jamaica Plain, MA
David S. Cutler, President, Boston Anti-zionist Committee, Acton, MA
David Scherman, Disabled, Topsfield, MA
David Seddon, Professor, School Of Development Studies University Of East Anglia Uk*, Norwich, United Kingdom
David Singer, New York, NY
David Smeaton, Professor, Seoul University*, Seoul, Kore
David Spero, San Francisco, CA
David Stephenson, Cerrillos, NM
David Swanson, Co-Founder, After Downing Street, Charlottesville, VA
David Techau, Architect, Arizona State University*, Tempe, AZ
David Wade, broker, Special Guests*, Aurora, IL, Burundi
David Wald, South Bay Mobilization For Peace*, Santa Clara, CA
David Walters, Spring, TX
David Weisberg, Minneapolis, MN
David Wurfel, Toronto, ON, Canada
David Zinkler, Winnipeg, Canada
Davide Morano, Calci (pi), Italy
Davood Alian, Dracut, MA
Davood Daroogheh, Student, Ahvaz, Iran
Davood Salimi, IT specialist, TDSB*, Toronto, NY, Canada
Davor Gligorovski, Law advisor, Economic Chamber Of Macedonia*, Prilep, Macedoni
Dawn Ask Martin, Cedar Falls, IA
Dawn Carroll, LMSW,*, Tacoma, WA
Dawn Grib, Secular Franciscan Order*, Dillsburg, PA
Dawn Mason, Madison, WI
Dawn Rubbert, St. Louis, MO
Dean Ferreyra, Santa Ana, CA
Dean Garrett, Austin, TX
Dean Pappas, teacher, Friends School Of Baltimore*, Baltimore, MD
Deanna Moore, Teacher, Ellendale, DE
Deb Cambray, cmc, Brogo, Australia
Debbi Steele, Unitarian Universalist Church Of Ventura*, Ventura, CA
Debbie Barretta, Altamonte Springs, FL
Debbie Hemmeter, Concerned Citizen, Human Race*, Farmington Hills, MI
Debbie Horsfall, Little Hartley, Australia
Debbie Steele, Kissimmee, FL
Deborah Bershatsky, New York, NY
Deborah Carlin, Professor of American Literary and Cultural Studies, University Of Massachusetts, Amherst, Florence, MA
Deborah Carney-MacFarlane, Member Of Amnesty International Usa & Now*, Washington, DC
Deborah Carroll, New York, NY
Deborah Choate, Physician, (self Employed)*, Lincoln, MA
Deborah Cochran, writer, Shelby, OH
Deborah Fairman, Educator, Florence, MA
Deborah Geier, Kansas City, MO
Deborah Hitchcock, London, United Kingdom
Deborah Roberts, Austin, TX
Deborah Sampson, Msn, Rn, registered nurse, Hancock, NH
Deborah Stucklen, homemaker, Colorado Peace Coalition*, Loveland, CO
Debra Brown, Belleville, MI
Debra Istvanik Strotman, Monongahela, PA
Debra Rawdin Fredricks, Student, Santa Monica, CA
Dedi Irawan, researcher, University Of Nasional Jakarta*, Depok, Indonesia
Dee Halzack, Lowell, MA
Dee Meyer, Yachats, OR
Dee Patney, Jersey City, NJ
Dee Standley, RN, San Francisco, CA
Delia Dibiasi, Queens, NY
Delia Smith, New York, NY
Dell Fystrom, Retired, St. Paul, MN
Delma Kernan, Ames, IA
Delores Mathers, Monongahela, PA
Delphine Herbert, Founder, Marions for P+A1162eace, Ocala, FL
Demian Raven, Seattle, WA
Den Mark Wichar, Episcopal Peace Fellowship Southwest Washington, Vancouver, WA, Ukraine
Denice Lombard, Office & Professional Employees Union; Pride At Work; Us Law*, Washington, DC
Denise Ball, citrus county coordinator, Nature Coast Coalition For Peace And Justice*, Floral City, FL
Denise Flanagan, American citizen, Costa Mesa, CA
Denise Gumora, New York, NY
Denise Hanley, Lacey, WA
Denise Kagie, Concerned Citizen, Butte, MT
Denise Lytle, Fords, NJ
Denise Orey, Hilo, HI
Dennis Barbour, Lawrence, KS
Dennis Cordell, Professor of History, Southern Methodist University*, Dallas, TX
Dennis Drainville, Archdeacon, Barachois, QC, Canada
Dennis Eilers, Fort Wayne, IN
Dennis Ledden, President/Owner, Lcs, Rancho Murieta, CA
Dennis O'Brien, Bloomington, IN
Dennis R. M. Teall-Fleming, Director of Faith Formation, Queen Of Apostles Catholic Church*, Belmont, NC
Dennis Spain, Acupuncturist, Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs, Kamuela, HI
Derek Gardner, Lockport, NY
Derek Wall, Member, Green Party Of England And Wales*, London, United Kingdom
Dermot Hudson, vice president, Society For Friendship With Korea Uk*, London, United Kingdom
Des Freedman, Senior lecturer, Goldsmiths College, University Of London, London, United Kingdom
Desmond Mckee, Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Dettori Giampaolo, Palau Italy, Italy
Devin Razavi-shearer, Boulder, CO
Dewey Duffel, Thompson Falls, MT
Dharmesh Shah, Campaigner, Chennai, India
Diana Al-Jumaili, Leipzig, Germany
Diana Arezzo, PsychologistArlington, MA
Diana Brynlee, Retired, Duncan, BC, Canada
Diana Castillo, Crofton, MD
Diana Gwinn, Portland, OR
Diana Recagno, Santa Fe, MO, Argentina
Diana Relke, Professor, University Of Saskatchewan*, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Diana Savory, teacher, Goshen, CT
Diana Wayburn, Jackson Heights, NY
Diane Beeny, Coordinator, Co-chair, Union County NJ Peace Council/Hiroshima Nagasaki Remembrance Committee*, Westfield, NJ
Diane Blair, Newport Beach, CA
Diane Eardley, Los Angeles, CA
Diane Gledhill, Embudo, NM
Diane H. Fabian, Fort Atkinson, WI
Diane Kenney, Director, United Ministry At USC*, Los Angeles, CA
Diane Kistner, Carlton, GA
Diane McNaron, Publicist, Birmingham Peace Project, Birmingham, AL
Diane Middleton, Margate, United Kingdom
Diane Warth, Denmark, IA
Dianne Miller, San Diego, CA
Dick Clark, Pastor, St. Timothys United Methodist Church*, Cedar Falls, IA
Dick Heiser, Los Angeles, CA
Dick Meyer, Retired, Los Angeles, CA
Dickelle Fonda, Chair, North Shore Anti-war Coalition, Evanston, IL
Dieter Engels, Astronomer, Hamburg, Germany
Dimitri Bakhroushin, Correspondence Secretary, Buddhist Council Of New York*, New York, NY
Dina Hanson, Telkwa, BC, Canada
Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Professor of Economics, Virginia Tech*, Blacksburg, VA
Dolores Crinnion, San Diego, CA
Dolores Ponce, San Jose,, CA
Dolores Welty, Encinitas, CA
Domenica Nieddu, Translator, Santa Fe, NM
Domenico Ingenito, Student, Naples Universiti, L'orientale, Italy*, Napoli, Italy
Domenico Parisi, Genova, Italy
Dominique Larchey-wendling, Researcher, Cnrs*, Nancy, France
Don Abbott, Andover, MA
Don Debar, Coordinator, Peace Train Coalition, Ossining, NY
Don Dungan, Lutz, FL
Don Kiphart, Santa Fe, NM
Don Kult, Flora, IN
Don Newton, Los Angeles, CA
Don Pearce, Cape Town, South Africa
Dona Van Bloemen, Santa Monica, CA
Donald Diamond, Minister, Universal Life Church*, Tucson, AZ
Donald Dodge, San Francisco, CA
Donald Fahrney, Santa Cruz, CA
Donald Ford, Bronx, NY
Donald Havis, Board Member, Peace Action Of San Mateo County, San Mateo, Ca, CA
Donald Johnson, Piedmont, CA
Donald M. Judge, Duncan, BC, Canada
Donald Poochigian, Professor, Grand Forks, ND
Donald Tadit Anderson, Columbus, OH
Donka Batakoja, Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of
Donn Hall, Professor, Bloomington, IN
Donna Adamson Curlis, Houtzdale, PA
Donna Cay Shenorock, NY
Donna Cay Tharpe, Member, Tallahassee Codepink Women For Peace, Tallahassee, FL
Donna Fritz, Musician, Long Beach, CA
Donna Fuelleman, Madison, WI
Donna Knipp, New York, NY
Donte Wylie, Assistant Writing Coordinator, Baltimore, MD
Dora Vega, Lead Teacher, Seattle, WA
Doreen Balestrieri, Newburyport, MA
Doriana Goracci, Donne In Nero Tuscia*, Capranica (vt), Italy
Doris M. Sumner, Friday Harbor, WA
Doris Griewing, Lake St Louis, MO
Doris Kaplan, Retired, Raging Grannies*, Nelson, BC, Canada
Doris Kelly, Hyde Park, NY
Doris Reed, Member, Unitarian Universalist Congregation Of Binghamton, Ny*, Endwell, NY
Dorli T Rainey, Member, Vfp 92*, Seattle, WA
Dorotea Manuela, Community Activist, Dorchester, MA
Dorothea Jueterbock, Pulheim, Germany
Dorotheya Dorman, Redwood Valley, CA
Dorothy & Chaim Koppelman, artists/teachers, New York City, NY
Dorothy Anderson, Member, Human Family, Williamsburg, VA
Dorothy Dale, Bellingham, WA
Dorothy Diehl, Winona, MN
Dorothy Mack, Patriots for Peace, Depoe Bay, OR
Dorothy Martirano, Urbana, IL
Dorothy Rupert, advocacy, Boulder, CO
Dorothy Sagel, retired, Boone, NC
Dorothy Schwartz, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War*, Piscataway, NJ
Dorothy Schwartz, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War*, Piscataway, NJ
Dorthe Andersen, Teacher, Roskilde, Denmark
Dotty Hopkins, Napa, CA
Doug Bergert, architect, Minneapolis*, Minneapolis, MN
Doug McMichael, Peru, ME
Douglas Anderson, Assistant Professor of English, Southwest Minnesota State University*, Marshall, MN
Douglas Estes, San Francisco, CA
Douglas Renick, Florence, MA
Douglas Rosestone, Santa Rosa, CA
Douglas Snyder, Consultant, DS Greenbuild*, West Chesterfield, NH
Douglas Stuart, Auburndale, MA
Dr. D. K. & F. L. Cinquemani, Largo, FL
Dr. R. & Ms. M. Reader, retired, Peace & Justice*, Cape May, NJ
Duane Uusitalo, Everett, WA
Dudley Fay, Trumbull, CT
Dujana Abdul-nur, Houston, TX
Dung Le, Paris, France
Dylan Armstrong, Beaverton, OR
Dylan Skola, Encinitas, CA
E Perrone, Brewster, NY
E. Daniel Riehl, retired, Landenberg, PA
E. Hills, Delmar, NY
E. Mark Barker, Canmore, AB, Canada
E. Victor Mereski, Usn Ret E9, Savannah, GA
Earle Peach, Conductor, Solidarity Notes Labour Choir*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Ebi Jahan, Tehran, Iran
Ed Chalfant, Bothell, WA
Ed Fine, University Faculty, University Of Colorado, Denver, CO
Ed Oberweiser, Secretary, Fort Ord Citizens Advisory Group*, Santa Cruz, CA
Ed Powick, retired, Former Nyc Teacher*, Cape May, NJ
Ed Robertson, Tomales, CA
Ed Simkin, St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Eddie Boyd, us citizen, All Peoples Congress*, Baltimore, MD
Eddie Givsan, FINANCE DIRECTOR, Daimler-Chrysler*, Sacramento, CA
Eddie Jackson, Ypsilanti, MI
Eddy Nemati, Toronto, Canada
Edith Binderhofer, Vienna, Austria
Edith Piret, Retired teacher, Bomal S/o, Belgium
Edith Richman, Brookline, MA
Edmond De Bie, Retired, Ocala, FL
Eduard Chmelár, lecturer, writer, peace activist, Galanta, Slovakia
Edward Iglehart, Palnackie, United Kingdom
Edward King, Southampton, United Kingdom
Edward Morales-Webster, Friendswood, TX
Edward Oberste, San Francisco, CA
Edward Sager, Saugerties, NY
Edward Shacklett, Ventura, CA
Edward Spring, Student, Presteigne, United Kingdom
Edward Westrick, Los Angeles member, Veterans For Peace+A1320*, W Hollywood, CA
Edwin Daniel, Professor Emeritus, University Of Alberta*, Edmonton,, AB, Canada
Efia Nwangaza, Founder/Director, Afam Institute For Policy Studies & Planning*, Greenville, SC
Ehsan Tavakkoli, The Univeristy Of New England, Armidale, Australia
Eigil Thomassen, MD, Kolding, Denmark
Eija Lang Briis, Reg.Nurse, Frederiksvaerk, Denmark
Eileen Almy, New Sharon, ME
Eileen Barnes, Hawthorne, FL
Eileen Carbia, English professor, High Country Peace & Justice, West Jefferson, NC
Eileen Jackley, Meadview, AZ
Eileen Kinley, Carleton Place, ON, Canada
Eileen McCluskey, Watertown, MA
Eileen Shea, Warwick, RI
Eileen White, Leadership Council, Grey Nuns Of The Sacred Heart*, Yardley, PA
Einar Olafsson, Writer, Campaign Against Military Bases*, Kopavogur, Iceland
Eirlys Neale, Beauly, United Kingdom
Elahe Nafisi, Tehran, Iran
Elaheh Rostami-povey, Lecturer, School Of Oreintal And African Studies, University Of London,*, London, United Kingdom
Elaine Antonia, Stoughton, MA
Elaine Donovan, Concerned Citizens For Peace*, Hemlock, NY
Elaine Spiro, Great Neck, NY
Elaine Towns, Adm. Asst., Musc*, Charleston, SC
Eleanor Bader, Writer/teacher, Brooklyn, NY
Eleanor Mercer, chaplain, Scarborough, ME
Elfmagic Taylor, Alford, Australia
Elham Saeedi, Laval, QC, Canada
Eli Asikin-garmager, Cedar Falls, IA
Eli Baho, Toledo, OH
Eli Loomis, Graduate Student, University Of Montana*, Missoula, MT
Eli Stephens, Editor, Left I On The News, Xxx, CA
Elika Dadsetan, San Diego, CA
Elina Jarvenpaa, Helsinki, Finland
Elisabet Gamage, Richmond, VA
Elisabeth Leonard, Teacher, UJP, WILPF+A1353, Code Pink*, East Boston, MA
Elisabeth Price, Albuquerque, NM
Elisabeth Ward, Boston, MA
Elisha Belmont, Westminster, CA
Elissa Menconi, Dorchester, MA
Elissa Mericle-Gray, Berwick, ME
Elizabeth Aaronsohn, Associate Professor, Central Ct State University*, New Britain, CT
Elizabeth Arnold, Liz Arnold, Boca Raton, FL
Elizabeth B. Gerlach, WILPF*, Newton, MA
Elizabeth Barlow, Ann Arbor, MI
Elizabeth Berning, RN, Iowa City, IA
Elizabeth Burke, New Providence, NJ
Elizabeth Burke, Union, WA
Elizabeth Burr, St. Paul, MN
Elizabeth Day, Student, Norwich, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Estes, Richfield, NC
Elizabeth Falzone, Seattle, WA
Elizabeth Fattah, Coordinating Committee Member, Green Pary, Usa, Chapel Hill, NC
Elizabeth Fisler, North Canton, OH
Elizabeth Hammond, Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Karan, retired, Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Memel, instructor, Los Angeles City College*, Ojai, CA
Elizabeth Meyers, Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth Miller, Oak Park, CA
Elizabeth Morrison, Manager, Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Nepon, Greenville, SC
Elizabeth Smith, teacher, Port Huron, MI
Elizabeth Trevena, Administration Officer, Ministry Of Transport*, Dangar Island, Australia
Elizabeth Walter-echols, university lecturer, Assumption University Of Thailand*, Bangkok, Thailand
Elizabeth Werner, Shelburne, NH
Elizabeth Wilson, Bethlehem Neighbors For Peace*, Albany, NY
Ella Baccouche, Educator/Linguist, Suffolk, VA
Ella Whitelaw, student, Canberra, Australia
Ellen Baker, Associate Professor of History, Columbia University*, New York, NY
Ellen Earth, Chiloquin, OR
Ellen Leibowitz, Mom, Family*, Highland Park, NJ
Ellen Murphy, volunteer, Whatcom Peace And Justice Center*, Bellingham, WA
Ellen Naney, Eddyville, NY
Elliot Gold, President, Telespan Publishing Corporation, Altadena, CA
Elmira Moradi, Toronto, ON, Canada
Elsa Clemens-Leblanc, Murray Hill, NJ
Elsie Dean, Corresponding Secretary, Womens International League For Peace & Freedom, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Elwyn Patterson, spokes person, Mwal, Vancouver Bc Canada, BC, Canada
Eman Kazemimer, Tehran, Iran
Embla ásgeirsdóttir, artist, Odense, Denmark
Emelia Miguel, mother, Morro Bay, CA
Emer Flounders, New York, NY
Emiko Nishiyama, Yokohama, Japan
Emiko Ortega, Baltimore, MD
Emil Brisson, Phillipsburg, NJ
Emil Mocan, Mensoft Srl, Jud. Cluj, RI, Romania
Emily Evans, Salem, MA
Emily Granger, Northfield, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Emily Hull, Montreal, QC, Canada
Emily Lewis, Amherst, MA
Emily Paxton, Norwich, United Kingdom
Emily Rodriguez, Gainesville, FL
Emily Shurley, Chair, Oklahoma Episcopal Peace And Justice Commission, Oklahoma City, OK
Emmy Koponen, Ithaca, NY
Enayat Katouli, Oakland, CA
Encarnacion Ortega, Psychologist, Revere, MA
Enrico Cerulli, Rubano, Italy
Enrique Ferro, Peace Activist, Association Belgo-Palestiniennne*, Rixensart, Belgium
Eoin Ryan, Dublin, Ireland
Eraz Salemi, director, Marketing, Bulleen, Australia
Erhard Arendt, Das Palästina Portal*, Dortmund, NV, Germany
Eric Anderson, Activist, Several, Silver Spring, MD
Eric Dolph, Yakima, WA
Eric Goren, M.d., Colton, CA
Eric Hermanson, Software Engineer, San Diego, CA
Eric Hooglund, Editor, Critique: Critical Middle Eastern Studies*, St. Paul, MN
Eric Knudsen, St. Louis Park, MN
Eric Macphail, Bloomington, IN
Eric Pawlett, Retired engineer, Pulp Workers Canada (retired)*, Squamish, Canada
Eric Rechel, Research Sci., Grand Junction, CO
Eric Wesley, student, Beijing Language And Culture University*, Lafayette, IN
Erica Koenig, Special Events Coordinator, Tribeca Film Festival*, New York, NY
Erif Thunen, Albion, CA
Erik Anderson, Member of City Council, Gislaved Municipality*, Gislaved, Sweden
Erik Bowen, Lake Bluff, IL
Erik Geijer, Ĺrsta, Sweden
Erik Groenewold, Zwolle, Netherlands
Erik Lamb, Naperville, IL
Erik Schnabel, San Francisco, CA
Erika Bosch, Menschen Für Den Frieden, Düsseldorf, Germany
Erika Kirchgatterer, Chicago, IL
Erika Zurawski, Member, Anti-war Committee*, St. Paul, MN
Erin Howes, Eugene, OR
Erin Voight, Anderson, SC
Erin Wood, Santa Fe, NM
Erk Erginer, Coordinator, Free Speech League, Winston Salem, NC
Ernest Sturdevant, Albuquerque, NM
Ernst Schwarz, retired hospital worker, St. Augustine, FL
Esequiel Vargas, Foster parent, Port Hueneme, CA
Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh, Music Composer, Iranavaz, Stockholm, Sweden
Esmail Hadjihabib, Senior Transportation Engineer, California Department Of Transportation*, Sacramentoc, CA
Esmail Taghizadeh, Springfield, VA
Esperanza Martell, New York, NY
Essam Elmahgoop, Business Owner, Arabic Translation Center, San Francisco, CA
Essie Howe, Organizer, Codepink Vermont*, Underhill Ctr, VT
Esther Cover, Sheridan, WY
Esther Thomsen, Diplom-Theologin, Hamburg, Germany
Eszter Freeman, Sebastopol, CA
Ethel Silverberg, Albany, NY
Ethel Steadman, Writer, Virginia Beach, VA
Euan Joblin, Canterbury, New Zealand
Eugene Bersing, Academic Instructor, HHHJCC*, North Saint Paul, MN
Eugene Craig, Steward, Service Employees International Union (seiu), Local 715*, San Jose, CA
Eugene Eccli, Mitchellville, MD
Eugene Lehman, Eugene Lehman/Volunteer teacher "Eugene's Very Enriched Math for Kids" Pointe Claire, QC, Canada
Eugenia Langan, Miami, FL
Eugenie Ormsby, Angouleme, France
Eunice Tirado, Escondido, CA
Eustace Frilingos, New York, NY
Eva Cox, Political Scientist/Computer Specialist, Austin, TX
Eva Jagd, Psychologist, Fyns Amt*, Odense, Denmark
Eva Karl, Codepink Women Say No To War*, Berlin, Germany
Eva Kasell, Lexington, MA
Eva Liebermann, Berkeley, CA
Eva Scherb, Los Angeles, CA
Eva Sharell, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Evan Augustine Peterson Iii, J.d., La Jolla, CA
Evan Austin, founder/organizer, Ojai Peace Coalition*, Ojai, CA
Evangeline Binder, Sparta, NJ
Evangeline Henselmann, New York, NY
Evelina Savini, student, Jesi, Italy
Evelyn Stern, Los Angeles, CA
Evie And Garry Gleckel, Ashby, MA
F. Joan Sakai And Richard Reev Sakai And Reeve, physicians, Calistoga, CA
F. John Jeann Squire Park Community Council*, Seattle, WA
F.C. Bock, Orange, CA
F.E. Ripka, Hampton, FL
Fabio Bernardini, coordinatore, Social Forum Volterra*, Volterra, Italy
Fabio Faina, commerciante, Perugia, Italy
Fabrizio Bianchi, Rome, Italy
Fabrizio Piasini, Ladispoli, Italy
Fadwa El Guindi, Professor of Anthropology, University Of Southern California*, Los Angeles, CA
Fady Joudah, MD/Poet, Houston, TX
Faezeh Faiz, London, United Kingdom
Faheem Hussain, Professor, National Centre For Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan*, Islamabad, Pakistan
Fahim Khan, Director, Dreamlabz Technologies, Kanpur, India
Faith Bell, teacher, Micanopy, FL
Faith Sillars, Pittsfield, NH
Faiz Samadi, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Fara McLaren, Paralegal, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Farah Shadchehr, Columbus, OH
Faramak Zahraie, Seattle, WA
Faramarz Farbod, Adjunct Professor of Politics, Moravian College*, Nazareth, PA
Farhad Abdolian, Somewhere, France
Farhang Morady, Lecturer, University Of Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Farid Saleh, San Jose, CA
Farideh Pourabdollah, San Jose, CA
Farkoroosh Bozorgzadeh, Stockholm, Sweden
Farnaz Maleki, Graduate student, University Of Guelph, Kitchener, ON, Canada
Farnoosh Fathi, student, Houston, TX
Farrokh Borhan, father, Uppsala, Sweden
Farshad Claro, Aveiro, Portugal
Farshid Moghimi, Professor, Strayer University*, Silver Spring, MD
Faryar Firouzi, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Farzad Shiva, Tehran, Iran
Fatemah Asadollah, editor, Toronto, ON, Canada
Fatemeh Abdollahzadeh, Professor, Central Conn State University*, New Britain, CT
Fatemeh Fakhr, Sales Representative, Sutton Group-summit*, Mississauga, ON, Canada
Fathollah Koliaei, ENGINEER, Tehran, Iran
Faun Durni, Retired, Ellendale, ND
Fausto Giudice, Writer, Carcassonne, France
Fausto Schiavetto, searcher, University Of Padova, Padova, Italy
Faye Clelland, Victoria, BC, Canada
Felicia Rock, Social Worker, Everett, WA
Felicia Rock, Social worker, Housing Hope*, Everett, WA
Felicitas Weck, Wasg - Linkspartei*, Hannover, Germany
Felicity Figueroa, Irvine, CA
Felix Bowman, Programmer, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Feridoun Jizan, Fairfax, VA
Fern Stevenson, El Paso, TX
Fernando Pontoriero, Iselin, NJ
Fernando Tejada, Electronics Tech, Atlanta, GA
Ferne Gaarder, Alpine, CA
Ferris Zerafat, medical Dr, San Diego, CA
Ferry Amani, Herts, United Kingdom
Field William, Gosford, Australia
Filipe Teixeira, OFSJC, Diocesan Bishop, Diocese Of Saint Francis Of Assisi, CCA, Brockton, MA
Filo Hirota, Tokyo, Japan
Fiona Sinclair, Albuquerque, NM
Fiona Thomson, Perth, Australia
Fiona Yano, technical writer, Regina, SK, Canada
Fjaere Mooney, Teacher, Lausd, North Hollywood, CA
Florence De Goumoëns, Mont-sur-rolle, Switzerland
Florence Levitt, Ny, NY
Florence Steichen, President, Middle East Peace Now Of MN*, St. Paul, MN
Florian Bonau, in school, School*, Kappeln, Germany
Floriana Lipparini, coordinator, Gender And Politics, Opera (MI), Italy
Floyd Rudmin, Tromsř, Norway
Forud Siyavash-pour, Wien, Austria
Fran Cannon,*, Red Bluff, CA
Fran Kaplan, independent trainer/consultant, Milwaukee, WI
Franca Simionato, Noale, Italy
Francecc Pastor, Teacher, Castelló, Spain
Frances Craig, Paso Robles, CA
Frances Elder, Snohomish, WA
Frances Geteles, New York, NY
Frances Grant, Retired Elementary Secretary, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Frances Greenspan, American-Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)*, Spring Valley, NY
Frances Housten, Highland Park, NJ
Frances Littin, Ithaca, NY
Frances Oommen, Sydney, NS, Canada
Frances Samuelson, Georgetown, TX
Francesca Calabrese, Galatone, Italy
Francesca Farina, Roma, Italy
Francia Dejasu, Rehoboth, MA
Francis Dumoney, Cambridge, YT, United Kingdom
Francis E. Halaburt, Newton Center, MA
Francis Newman, Chief Physicist, University Of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center Dept Of Radiation Oncology*, Denver, CO
Franco Giovannelli, Brescia, Italy
Franco Marenco, Researcher, Scienziate E Scienziati Contro La Guerra*, Roma, Italy
Francois Marenne, Liege, Belgium
Francois Mul Teacher, Evreux, France
Frank Amies, Milford Haven, United Kingdom
Frank Carpenter, Minister, St John's Unitarian Church*, Cincinnati, OH
Frank Durgin, Retired, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Frank Fisher, London, United Kingdom
Frank Grazynski, Trumbull, CT
Frank James, Nevada City, CA
Frank Kromkowski, Helena, MT
Frank Marrero, Brooklyn Greens, Asheville, NC
Frank Modico, Altoona, PA
Frank Peachey, Akron, PA
Frank Roger, Berlin, Germany
Frank Siekmann, Munich, Germany
Frank Starr, Tampa, FL
Frank Thomas, College Park, MD
Frank Walter, Professor Emeritus, Chicago, IL
Frank X. Kleshinski, Jeannette, PA
Frankie Demarco, Frankie DeMarco, New York, NY
Franklin L. Johnson, Director, The Sight Society, New York, NY
Frans Leens, Bruxelles, Belgium
Fred Golan, Los Angeles, CA
Fred Kennell, Maplewood, MO
Fred Sahafi, Mission Viejo, CA
Fred Sahami, FINANCE MANAGER, Swift Dodge Sacramento, Edh, CA
Fred Tabesh, Portland, OR
Freddie Long, Willits, CA
Frederick Kempner, Woolwich, ME
Frederick Ruch, Bethlehem, PA
Frederick Struckmeyer, Professor of Philsophy, West Chester, PA
Fredrica Wachsberger, Fredrica Wachsberger, Orient, NY
Freeda Goldberg, Moriches, NY
Fritzie Seifert, retired, Dillard, GA
Ftollah Kianersy, Emigration, Kein*, Mainz, Germany
Fuck You Assholes, Lausanne, SC, Switzerland
Fujiko Kobayashi, London, United Kingdom
Fumio Endo, Setagayaku, Japan
G. Bush, teacher, Vhe, Gřrlev, Denmark
G.michael Krüger, Sospel, France
Gabriel Girard-bernier, Gatineau, QC, Canada
Gabriele Muzio, Economist & Documentary maker, Gattacicova, London, United Kingdom
Gabriele Poggi, IT specialist, Milan, Italy
Gabriele Vazzola, architect, Mariano Comense, Italy
Gabriele Zamparini, writer - filmmaker, The Cat's Dream, London, Se11 5xz, United Kingdom
Gabrielius Epinskas, Liberal Youth Of Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania
Gabrielle Roesch, Development Coordinator, Bellows Foundation*, Brooklyn, NY
Gabrielle Weiss, Retired, Rushville, NY
Gail Davidson, Co-Chair, Lawyers Against The War, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gail Ryall, Coalition Of Labor Union Women*, Sacramento, CA
Gak Sato, MUSICIAN, Milan, Italy
Gale Hathcock, Austin, TX
Galen Carland, Hendersonville, NC
Gallia Kafaei, Montreal, QC, Canada
Garcia Esteban, La Ciotat, France
Garda Ghista, Founding Director, World Prout Assembly, Highland Heights, KY
Garrett Lambrev, Oakland, CA
Garry Dickson, Courtenay, BC, Canada
Garry Doll, Williamsport, PA
Garry Gleckel, Ashby, MA
Garth Coombs III, Athens, OH
Gary Chipman, Vietnam Veterans Against The War*, Manchester, CT
Gary Goldstein, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University*, Medford, MA
Gary Nelson, fire fighter, City Of Baltimore*, Baltimore, MD
Gary Ribovic, me, Myself, Wilcox, PA
Gary Teeple, Professor, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gary Zatzman, Co-editor, Dossier on Palestine, Shunpiking Discovery Magazine, Halifax, NS, Canada
Gashtasb Ariana, dentist, Telaviv, Israel
Gay Montague, Liverpool, NY
Gay Vaughn, San Antonio, TX
Geeta Citygirl, Artistic Director, Salaam Theatre, New York, NY
Gene Barber, Editor, Peaceful Mariners Newsletters*, Hilo, HI
Gene Betot, Social Justice Minsister, Our Lady Queen Of Peace, Arlington, VA
Gene Bitner, Amarillo, TX
Gene Jack, Cascade, MT
Gene Mankey, Cadiz, OH
Gene Mino, Somerset, WI
Gene Stewart, tutor, Literacy Volunteers Of America, Willits, CA
Gene Warren Jr., Solidarity*, Los Angeles, CA
Gene Wolf, Largo, FL
Gennaro Varriale, Formia, Italy
Genzoh Kisara, Sapporo-City, Japan
Geoff Poteet, Student, Not Affiliated*, Robbinsville, NC
Geoff Williams, self-employed researcher, AUT, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Georg Moritz, Esslingen, Germany
George Capaccio, Writer, Arlington, MA
George Cohen, Sarasota, FL
George D. Pappas, professor, Univ. Illinois At Chicago*, Chicago, IL
George Gidora, BC Provincial Secretary, Communist Party Of Canada*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
George Hunter, George HunterRoanoke, VA
George Korb, Rensselaer, NY
George Lehman, Teacher / Coach, School District Of Superior Wi*, Superior, WI
George Lengen, Private ex-citizen soldier, Marietta, GA
George Ramirez, Los Angeles, CA
George Ripley, Washington, DC
George Sanders, Home*, Burnie, Australia
George Totten, Distg.Prof.Emeritus, Usc, Los Angeles, CO
George Warren, Expatriated from US, Http://, Not Applicable, Mexico
Georgia Hedrick, Secretary/Resident Agent, Byte Me! Ebooks Inc., Reno, NV
Gerald Barnett, Creal Springs, IL
Gerald Buchanan, promo-marketer, Communication Consulting Corp.*, Lansing, MI
Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland, OR
Gerald H Sevits, Activist, Troopsoutnow*, Ny, NY
Gerald Hassett, Sunnyside, NY
Gerald Merrill, director, Americans For A Palestinian State Political Action Committee, Oakland, CA
Gerald Perdue, Chicago, IL
Gerard Buffin, Raelian, Lyon, France
Gerhard Rothhaupt, consultant, Goettingen, Germany
Gerry St. Michel, Patriotic Citizen, United States Of America, Hyattsville, MD
Gertrude Lynn, United Methodist Church*, Uikiah, CA
Gertrude Welch, Cupertino, CA
Ghanim Khalil, Ex-US Marine Cpl, Staten Island, NY
Ghassan El-kadri, Botucatu, Brazil
Ghassem Kamarei, San Jose, CA
Ghazaleh Sadat Hosseini, San Diego, CA
Gholam H. Razi, Professor Emeritus, University Of Houston*, Houston, TX
Gholam Khiabany, senior lecturer, London Metropolitan University, London, United Kingdom
Gholamreza Aria, Language Services, The Spanish Association For Standardization And Certification (AENOR), Marid, Spain
Gholamreza Rabiei, Postgrad Student, Farrokh Shahr, Iran
Gianluca Bifolchi, Sora, Italy
Gianluca Farina, IT Consultant, Rome, Italy
Gianni Volonté, Fenegrň (co), Italy
Gie Swinnen, ac.teacher, Education, Zemst, Belgium
Gilbert Gonzalez, educator, Irvine, CA
Gilbert S. Williams, Spring Hill, FL
Gilda Gustafson, Mount Shasta, CA
Gill Jackson, Peacemaker, Northland, New Zealand
Gill Palmer, Great Coxwell, United Kingdom
Gillian Lambourn, Shepperton, United Kingdom
Gina Bryant, Spartanburg, SC
Gina Cerasani, Fairfax, VA
Gina Ellinger, Springfield, MI
Gina Margillo, La, CA
Gina Martin, Atlanta, GA
Gina Palmer, Martins Ferry, OH
Ginocchio Agnese, artist for peace, Pax Christi (International Peace Movement )*, Alife-Caserta, Italy
Giorgio Clarizia, President, PE SPA, Miano, Italy
Giorgio Cremaschi, secretary, Fiom ( Metal Workers Union )*, Roma, Italy
Giorgio Parisi, university professor, Rome University*, Roma, Italy
Giovanna Lepore, Iww*, Ghent, NY
Giovanna Volpes, Palermo, Italy
Giovanni Calcaterra, Bologna, Italy
Giovanni Stinco, Arcisate, Italy
Girard Fox, Brooklyn, NY
Gisela Penteker, IPPNW*, Otterndorf, Germany
Giselle Gerolami, Ypsilanti, MI
Giuliana Beltrame, Consigliere Comunale, Comune Di Padova - Italia*, Padova, Italy
Giulio Bonali, Fisician doctor (radiologist), Fiorenzuola (pc) - Italia, Italy
Giuseppe Cristiano, Brancaleone, Italy
Giuseppe Lagattolla, impiegato, Societŕ Di Servizi*, Foggia, Italy
Giuseppe Nano, Colle Sassa Aq, Italy
Giuseppe Petrozzi, Firenze, Italy
Gladys Schmitz, Mankato, MN
Gladys Swan, Global Action To Prevent War, Columbia,, MO
Glen Burke, President, Veterans For Peace, Pueblo Chapter 129, Pueblo, CO
Glen Edgar, St Paul, MN
Glen Motil, Writer, Teacher, Library Worker, Comd, Laap, San Diego, CA
Glen Sandberg, Gulfport, MS
Glen T. Martin, President, International Philosophers For Peace, Radford, VA
Glen Williams, Belmont, CA
Glenda Cimino, Dublin, Ireland
Glendon Toews, owner,, Arelee, SK, Canada
Glenn D'alessio, West Brookfield, MA
Glenn Goodman, Lower Lake, CA
Glenn Mavity, VAIW*, Sidney, MT
Gloria Harb, Member, Jewish Witnesses For Peace & Friends*, Ann Arbor, MI
Gloria Kasdan, Dublin, CA
Gloria Kemper-O'Neil, Women Against Military Madness*, Louisville, KY
Glynn Carey, Hucknall, United Kingdom
Goli Ostadiar, stop war with iran, Tehran, QC, Iran
Gordon Flett, Secretary, IWW Vancouver*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gordon Kaupp, Attorney, Law Offices Of Gordon Kaupp, San Francisco, CA
Gordon McDowell, Black Diamond, AB, Canada
Gordon Tuor, Sandy, OR
Gordon Wood, Gordon Wood, Gordon H. Wood Art & Design, Seattle, WA
Goudarz Eghtedari, Voices Of The Middle East*, Portland, OR
Grace Braley, Yorktown Heights, NY
Grace Jones Moore, Claremont, CA
Grace Shimizu, El Cerrito, CA
Grace Simms, Campus Minister, St. Catharine, KY
Grace Takelal, Coraopolis, PA
Graciela Sanchez, Buena Gente, Esperanza Peace And Justice Center, San Antonio, TX
Graeme Magruder, Northridge, CA
Graeme Yianakis, Inverargill, New Zealand
Graham Hollinshead, Bristol, United Kingdom
Greg Huang-Dale, Masters Degree Candidate, School For International Training*, Brattleboro, VT
Greg King, SEIU, Local 888*, Roslindale, MA
Greg Lief, Salem, OR
Greg Mello, Executive Director, Los Alamos Study Group, Albuquerque Nm, NM
Greg Zoltobroda, Breuillet, France
Gregory Cross, bassist, brewer, Thoreau, NM
Gregory Esteve, Lake Wales, FL
Gregory Reck, Professor, High Country Peace And Justice, Boone, NC
Gregory Shows, professor, Brookhaven College*, Dallas, TX
Greta Anderson, Iowa City, IA
Greta Berlin, International Solidarity Movement*, Los Angeles, CA
Gretchen Shipp, St. Louis, MO
Gudrun Chatterjee, Detmold, Germany
Gudrun Hallgrimsdottir, Dipl.Ing, Reykjavik, Iceland
Guillermo Sarco, San Isidro, Peru
Guliz Imre, Gaithersburg, MD
Gulseren Mutlu, Ph.D Student, New York Univesity*, New York, NY
Günter Belchaus, Ministerial Counsellor (ret.), Kirchhundem, Germany
Günter Rodina-Roufs, 51371 Leverkusen, Germany
Günter Schenk, Coordination De L'appel De Strasbourg*, Beinheim, France
Günther Paulsen, Teacher, Lĺsby, Denmark
Gunvant Govindjee, Teacher of Human Rights, Red Cross Nordic United World College, Flekke, Norway
Guruneil Khalsa, Santa Cruz, NM
Guy Peto, Eastsound, WA
Guy Zahller, Aptos, CA
Guyom Demba, Artist, Raëlian*, Lyon, France
Gyasi Anane, U.S. citizen, Phoenix, AZ
Gypsy Lake, part-time student, San Diego, CA
H. K. Levor, Southold, NY
Habeeb Al-aidroos, Lakefield, ON, Canada
Habib El Masry, Architect, Cairo, Egypt
Hadi Sadrosadat, Area Manager, San Diego, CA
Hadi Sarmadi, London, United Kingdom
Haidar Khateeb, Electrical Engineer, Engineering & Trade*, Damascus, Syria
Haideh Salehi-Esfahani, teacher, University Of Washington*, Seattle, WA
Hĺkan Danielsson, Educator, Angered, Sweden
Hal Fales, Leeds, MA
Hamed Asadi, Iran, Hamedan, Iran
Hamed Zafari, Tehran, Belarus
Hamid Akbari, Application Programmer, CBI*, Tehran, Iran
Hamid Bonyadi, Legal advisor/Advocate, Attorney At Law, Teheran, Iran
Hamid Dabashi, Professor of Iranian Studies, Columbia University*, New York, NY
Hamid Danehkar, programmer, Rayan, Tehran, Iran
Hamid Fadavi, Filmmaker-photographer, Blue-up*, Paris, France
Hamid Farsi, Pleasanton, CA
Hamid Farzaneh, Palo Alto, CA
Hamid Reza Fadakar, Tehran, Iran
Hamid Saeb, president, Associated Real EstateHamidreza Mousavi, Tehran, Iran
Hana Esfandiari, master student, University Malaya*, Selangor, Malaysia
Hanid Noori, Alicante, Spain
Hanieh Ghanbari, B.S, Iran
Hank Stone, President, Ionia, NY
Hanna Löfqvist, political adviser, Swedish Left Party*, Stockholm, Sweden
Hannah Vaiden, Dover, NH
Hans Herrmann, Profesor, Univ. Stuttgart*, Stuttgart, Germany
Hans Mattingly, Graduate StudentPittsburgh, PA
Hans Norelius, Motala, Sweden
Hans Paarup Thomsen, Student, Egĺ, Denmark
Hardy Lloyd, Manotick, ON, Canada
Harold Geddings, III, student, University Of South Carolina-Upstate*, Spartanburg, SC
Harold Kelly, Member, Republican Party, Marseilles, IL
Harold Kooden, Clinical Psychologist, New York, NY
Harriet Ludwig, Executive Editor, Independent Journalist, Gainesville, FL
Harriet Stucke, Retired, Philadelphia, PA
Harriet Wrye, Pacific Palisades, CA
Harry BoeckNeustrelitz, Germany
Harry Carey, student, Los Angeles, CA
Harry Feldman, Islamabad, Pakistan
Harry Hoppe, Hamburg, Germany
Harry Los, Ypsilanti, MI
Harry Saloor, Founder, The Management School Of Restorative Business, Wakayama, Japan
Harry Van Der Linden, Professor of Philosophy, Indianapolis, IN
Hartmut Barth-Engelbart, Author, Teacher, Songwriter, Painter A.S.O., GEW*, Gruendau,
Harun Verstaen, lawyer, Court Of Justice*, Sittard, Netherlands
Harvey Benson, Harmony, MN
Harvey Tharp III+A1830, Former Lieutenant, US Navy, Iraq Veterans Against The War*, Cincinnati, OH
Hasan Tarique Chowdhury, Secretary, Bangladesh Peace Council*, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hashi Hanta, Sells, AZ
Hassan Ashktorab, Professor, Howard University*, Washington Dc, DC
Hassan Aydinli, Chairman, Committee For The Defence Of Iraqi Turkmen Rights*, Mons, Belgium
Hassan Ghezelayagh, Cherrybrook, Australia
Hassan Hanjani, San Jose, CA
Hassan Rezaei, PhD in Criminal Law, Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute For Criminal Law*, Freiburg, Germany
Hassan Sahafi, Brisbane, Australia
Hassan Tafarrodi, San Jose, CA
Hassan Zerehi, Journalist, Shahrvandpub, Toronto, ON, Canada
Hayley Mundy, Owen Sound, ON, Canada
Hazel Gray, Economist, School Of Oriental And African Studies*, London, United Kingdom
Heath Watts, Geochemist, State College, PA
Heather Downs, Hockessin, DE
Heather Miller, Cheektowaga, NY
Heather Orr, Valley Village, CA
Heather Smith, Houston Social ForumHouston, TX
Hector Abarca, JOURNALISTEN, Radio Nueva América- Estocolmo, Stockholm, Sweden
Hedy Epstein, Member, Instead Of War Coalition*, St. Louis, MO
Heide Luthardt, Mapc*, Munich, Germany
Heiner Buecker,, Berlin, Germany
Heiwa Kataoka, Student, International Christian University*, Mitaka, Japan
Hekmat Shafiq, Lasalle, QC, Canada
Helaine Koch, Neskowin, OR
Helen Bowman, Student Support, Mmu, Manchester, United Kingdom
Helen Lockwood, School Counselor, Oakland, CA
Helen Loing, Princeton,, MN
Helen Smith, Lee-on-the-solent, United Kingdom
Helen Twist, Student, University Of East Anglia*, Norwich, United Kingdom
Helga Campbell, Jamaica, NY
Helga Müller, -, -*, Dornburg, IN, Germany
Helga Tempel, Forum Civil Peace Service Germany*, Ahrensburg, Germany
Helmar Lorenz, Kantoor Milieu & Energie, St. Odilienberg, Netherlands
Helmut Jorga, Kerkrade, Netherlands
Helmut Käss, General Practitioner, Ippnw*, Braunschweig, Germany
Henry Bćringsson, Ísafjörđur, Iceland
Henry Buslepp, Pagosa Springs, CO
Henry Gonzales, field rep., NEA-NM National Education Assn-New Mexico*, Rio Rancho, NM
Henry Kopke, Laval, QC, Canada
Henry Levin, Associate Editor, Free Spirit Journal*, San Rafael, CA
Henry Noble, National Secretary, Freedom Socialist Party National Office, Seattle, WA
Henry Rotgutter, piss edd, Nelson, New Zealand
Herbert & Ludmila Hoffman, Psychologists, Freedom Rousers*, Ogunquit, ME
Herbert Richter-peill, Physician, Ippnw*, Hamburg, Germany
Herman De Ley, Emeritus Professor, Ghent University (Belgium)*, Nevele, Belgium
Hermann Kopp, Friedensforum Duesseldorf*, Duesseldorf, Germany
Hernan Lopez-Garay, Professor, University Of Los Andes*, Merida, Venezuela
Heydar Abdi, disable, Che List, N.vancouver, BC, Canada
Hicham Filali Zehri, Nador, Morocco
Hideaki Nishiya, Yokohama-City, Japan
Hildy Maze, East Hampton, NY
Hirohisa Ermis Hatanaka, Dafni, Athens, Greece
Hiroki Wanami, Tokyo, Japan
Hiroshi Hasegawa, Professor, Senshu University*, Tokyo, Japan
Hiroshi Kokubo, Chiba City, Japan
Hitomi Goto, Toyama-ken, Japan
Hiva Nazeri, Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Hjordis Gardarsdottir, Akranes, Iceland
Hledis Gudmundsdottir, M.d., Reykjavik, Iceland
Hoda Spiteri, Peace Activist, Islamic Center Of Li*, Westbury, NY
Holger Hennig, Berlin, Germany
Hollis Higgins, Spokane, WA
Homayoun Attaran, Alamo, CA
Homayoun Baybourdy, Toronto, ON, Canada
Homayoun Solaimani, Germantown, MD
Hope Smith, Oshwa, Canada
Hossein Amiryaghoobi, Schaumburg, IL
Hossein Avarideh, Bonn, Germany
Hossein Doroodian, Oakley, CA
Hossein Esfahani, student, Hyderabad, India
Hossein Kazemi, Manager, Quality Construction, Gaithersburg, MD
Hossein Madadi, Communications Engr., City Of Los Angeles, Calabasas, CA
Hossein Moshfegh, Stop War On Iran, Soceity For Freedom In Iran, Los Angeles, CA
Hossein Salari, St. Constant, Quebec,A1909 Canada
Howard Crane, Professor, Ohio State University*, Columbus, OH
Howard Johnson, Elder, United University Church*, Los Angeles, CA
Howard Wallace, Vice-President for Community Activities, San Francisco Labor Council*, San Francisco,, CA
Hrund Ólafsdóttir, Collegeteacher and critic, Kópavogur, Iceland
Hsiu-Lin Auson, LORP-USFQ, IFMSA*, Quito, FL, Ecuador
Hudson Atwell, Concerned Human, Enlightend Humanist Party, Dothan, AL
Hugo Rodriguez Ramirez, Peace Friend, San Juan, PR
Hussein Najafian, LecturerLiverpool, United Kingdom
Huw Evans, Civil Servant, Dept Of Work & Pensions*, Swansea, United Kingdom
Hyeon-beul Lee, Jeonju, Kore
Hyonchong Kim, Representative, One Korea La Forum*, Los Angeles, CA
Ian Alderson, Treasurer, Burnley Tuc*, Burnley, United Kingdom
Ian Birchall, Enfield Respect*, London N9 8pg, United Kingdom
Ian Nitschke, Claverack, NY
Ian Shuler, Kirkland, WA
Ida Rosiello, Editor, Translator, Freelancer*, Naples, Italy
Idalotta Backman, professor, Helsinki, Finland
Iekraam Jardine, General Secretary, Al-Iqamah Movement, Johannesburg, South Africa
Igor Glejtek, Martin, Slovakia
Igor GlejtekMartin, Slovakia
Ilaria De Pasca, Cassina Rizzardi, Italy
Ilse Andrews, Exeter, NH
Imaizumi Yosuke, Tokyo, Japan
Iman Salem, Member of the board of trustees, New Woman Foundation, Cairo, Egypt
In Lai, South El Monte, CA
Ina Nes, Student, Oslo, Norway
Indigo Crone, Member, Sonoma Co. Peace & Justice Center*, Santa Rosa, CA
Indriana Kartini, Researcher, Lipi*, Jakarta, Indonesia
Ineke Van Der Maat, Lelystad, Netherlands
Inga Kaminski, Chicago, IL
Inge Ballegaare, Highschool Teacher, Drh*, Fakse, Denmark
Ingri Cassel, director, Vaccination Liberation, Spirit Lake, ID
Ingrid Barnett, Foresthill, CA
Ingrid Fjellström, Teacher, Umeĺ, Sweden
Ingrid Frossling, md, Eurolink 92*, Stockholm, Sweden
Ingrid, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Iona Kusmiak, Seal Beach, CA
Ira Epstein, Nashville, TN
Irandokht Fischberg, Biologiste, University Of Geneva*, Chęne-bougeries, Switzerland Fbi(full Blooded Iranian), ADMIN, Tehran, Iran
Irene Bianchini, Florence, Italy
Irene Hudman, Lakeside, CA
Irene Tejarachi, Writer/Producer, New York, NY
Irene Tommasi, student, Padova, Italy
Irina Licitra, Brugine, Italy
Irit Katriel, University Of Aarhus*, Aarhus, Denmark
Irving Sarnoff, Santamonica, CA
Isa Alaoui, human science research, Tangier, WA, Morocco
Isa Lapaz, Engineer, Telecom, Garland, TX
Isa Shariat, Toronto, ON, Canada
Isaac Dalto, Student, Baltimore, MD
Isaac Dupree, Westborough, MA
Isaac Siwale, London, United Kingdom
Isaac Walker, Professor emeritus, Ashland, OR
Isabelle Llasera, Teacher, Paris, France
Ishwari Sollohub, Student, Santa Fe, NM
Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, Professor, Drake University*, Des Moines, IA
Ismay Ashford, Chicago, IL
Ito Fujiwara, Kashiwa, Japan
Itrath Syed, Graduate Student/Activist,*, Richmond, BC, Canada
Ivica Anteski, journalist & bloger, Skopje, Macedoni
Ivona Xiezopolski, Kaneohe, HI
Ivy Rose Nightscales Williams, Author, union member, activist, SEIU, Stand Up Seattle*, Seattle, WA
Izumi Tanaka, Tokyo, Japan
J Fenton, New York, NY
J Hunt, Brooklyn, NY
J J Barrera, Tejanos For Truth*, Austin, TX
J White, Golden, CO
J. Ariel Paz, Orem, UT
J. Bitner, Lock Haven, PA
J. David Heywood, Kirkland, WA
J. Glenn & Barbara Evans, Seattle, WA
J.C. Locatelli, Halifax Peace Coalition*, Halifax, NS, Canada
J.G. Matheson, Canadian Citizen, Council 1953 Knights Of Columbus*, Glace Bay, NS, Canada
J.-Mojan Kaufmann, Physician/Psychotherapist, LPPNW-Oberberg, Marienheide, Germany
Jace Decory, Instructor, Spearfish, SD
Jack A. Smith, editor, Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, Highland, NY
Jack Crawford, Seymour, TX
Jack Dennon, owner, Micromethods*, Warrenton, OR
Jack Livingston, Wolcott, NY
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Associate Professor of Justice and Peace Studies and Candidate for U.S. House Seat in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, University Of St. Thomas*, Minneapolis, MN
Jack Thornburgh, Chair, Alberni Social Justice Group, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
Jack Tobin, Allston, MA
Jack Trudell, RN, Madison, WI
Jack Zylman, Birmingham, AL
Jackie Miller, Buffalo, NY
Jacklynne Rico, Las Vegas, NV
Jackson Davis, Slingerlands, NY
Jacob Jacobson, Stockholm, Sweden
Jacob Levich, UUP Stony Brook Core Campus Chapter*, Jackson Heights, NY
Jacqueline Bolles, San Francsico, CA
Jacqueline Carter, Carrollton, TX
Jacqueline McCarney, Norwich &disrict Pecae Council, Norwich, United Kingdom
Jacqueline Springwater, Norwich, VT, Vanuatu
Jacqueline Strong, mother, Lowell, MA
Jacqueline Taylor Basker, Professor, New York, NY
Jacqueline Villagomez, Teacher, North Hollywood, CA
Jacquelyn Balasia, Clark, NJ
Jacquelyn Griffith, Santa Cruz, CA
Jacques Hardy, Retired, Pointe Claire, QC, Canada
Jacqui Caldwell, Ridgehaven, Australia
Jahandar Kakvand, Engineer, Newport Beach, CA
Jahangir Sadeghi, Greenbrae, CA
Jahnvi Vp, student, Westminster College, Delhi, India
Jaime Becker, San Francisco, CA
Jaime Licht, La Jolla, CA
Jake Terpstra, Consultant, Grand Rapids, MI
Jalal Abbasi, enginer, C.F.Z.*, Chabahar, Iran
Jaleh Faiz, London, United Kingdom
Jaleh Shashaani, Beijing, China
Jaleh Soltanlou, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Jalil Bahar, Radiation Physicist, Linköping, Sweden
Jalil Doostkhah, Dr., Center For Iranian Studies*, Townsville, Qld., Australia
Jamal Rostami, VP, Rockville, MD
James "jim" Wright, Impeach President Bush. com, Candidate For Us District Tx. To Congress.*, New Caney, TX
James Andrews, State College, PA
James Appleton, Cary, NC
James Bean, Minister of Misinformation, Billionaires For Bush*, Los Angeles, CA
James Benning, FED UP, Cedar Park, TX
James Chater, Deventer, Netherlands
James Cirile, Los Amgeles, CA
James Clark, Cleveland Hts, OH
James Dunn, Shutesbury, MA
James Eilers, Oakland, CA
James F. Marino, Brookville, NY
James Faris, Prof. Emeritus, University Of Connecticut, Director Emeritus, Program In Middle East Languages And Area Studies*, Santa Fe, NM
James Flynn, Roman Catholic Priest (ret), Park City, UT
James Fox, Pittsburgh, PA
James Fusco, East Brunswick, NJ
James Grant, Whitakers, NC
James Green, Decatur, IL
James Hollander, Translator, Madrid, Spain
James Ievolella, New City, NY
James Jenkins, Eastpointe, MI
James Kellenberger, Professor, Calif State University, Northridge*, Northridge, CA
James Kenny, Jackson Heights, NY
James Kramer, Geotechnical engineer, Newton, MA
James Larry Stell, Glasgow, KY
James Lupton, Ann Arbor Coalition Against The War*, Ann Arbor, MI
James McAllister, Bayonne, NJ
James McDonald, Monmouth, OR
James Membrez, Poultney, VT
James Miller, Captain/Board Member/Webmaster, Gulf Coast Mariners Association*, Davenport,
James Moore, People For Peace*, Fairfield, IA
James Nimmo, Oklahoma City, OK
James Penn, Kailua Kona, HI
James Petivan, Austin, TX
James Quesada, Professor, San Francisco State University*, San Francisco, CA
James Reid, Media Activist, Gateshead, United Kingdom
James Reill, Wilmington, DE
James Richardson, Former Republican, San Diego, CA
James Taylor, Bellevue, WA
James Thompson, Houston, TX
James Varas, Adelphi, MD
James Waddell, Rochester, MN
James Wheeler, Harriet Wrye, Pacific Palisades, CA
James Wilson, Chouteau, OK
Jami Butczynski, Student, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Jamie Henkel, Richmond, VA
Jamie Jenkins, Hedgesville, WV
Jamie Koroch, Seattle, WA
Jamie Rodriguez, Plantation, FL
Jamshid Jamshidi, chief of the department of neurosurgery, Yukoukai General Hospital, Ibaraki, Japan
Jamshid Malekpour, Professor Of Drama, Uc*, Canberra, Australia
Jan Ackermann, Director, Heyyanka Foundation Switzerland, Courtemaîche, Switzerland
Jan Carlsson-Bull, Unitarian Universalist minister, Scituate, MA
Jan Clausen, Adjunct Faculty, The New School*, New York,, NY
Jan Keller, Marshall, IL
Jan Kozak Jr., Student, Charles University*, Prague, Czech Republic
Jan Seges, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Janaki Joy Green, Omaha, NE
Jane Blanchardblanchard, Sarasota, FL
Jane Brettschneider, Baltimore, MD
Jane Chischilly, Bisbee, AZ
Jane Hightower, Little Rock, AR
Jane Kelsey, Homemaker, Branford, CT
Jane Kneller, Fort Collins, CO
Jane Laudi, Ghent, NY
Jane Lúcia Lima Barabini, Salvador - Ba, Brazil
Jane McCullam, Newbury, OH
Jane Turner, teacher, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jane Vandebogart, Woodstock Women In Black*, Woodstock, NY
Janel Vuaghan, Beverly Hills, CA
Janet M Eaton, Co-Chair, Candian Voice Of Women For Peac, Wolfville, NS, Canada
Janet Ackerman, military veteran, Apple Valley, MN
Janet Braman, Retired Educator, Portland, OR
Janet Brigantino, Placerville, CA
Janet Conley, WHCPJ, West Hartford, CT
Janet Ecker, Hanover, PA
Janet Foyle, Student, Cairo, Egypt
Janet Hays, Calgary, AB, Canada
Janet Johnson, Potosi, MO
Janet Jones, Washington, DC
Janet Larson, Calpella, CA
Janet Pavik, Fort Bragg, CA
Janet Scott, Hadley, MA
Janine Bandcroft, Victoria, BC, Canada
Janine Sotomayor, RN, Blanchard, OK
Janna Macy, Precinct Judge, Democratic Party*, Houston, TX
Jannez Wade, Professor, Humboldt State*, Eureka, CA
Jannik Hastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
Jari Erjovuo, Student, Espoo, Finland
Jaroslav Janouch, administrator, Sloup V Cechach, Czech Republic
Jasamin Rostam, Assistant Professor, California State University, San Marcos*, San Marcos, CA
Jason Hammer, Montrose, CA
Jason Jazayeri, Irvine, CA
Jason Karlstedt, Berlin, Germany
Jason Lindsay, Soquel, CA
Jason Phillips, Worcester Stop The War Coalition, Worcester, United Kingdom
Javad Alesheikh, Birmingham, LA, United Kingdom
Javad Seyedi, Translator/Interpreter, Canberra, Australia
Jay Dadrass, Montreal, QC, Canada
Jay Tabatabai, C.T.O., Altour International*, Calabasas, CA
Jb Lendway, Prog Coord, Cic, Tallahassee, FL
Jean Alonso, Dorchester-Roxbury Labor Committee, Dorchester, MA
Jean Braun, South Euclid, OH, South
Jean Golden, Psychotherapist, Ny, NY
Jean Jearman, Richmond, VA
Jean Johnson, Admin/Ed, Americans For Peace*, Ontario, CA
Jean Macintyre, President, N. Vancouver Seymour NDP Constituency Association*, BC, Canada
Jean Paskalides, Activist, Lake Area Peace Partners*, Island Lake, IL
Jean Pierre Wilmotte, La Tranchée Locale (louvain-la-neuve, Belgium), Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium
Jean Scheufler Johnson, St. Petersburg, FL
Jean Vogrin, Barnegat, NJ
Jean-Dominique Veuve, Informaticien, Brussels, Belgium
Jeanette Walcott, Student of Human Rights, Sw15 5ea, United Kingdom
Jeanine Maland, Asheville, NC
Jeanine Strobel, Sign Language Interpreter, San Francisco, CA
Jean-Louis Ramel, teacher, Education Nationale*, Faucon, France
Jeanne Ellen Stroh, S.h., Society Of Helpers*, Chicago, IL
Jeanne Melchior, professor, Dubois, IN
Jeanne Supro, Baltimore, MD
Jeannette Eaton, San Jose, CA
Jeannette Hassberg, Coordinator, War And Law League*, San Francisco, CA
Jeannette Samanen, Phoenixvile, PA
Jean-Pierre Caron, Translator, Ste-Lucie-des-Laurentides, QC, Canada
Jean-Pierre Chevalier, Paris, France
Jean-Pierre Page, initiator of the 1st. International Conference in solidarity with the Iraqi resistance, Paris France
Jeff Horne, Los Angeles, CA
Jeff Koch, light collector, Whitesboro, NY
Jeff Nygaard, Editor/Publisher, Nygaard Notes, Minneapolis, MN
Jeff Reynolds, Mesa, AZ
Jeff Smith, Director, Grand Rapids Institute For Information Democracy, Grand Rapids, MI
Jeff Warner, owner, La Petrophysical*, La Habra Heights, CA
Jeffery Ewing, Monroe, WA
Jeffery Vanston, Studio City, CA
Jeffrey Barrett, Newport Center, VT
Jeffrey Deasy, New York, NY
Jeffrey Howlett, Asst. Professor, Kadir Has University*, Camden, NY, Turkey
Jeffrey Kolakowski, Sterling Heights, MI
Jeffrey Schultz M.T.S., Teacher, Gualala, CA
Jeffrey Surovell, professor, New York, NY
Jeffrey Vogel, Sunnyside, NY
Jeffrey Wahl, Madison, WI
Jelayne Miles, Los Angeles, CA
Jena Brant, homemaker, Agoura Hills,, CA
Jenise Treuting, Kyoto, Japan
Jennie Hill, professional student, Mona, Charleston, WV
Jennifer Akbar, North Hollywood, CA
Jennifer Jones, Educator, Giant Steps*, Ste. Anne De Bellevue, QC, Canada
Jennifer Kennedy, Evansville, IN
Jennifer Khoshnood, Bellevue, WA
Jennifer Lance, Preschool Teacher, Hyampom, CA
Jennifer Long, Seymour, IN
Jennifer Martino, Dixon, CA
Jennifer Pike, Long Beach, CA
Jennifer Seals, Salt Lake City, UT
Jennifer Secker, Auckland, New Zealand
Jennifer Sherman, Jackson, WY
Jennifer Shippee, Writer, Santa Monica, CA
Jenny Heinz, New York, NY
Jenny Lynn McNutt, Professor, Pratt Institute*, Brooklyn, NY
Jens Romme, teacher, Nibe, Denmark
Jeppe Fjord, Copenhagen, Denmark
Jeremy Merrill, Teacher, San Diego Education Association, California Teachers Association, National Education Association*, El Cajon, CA
Jeremy Tranmer, Nancy, France
Jeri Kelsey, Gloucester, MA
Jerilyn Tabor, Nyc, NY
Jerold Hubbard, Johnson, KS
Jerome Bibuld, Danbury, CT
Jerome Carpenter, Asheville, NC
Jerry Bloomer, Hot Springs, SD
Jerry Pendergast, Volunteer, Us-El Salvador Sister Cities*, Chicago, IL
Jerry Redmond, Valley Village, CA
Jess Bier, Brooklyn, NY
Jesse Bailey, Ivybridge, United Kingdom
Jesse Larson, student, Westminster, MD
Jessica Crass, State Park Manager, Sullivan, MO
Jessica Ellis, Office Coordinator, Nh Peace Action, Concord, NH
Jessica Kunz, Sunnyvale, CA
Jessica Labumbard, Detroit, MI
Jessica Matei, Educator, N.y.c. Dept. Of Education*, New York, NY
Jessica Powers, LVN, Carmichael, CA
Jessica Redding, Columbus, OH
Jessica Schneider, Student, Drury University*, Springfield, MO
Jessie Cocks, Founder/Facilitator, Spiritbody Resources, Kennett Square, PA
Jevan Sinnock, Corvallis, OR
Jill Spicer, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jim Albertini, President, Malu `aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action, Kurtistown, HI
Jim Archer, Mariposa Democratic Club, Mariposza, CA
Jim Attar, Engineer, State*, Nashville, TN
Jim Bach, Farmer, Retired, Columbus, OH
Jim Crelan, Ukiah, CA
Jim Forsyth, Newsletter editor, Demos Democratic Club Of Hayward*, Hayward, CA
Jim Gagnepain, Fort Collins, CO
Jim Grosfield, Machinist, Seaside, OR
Jim Lethcoe, Owner, Prince William Sound Books, Valdez, AK
Jim McCurdy, Otis Orchards, WA
Jim Moran, Former Iran Radio TV Broadcaster, Clifton Park, NY
Jim Neufeld, Utah Rally For Peace!*, Salt Lake City, UT
Jim Palte, San Jose, CA
Jim Szymecki, Franklin, PA
Jim Vandegriff, Trinidad, CA
Jimmy Smith, Artist - Atlanta, GA, Newnan, GA
Jindrich Raynoch, Teacher, Ing., Ostrava Secondary School*, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Jo Ann McNamara, New York, NY
Jo Conseca, Professional auditor, Accounting & Rolls Llc, Pittsburgh, PA
Jo Drathjer, Freelance Designer, Bremerhaven, Germany
Jo Hayward-Haines, Kawartha Ploughshares*, Ennismore, ON, Canada
Joab Kunin, Kennesaw, GA
Joachim Guilliard, International Tribunal On The Aggression Against Iraq – Germany*, Heidelberg, Germany
Joan Braune, President, University Of The Incarnate Word Amnesty International*, Harlingen, TX
Joan Brennan, London, United Kingdom
Joan Gruszkowski, Hatfield, MA
Joan Hoff, Research Professor, Big Sky, MT
Joan Lee, Highland, NY
Joan Levy, Kapaa, HI
Joan McCoy, co-ordinator, Home For Peace And Justice, Saginaw, MI
Joan Moore, Grass Valley, CA
Joan Parr, Baltimore, MD
Joan Pinkham, Amherst, MA
Joan Rowland, Joan Rowland, Tucson, AZ
Joan Sadowski, Wilmington, MA
Joan Stallard, President, Four Feet To The Yard*, Silver Spring, MD
Joan Suarez, Union Organizer - Retired, Saint Louis, MO
Joan W. Drake, Washington, DC
Joan Wharton, Dallas, TX
Joan Wood, Roslindale, MA
Joann Malone, Peace Studies Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools*, Silver Spring, MD
Joann Sohl, Pressperson, Military Family's Speak Out, Palisades Park, NJ
Joanna De Groot, academic, University Of York, United Kingdom
Joanna Harmon, Las Cruces, NM
Joanna Randall, Plymouth, NH
Joanne Cook, Librarian, Adelaide, Australia
Joanne Cvar, Writer. media committee, Pacific Green Party Of Oregon*, Waldport, OR
Jo-Anne Faillace, Social Justice Committee Member, Dominican Sisters*, Yonkers, NY
Joanne Leggo, Lismore, Australia
Joanne M. Thiele, Norfolk, VA
Joanne Nagy, RETIRED CITIZEN, Granada Hills, CA
Joe Deane, Writer, Madison, WI
Joe Demarco, sculptor, Shelton, CT
Joe Elmore, Retired Professor, Earlham College*, Lamesa, CA
Joe Gill, Journalist, National Union Of Journalists*, Brighton, United Kingdom
Joe Kaser, Madison, WI
Joe Miller, Daytona Beach, FL
Joe Morton, Emeritus Professor, Goucher College*, Towson, MD
Joe Reinert, Lilburn, GA
Joe Repiscak, Hillsboro, WV
Joeann Edmonds, Stylist/Interior Design, Mill Valley, CA
Joel Ainger, Sacramento, CA
Joel Hazard, Musician, Toledo, OH
Joel Stein, New York, NY
Joerg Zimmermann, 38486 Poppau, Germany
Johanna Lynch, publisher, Russian River Times, Monte Rio, CA
Johannes Bech Dalsgaard, Student, Socialistic Youth Front, Horsens, Denmark
Johannes Kuhn, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Johannes Rink, Bern, Switzerland
John A Delaubenfels, Longmont, CO
John A. Samuelson, Flagler Bch., FL
John Amidon, Veterans For Peace, Academics For Peace*, Albany, NY
John And Pat Obrien, Old Saybrook, CT
John Atwater, local president, Cupe*, New Glasgow, NS, Canada
John B. Crain, Retired Seaman, Sjcp&j*, Willingboro, NJ
John Baez, Bronx, NY
John Bellamy Foster, Editor, Monthly Review*, Eugene, OR
John Bernard, Professor Emeritus, University Of Houston*, South Portland, ME
John Chase Maxwell, Washington, DC
John Clough, Student, Lochgelly, Fife, United Kingdom
John Coleman, Professor of Classics, Cornell University*, Ithaca, NY
John Conover, Retired, Granada Hills, CA
John Cooper, Lewisburg, PA
John Costa, Cambridge, MA
John D. Harcketts, Retired, Fairfax, VA
John Desjardins, Software Architect, Arlington, VA
John Dornheim, Baltimore, MD
John Drevicky, Farmers Branch, TX
John Duddy, Calgary, AB, Canada
John Estes, Birmingham, AL
John Freeland, Spritual counsler, Occi*, Sonderborg, Denmark
John Freixanet, Consultant, Interpartner Consulting*, Barcelona, Spain
John G. Mason, Professor, William Paterson University Of Nj*, Woodstock, NY
John Gannon, Chairman WCG, Erding, Germany
John Gebhardt, New York, NY
John Gilbert, U.S. Citizens Against War (florence), Florence, Italy
John Gingerich, Lexington, GA
John Golden, Service, West Allis, WI
John Hammell, President, International Advocates For Health Freedom, Point Roberts, WA
John Hayes, Attorney, Salem, MA
John Hess, Roslindale, MA
John Hibbs, Managing Director, Benjamin Franklin Institute Of Global Education, Eugene, OR
John Hill, Jr., driver/trainer, Penngrove, CA
John J Greaves, Sacramento, CA
John Jensen, Musician, LTH*, Lunde, Nr.Nebel, Germany
John Johnson, New York, NY
John Jones, Marysville, WA
John Jongen, author, historian, father, husband, Perinton Historical Society, Fairport, NY
John K Fabiani, World Citizen, Internation Network Of Sweethearts, Alameda, CA
John Kasper, Whitehouse Station, NJ
John Kaufman, Allston, MA
John Kosek, Attica, NY
John Lake, London, United Kingdom
John Lamphier, Afscme Local 9*, Brooklyn Park, MN
John Lamphier, CTI1 (USN-R), Brooklyn Park, MN
John Lewis, President, Michigan Chapter # 50, Veterans For Peace, Traverse City, MI
John Loon, Wichita, KS
John Loveland, Spencer, IN
John Mann, Kalamazoo, MI
John Maxfield Hague, P.E.(Prof.Engr.), Jmh3 Associates, Buffalo, NY
John Mayba, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
John McVeigh, Long Beach, CA
John McVeigh, retired, Long Beach, CA
John Moriarty, Engineer, Reading, PA
John Nettleton, Portland, OR
John Nicholson Jr., student, Pa State System Of Higher Education*, West Chester, PA
John Osborne-Wunjo, retired, Independent Poet-writer-activist, Cambridge, MA
John P. Stoltenberg, P.E, Retired, Elkhart Lake, WI
John Parrington, University Lecturer, University Of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
John Paul Coakley, Valley Village, CA
John Perry Ryan, Braintree, VT
John Redman, Registered Nurse, Rose Medical Center*, Denver, CO
John Riccio, Naples, FL
John Rose, Lecturer, Southwark College Of Further Education*, London, United Kingdom
John Sargis, Inclusive Democracy*, Paterson, NJ
John Scheuler, Jefferson City, MO
John Schick, Attorney, Stockton, CA
John Stevens, Chairman Green Party San Bernardino County*, Tecopa, CA
John Tierney, Juvenile Probation Officer, State Of Delaware, Bear, DE
John Timperio, Otis Orchards, WA
John V. Martinez, San Antonio Coalition Against The War*, San Antonio, TX
John Valentino, Tucson, AZ
John Webb, John Webb, Us Citizen*, Ottawa, KS
John Wood, Palo Alto, CA
John Youril, Citrus Heights, CA
Johnny Bahr Jakobsen, CEO, Data-Eksperten, Askeby, Denmark
Jolly René, Paris, France
Jolly Sue Baker, Principal, Baker Consulting Group, Issaquah, WA
Jon Batchelder, Knoxville, TN
Jon Hager, Riverton, UT
Jon Latimer, Writer, Ferryside, United Kingdom
Jon Olsen, Maine Green Independent Party*, Jefferson, ME
Jonas Hannestad, Gothenburg, Sweden
Jonathan Coxhead, San Carlos, CA
Jonathan Lane, student, Richmond, VA
Jonathan March, St. Louis Instead Of War Coalition, Saint Louis, MO
Jonathan Mitchell, Florence, AL
Jonathan Morey, electrical engineer, Minneapolis, MN
Jonathan Stephenson, Lyndeborough, NH
Jonhnsson Smith, New Orleans, NB, Netherlands
Jorge Hirsch, Professor, University Of California San Diego*, La Jolla, CA
Jorma Anttila, Helsinki, Finland
Jose Acevedo, Teacher, Ny, NY
José Luis Barabini, Salvador - Ba, Brazil
Josef Drabek, research worker, Cepi, Czech Republic
Joseph Annunziata, UN NGO Representative, Pax Christi International, Fairfax, VA
Joseph Antony, Stop illegal war, Manama, FL, Bahrain
Joseph Carpenter, Grants Pass, OR
Joseph Chojnacki, College Station, TX
Joseph Clifford, Jamestown, RI
Joseph Dellinger, Faculty, School Of Visual Arts*, Atoria, NY
Joseph Dibenedetto, Marine Engineer, Meba*, Ormond Beach, FL
Joseph Fields, Democrat Party*, Lees Summit, MO
Joseph Jacklovich, Retired Military, Wichita, KS
Joseph Maizlish, Los Angeles, CA
Joseph Mattingly, Swissvale, PA
Joseph McGibbon, Bloomington, IN
Joseph Morton, Towson, MD
Joseph Multhauf, Greenfield, WI
Joseph Nett, Louisville, KY
Joseph Oddo, District Chairman, Independent Greens Of Virginia, Ruckersville, VA
Joseph Onello, distinguished teaching professor, State University Of New York*, Cortland, NY
Joseph Ortiz, Cranford, NJ
Joseph Palermo, Assistant Professor, Sacramento, CA
Joseph Parko, member, Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition*, Atlanta, GA
Joseph Ramsey, Adjunct Professor, Simmons College*, Somerville, MA
Joseph Rigney, Boulder Creek, CA
Joseph Saxon, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Joseph Zamiri, MD, Clinic, La Jolla, CA
Joseph Zelenka, Indianapolis, IN
Josepj Ashmead, London, United Kingdom
Josh Buckley, Sikeston, MO
Josh Klein, Assistant Professor, Iona College*, New Rochelle, NY
Joshua Ashenberg, Acton, MA
Joshua Carland, Hendersonville, NC
Joshua Dawson, Iraq Veteran / Activist, Iraq Veterans Against The War*, Honolulu, HI
Joshua Hopkins, Whitesboro, NY
Joshua Krugman, Deerfield Academy*, Sunderland, MA
Joshua Martin, Southampton, MA
Joshua Nouril, Los Angeles, CA
Joshua Temple, Aurora, CO
Jowell Well, Penticton, BC, Canada
Joy And Bob Johnson, Retired, Harmony, MN
Joyce Braeuninger, Traverse City, MI
Joyce Chumbley, Activist Without Borders, Orlando, FL
Joyce Hawes, Waltham, VT
Joyce Mattingly, Louisville, KY
Joyce Reilly, Chatham, NJ
Joyce Tesar, Buffalo, NY
Juan Mendoza, Student, Los Angeles, CA
Jubin Motamed, Management Committee of EEFIT, Institution Of Structural Engineers, London, United Kingdom
Jude Garner, Crystal Lake, IL
Judi Lewis, Omaha, NE
Judith Krasnow, Miami, FL
Judith Newash, Detroit, MI
Judith Siegel, Molino Del Piano, Italy
Judith Wittner, Professor of Sociology, Loyola University*, Evanston, IL
Judy Allen, Melbourne, FL
Judy Allen, Putnam Valley, NY
Judy Cunningham, Bear Lake, MI
Judy Garrecht-Williams, Bronx, NY
Judy Lightstone, Judy Lightstone, Berkeley, CA
Judy Plank, Douglas,, AZ
Judy Ripley, Applications Engineer, Fort Myers, FL
Juergen Schneider, Professor of Geosciences, Goettingen, Germany
Julia Andersson, Singer, Malmö, Sweden
Julia MacIvor, Soldier, Canadian Forces*, Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Julia Moore, artist, Women's Way Red Lodge*, Olympia, WA
Julia Reader, Salisbury, MD
Julia Von Oettingen, Medical Student, IPPNW*, Bad Homburg, Germany
Julian Kunnie, Professor, Tucson, AZ
Julian Powers, Julian Powers, Sierra Club, Cascade Chapter*, Spokane, WA
Juliana Quant, Student, Ithaca College*, Ithaca, NY
Juliann Murphy, Gladwin, MI
Julianne Gearhart, Seattle, WA
Julie Ayo, Byron Bay, Australia
Julie Levine, Steering Committee, Topanga Peace Alliance, Topanga, CA
Julie McDonnell, Duluth, MN
Julie Penning, Napa, CA
Julie Perkins, Sunnyside, NY
Julie Peterson, peace activist/high school science teacher, Beyond Today, Chicago, IL
Julie Rufo, Coordinator, Alameda Peace Network*, Alameda, CA
Julie Setele, Dept Of Sociology*, Davis, CA
Julie Wornan, Americans Against The War*, Puteaux, France
Juliet Lewis, MOTHER, Serving Soldier, United Kingdom
Jun Hamada, Oosaka, Japan
June Meek, Teamsters, A R E*, Garfield Heights, OH
June Ross, Retired, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
June Schumacher, Member, F.o.r.*, Burien, WA
June Zuanazzi, Florianopolis, Brazil
Juraj Hanuliak, Prague, Czech Republic
Jürgen Dr. Hölzinger, Dr. med., IPPNW Germany*, Berlin, Germany
Jürgen Jung, Freundschaft Mit Valjevo E.V.*, 85276 Pfaffenhofen, Germany
Justin Crane, architect, Cambridge, MA
Justine McCabe, International Commiteee, Green Party Of The Us*, New Milford, CT
Justine Pepicelli, LMT, NCTMB, Flushing, NY
K Alexander, Consultant, Washington, DC
K Shapiro, New York, NY
K. R. Pence, New York, NY
Kaamran Malik, Keighley, United Kingdom
Kader Moubariki, Stop Falsehood Against Muslims, Meknes, Morocco
Kalia Kellogg, Collinsville, CT
Kallifatidi Effie, Thessaloniki, Greece
Kamaal Allil, Master, New Delhi, India
Kamal Jiba, Engineer, KTC*, Tehran, Iran
Kamala Platt, professor, San Antonio, TX
Kambiz Nayebi, President, Beena Vision Systems, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Kambiz Sur Esrafil Jahangir, Founder/Secretary General, Iranian Diaspora Against Defamation And Aggression, San Diego, CA
Kamel Soltanabadi, Bendorf, Germany
Kamran Beyrouni, London, United Kingdom
Kana Koto, East Ballina, Australia
Kanichi Hidemura, Associate Professor, Kobe-shi, Japan
Karen A. O'meara, Elkader, IA
Karen Ahern, Digging Deeper Media Collective*, Bainbridge Island, WA
Karen Cassanello, Cooper City, FL
Karen Cronick, Central University Of Venezuela*, San Antonio De Los Altos, Venezuela
Karen Dandrea, Executive Producer, Sound Ecology, Scarborough, ME, United Kingdom
Karen Donahue, Detroit, MI
Karen Gray, Plainfield, IN
Karen Hansen, contractor, Columbus, OH
Karen Heck, Waterville, ME
Karen Henderson, Sayward, BC, Canada
Karen Jane Peterson, Pt. Richmond, CA
Karen Kammer, Patriot of the USA, West Redding, CT
Karen Kirschling, San Francisco, CA
Karen Kowles, Amherst, MA
Karen Krabbe, MD, Copenhagen, Denmark
Karen Landers, Winter Haven, FL
Karen Lovaas, university teacher, San Francisco State University*, Oakland, CA
Karen Malpede, Writer, Brooklyn, NY
Karen McGinnis, Chicago, IL
Karen Read, Project Officer, SDCEA, Durban, South Africa
Karen S. El, Plainsboro, NJ
Karen Taylor, GM Autoworker, Swartz Creek, MI
Karen Williams, Sebastopol, CA
Karim Mansouri, M.D., Frederick, MD
Karin Baqi, Montreal, QC, Canada
Karin Spak, Yatesville, PA
Karin Steinbrinker, Member of Board of DirectorsHamburg, Germany
Karl Dallas, Bradford, United Kingdom
Karl Dennis, Tucson, AZ
Karl R. Huber, Lake Oswego, OR
Karla Holmberg, Concord, CA
Karla Pierce, Student, Sacramento, CA
Karla Schwing Mccollum, Richmond, VA
Karl-bolko Lesser, Pfaffenhofen, Germany
Karma Lekshe Tsomo, Assistant Professor, University Of San Diego*, San Diego, CA
Karol Florek, Student and trade union activist, National Union Of Workers*, Lidcombe, Australia
Karoline Warfvinge, Horsens, Denmark
Kasey McCurdy, Ankeny, IA
Kasum Geylani, Cape May, NJ
Kata Cserep, London, United Kingdom
Katalin Illes, senior lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University*, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Kataoka Masato, student, Osaka, Japan
Katayoun Etminani, teacher, Draveil, France
Kate Grim-feinberg, Ravenna, OH
Kate Holcombe, Evesham, United Kingdom
Kate Hudson, Chair, Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (uk), London, United Kingdom
Kathe Burick, Teacher, Community College*, San Francisco, CA
Katherie Harper, Professor of Art History, Loyola Marymount University*, Playa Del Rey, CA
Katherine Bayer, Philadelphia, PA
Katherine Crown, Student, Johnson State College*, Johnson, VT
Katherine Duffy, Alexandria, VA
Katherine Harper, Professor, Loyola Marymount Univesity*, Playa Del Rey, CA
Katherine Hughes, Katherine Hughes,*, Syracuse, NY
Katherine Pruschen, Longwood, FL
Katherine Towler, author, Portsmouth, NH
Kathleen Fox-Bennett, LCSW, Private Practice, Mount Kisco, NY
Kathleen Galt, soccer mom, Athens, OH
Kathleen Hughart, Teacher, San Diego Community College*, San Diego, CA
Kathleen Jackson, teacher, Oasis High School*, Oakland, CA
Kathleen James, Culver City, CA
Kathleen Mcgettigan, Philadelphia, PA
Kathleen Moore, Buffalo, NY
Kathleen Morris, Altadena, CA
Kathleen O'Hara, White Cloud, MI, Uruguay
Kathleen O'Neill, New York, NY
Kathleen Pelley, Eureka, CA
Kathleen Pelton, Sloansville, NY
Kathleen Ruff, Smithers, BC, Canada
Kathleen Wang, Diamond Bar, CA
Kathleen Yore, Santa Monica, CA
Kathryn Buffington, Belmont, NY
Kathryn Greene, Greenbrae, CA
Kathryn K. Lemoine, Administrative Assistant, West Monroe, LA
Kathryn Quirk, Marions For Peace*, Ocala, FL
Kathryn Simmons, Aiken, SC
Kathy Ask, homemaker, Peace In The U.S.A.., Earlville, IL
Kathy Collier, Tacoma, WA
Kathy Keler, Washington Dc, DC
Kathy Morey, Shelton, CT
Kathy Sanchez, Director, Tewa Women United*, Santa Fe, NM
Katie Boyd, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Katie Muirhead, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Katsuhisa Itoh, Retired Engineer, Nagoya, Japan
Kave Ahmadzadeh, Member, Young Left (ung Vänster)*, Sundbyberg, Sweden
Kaveh Azimi, Olathe, KS
Kay Morgan, Kay Morgan, Evanston, IL
Kaye Debona, Crystal Beach, FL
Kayhan Tajalli, engineer, Computer Surgery, London, United Kingdom
Kazue Tanaka, Makuhari Church, Church Of Christ In Japan*, Chiba, Japan
Kazuharu Arakawa, Student, Yamato, Japan
Kazuhiro Kato, -, Japan
Kazutoki Umezu, Tokorozawa, Japan
Keeli Sorensen, Campaigner, London, United Kingdom
Keely Chow, Member, UAH College Democrats, Huntsville, AL
Keianne Pounds, LVN, Baytown, TX
Keigo Takegami, Tokyo, Japan
Keiko Doi, United Church Of Christ In Japan, Hiroshima City, Japan
Keiko Inoue, Kyouto-City, Japan
Keisuke Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan
Keith Barger, Eugene, OR
Keith Boyles, Fairhaven, MA
Keith Keenan, Morristown, NJ
Keith Mothersson, co-founder,, Perth, United Kingdom
Keith Newberry, Slocan, Canada
Keith Rowley, Stop The War Campaign, Norwich, United Kingdom
Keith Varady, Founder, The Earth Force United Organization, Perry, MI
Kelli Hollinger, Orrville, OH
Kelly Durkin, New York, NY
Kelly Giallella, Buffalo, NY
Kelly Matlock, Olympia, WA
Kelsey Maddox, Petaluma,, CA
Ken Aoyama, Nagakute, Aichi, Japan
Ken Bajema, Patriot, Humanitarian, Everett, WA
Ken Ballard, Seattle, WA
Ken Coates, Chairman, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Ken Cornet, Justice of the Peace, Washington, CT
Ken Fleet, Secretary, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Ken Gelhaus, US Citizen, Madison, WI
Ken Haney, Marquez, TX
Ken Kilnam Roh, Editor, Minjok-Tongshin Internet Daily, Los Angeles, CA
Ken Price, Bloomfield, NJ
Ken Slusher, artist, Open Mondays, Seattle, WA
Kenji Yoshikawa, Fukui-city, Japan
Kenneth Baldwin, Douglas City, CA
Kenneth Bird, Rochester, NY
Kenneth Boyle, Rogers, AR
Kenneth Brandon, Havre De Grace, MD
Kenneth E. Bauzon, Associate Professor, Saint Joseph's College*, Brooklyn, NY
Kenneth Häll, Linköping, Sweden
Kenneth Leary, Florence, MA
Kenneth Rooney, Manager, RGBC*, Margao, India
Kenneth Weinitz, Journalist, Varnamo, Sweden
Kensaku Kawauchi, Vice President, Jalisa*, Fujimi-shi, Japan
Kerry Dutton, Henderson, NV
Kerry Johnson, Kerry Johnson, Bellingham, WA
Kerryn Higgs, Student, University Of Tasmania*, Wauchope NSW+A2646, Australia
Kevin Duckworth, Salta, Argentina
Kevin Hasbrouck, Dayton, NJ
Kevin Hulett, Allen, TX
Kevin McDermott, Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Schrammen, New Hope, MN, United Arab Emirates
Khalil Fahd, goal keeper, Paris, France
Khimba Lee, Franklin, ME
Kia Pierce, Lahaina, HI
Kiana Keihani, San Francisco, CA
Kick Leijnse, Network For Global Peace And Democrcy Östersund Sweden, Östersund, Sweden
Kieran O Sullivan, Philadelphia, PA
Kim Hedges, Guelph, ON, Canada
Kim Kauffman, Social Worker, Carmichael, CA
Kim Nguyen, Wayland, MA
Kim Tarner, South Pasadena, CA
Kim Winz, Software Engineer, Ibm*, Durham, NC
Kimball Cariou, Editor, People's Voice Newspaper, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Kimiyasu Ezuka, Mechanical EngineerChiba, Japan
Kirk Lumpkin, Special Events Coordinator, Berkeley Farmers' Market*, El Cerrito, CA
Kirsten Schubert, Student, International Federation Of Medical Students' Associations*, Ulm, Germany
Kirt Higdon, Corpus Christi, TX
Kitty Beer, retired, Cambridge, MA
Kiumars Hekmat, Sacramento, CA
Kjell Pedersson, Arboga, Sweden
Kjerstin Rossi, Northampton, MA
Klaus Riis, Editor, Stop Terrrorkrigen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Klaus Bitzer, Professor of Geology, Bayreuth, Germany
Knut Mellenthin, Journalist, Hamburg, Germany
Kobutsu Malone, Sedgwick, ME
Kolbeinn Proppé, Historian, Reykjavík, Iceland
Kondomar Herrera, college student, Buffalo, NY
Konrad Tempel, Forum Civil Peace Service*, Ahrensburg, Germany
Koorosh Arfaian, CEO, Mclean, VA
Koorosh Rassekh, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Kooshiar Afshar, President, Printup Graphics*, Santa Monica, CA
Kosaku Sasaki, Tokyo, Japan
Kossia Orloff, Not In My Name*, Durham, NC
Kourosh Odouli, Windsor, ON, Canada
Kris Hodkinson, Mentor, OH
Kris Philipp, artist/activist, KY Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, Louisville, KY
Krista Namio, Solwezi, Zambia
Kristen Amburgey, College Student, Middletown, OH
Kristen Brown, Tampa, FL
Kristen McNutt, Grove City, OH
Kristi Graham, Houston, TX
Kristian Kaarbo, Bergen, Norway
Kristin Afrasiabi, Meadville, PA
Kristin Kaul, Ann Arbor, MI
Kristina Malek, Medford, MA
Kristine Noonan, Hamburg, NY
Kristy King, Richmond, VA
Kulwinder Deol, Delta, BC, Canada
Kunihiko Hama, Research Fellow, Centre For Asia Pacific Partnership, Tokyo, Japan
Kurenn Sisler, graduate student, California Institute Of Integral Studies*, San Francisco, CA
Kurt Breuninger, Private U.S. Citizen, Irvine, CA
Kurt Heartsong, Oakland, CA
Kurt Malchow, Stubbekřbing, Denmark
Kurt Olson, Professor, Massachusetts School Of Law*, Salisbury, NH
Kyle Beckham, High School Teacher, Downtown High Scool*, San Francisco, CA
Kyle Kosup, contractor, Albany, CA
Kyoko Sibata, Soukagakai*, Osaka, Japan
L. Maeve Ward, Newton, MA
L. Susan Griffiths, Beaverton, OR
Laetitia Bordes, Peace and Justice Coordinator, Society Of Helpers Province*, San Bruno, CA
Laleh Khalili, London, United Kingdom
Lamyaa Sassi, Covina, CA
Lana Noland, Educator, Spring Creek, NV
Lance Fuller, Tyler, TX
Lara Ferrero Gómez, Biologa, Salvador, Brazil
Larisa Pilinsky, Curator/artist, Bunker Art Group, Los Angeles, CA
Larry Dilg, Teacher, Van Nuys, CA
Larry Hales, Denver International Action Center, Denver, CO
Larry Kinnett, Eagle River, WI
Larry Klein, Chairperson, U.P. Socialist Club, Kincheloe, MI
Larry Lambert, member, Southern California Students/Movement For A Democratic Society*, Valley Village, CA
Larry Lesser, mail carrier, Boynton Beach, FL
Larry McClung, Irving, TX
Larry Rogers, Tucson, AZ
Larry Ross, Secretary/Founder (1981), New Zealand Nuclear Free Peacemaking Association, Christchurch, New Zealand
Larry Semark, Wellness Consultant, Wellness Activists For A Democratic Society*, Albuquerque,
Lars Ohly, MP, Chairperson, Left Party, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
Laura Beth Slitt, Videographer, Boston, NH
Laura Carroll, Oceanside, CA
Laura Jara Suazo, Justicia Para Todos*, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Laura Lee, Secretary, Mariposa Democratic Club, Mariposa, CA
Laura Robeson, Columbus, OH
Laura Schleifer, Writer/Performer, Theaters Against War*, New York, NY
Laura Selesky, New Lenox, IL
Laura Selken, Fort Madison, IA
Laura Yanoma, Tucson, AZ
Laureen Furlong, Philadelphia, PA
Laurel Davis-Delano, Northampton, MA
Laurel Harig, student, Simon's Rock College Of Bard*, Great Barrington, MA
Laurel Makinen, Chair, Gogebic County Democratic Party*, Ironwood, MI
Laurel Powers, teacher, Penngrove, CA
Lauren Barker, Vupe*, Succasunna, NJ
Lauren Capewell, East Norwich, NY
Lauren Eggert-crowe, Tucson, AZ
Lauren Graham, Certified Medical Assistant, Seattle, WA
Laurence Kirby, Woodstock, NY
Laurence Shute, Emeritus Professor of Economics, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona*, Idyllwild, CA
Laurence White, Brussels, Belgium
Laurent Dugravot, Lyon, France
Lauretta Gordon, Huntington, WV
Laurie Arbeiter, Activist, Brooklyn, NY
Laurie Brandt, Somerville, MA
Laurie Ferhani, teacher, Winthrop, MA
Laurie Jacobs, Scotts Valley, CA
Laurie Webber Stout, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Laurie Williams, Democracy For Pittsburgh*, E. Pittsburgh, PA
Lavina Shaw, International President, Morse Telegraph Club*, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Lawerence Pinkham, Amherst, MA
Lawrence Biskowski, Anchorage, AK
Lawrence Deyab, ARTIST - PAINTER, Brooklyn, NY
Lawrence Distasi, Curator/Newsletter Editor, American Italian Historical Assoc./western Chapter*, Bolinas, CA
Lawrence Reyes, Coordinator, Puerto Rican Alliance Of Los Angeles, Los Angeles,ca, CA
Lawrence Siskind, Eugene, OR
Lawrence Takvorian, San Marcos, CA
Lea Launokari, Women For Peace, Finland, Helsinki, Finland
Leah Khaghani, Grad Student, Yale University*, New York, NY
Leana Hosea, Journalist, Bbc*, Farnborough, United Kingdom
Leanne Somerset, Romulus, MI
Lee Booth, Treasurer, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Womens International League for Peace and Freedom*, Ypsilanti, MI
Lee Booth, Ypsilanti, MI
Lee Mager, Student, London School Of Economics*, London, United Kingdom
Lee Whiting, Instructor, Fashion Institute Of Technology*, Astoria, NY
Lee Wiggins, Registered Nurse&Chaplain, Retired, Ocala, FL
Leela Yellesetty, New Haven, CT
LeftyDave Smith, songwriter/singer, Message Music, Inverness, FL
Leif Briis, Musician, Datanom, Pedagogue, Frederiksvćrk, Denmark
Leif Vernest, Halifax, NS, Canada
Leigh Golterman, Founder, Peace Please*, New York, NY
Leigh Simmerer, Seattle, WA
Leigh Smith, Amsterdam, NY, Netherlands
Leili Golafhan, Brisbane, Australia
Leland Wilson, Gold Canyon, AZ
Lelia Mattingly, Maryknoll, NY
Lena Jayyusi, Associate Professor, Research Coordinator, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Lennon Bronsema, Saint Martin's University Club Of Social Action, Lacey, WA
Leo Ahumada, Flushing, NY
Leo Satoh, Kawasaki, Japan
Leon Letwin, Emeritus Prof. of Law, Los Angeles, CA
Leon Trumpp, Business owner, Aqua Tek Llc*, Sedalia, MO
Leona Benoit, Stoughton, MA
Leonard & Mrs. Ellen Zablow, Bronx, NY
Leonard Buxton, Reverend, The United Methodist Church*, Lake Ariel, PA
Leonard May, Redding, CA, Uzbekistan
Leonard Ruderman, Yonkers, NY
Leonard Zapalowski, Effort, PA
Leonardo Migliarini, Santiago De Chile, Chile
Leonie Tremaine, Carlsbad, CA
Leora Mosston,esq., Attorney, Jersey City, NJ
Leran Minc, President, Young Democrats Of Collin County, Plano, TX
Leroy Haynes, interim Pastor, Presbyterian Church (usa)*, Pepin, WI
Les Blough, Editor/Publisher, Axis Of Logic, Boston, MA
Les Macdonald, Sydney, Australia
Les Marsden, Conductor/Composer/Activist, Mariposa, CA
Lesley Rogers, Dragon Dynamics, Beith, United Kingdom
Lesley Whiting, Cairo, Egypt
Leslie Braman, Mossy Point, Nsw, Australia
Leslie Gold, Nyc, NY
Leslie Hope, Professor of English, Los Angeles Valley College*, Van Nuys, CA
Leslie Quinn, artist, Mckinleyville, CA
Leslie Robertson, Director of Design, Leslie E. Robertson Associates*, New York, NY
Letizia Santoni, Volontaria, Emergency Firenze*, Sesto Fiorentino - Firenze, Italy
Lewis Beyman, Port Jervis, NY
Lewyn Li, Lewyn Li, New York, NY
Liam Whitney, Special Education Teacher, Pharr-san Juan-alamo Isd*, Mcallen, TX
Li-an Derker, Silviculturalist, 150 Mile House, BC, Canada
Liana Sonne, Teacher, NCIW*, Mukwonago, WI
Libby Deroo, New York, NY
Libertad Cueva, Teacher, Garden Grove, CA
Libertario Libertino, Anti-Yanqui, Testiculos De Jehova*, Una De Muchas, AL
Liberty Ellman, Composer, Brooklyn, NY
Lida Hosseini Nejad, Internationale Socialisten, Delft, Netherlands
Lillia Francesca, Como, ID, Italy
Lillian Horwitz, Los Angeles, CA
Lillian Molina Perez, High School Teacher, Boston Public School*, Revere, MA
Lilly Litsky, member, Wilpf*, Santa Cruz, CA
Lilo Lottermoser, Linkspartei.pds,lv Hamburg, IA, Germany
Linda Briese, Ellicott City, MD
Linda Catcheway, Mom, Gramma, Daughter, Sister, Rossburn, MB, Canada
Linda Chapman, New York, NY
Linda Chilcoat, Costa Mesa, CA
Linda Cohen, Wake Forest, NC
Linda Crawford, Arlington, VA
Linda Daniels-Hernandez, LCSW, Health Care*, Woodland Hills, CA
Linda Ellsworth, Preschool Teacher, Bellevue, WA
Linda Foley, artist, Montague, MI
Linda Gray, GIS Analyst, Ukiah, CA
Linda Heemskerk, World*, Grand Rapids, MI
Linda J Knutson, Retired Librarian, Green Bay, WI
Linda Jansen, Stand Up Seattle*, Seattle, WA
Linda Krausen, Antifascist Grannies*, So Pas, CA
Linda Mann, Green Party*, Minneapolis, MN
Linda Schermer, Sedona, AZ
Linda Sohl, Manville, NJ
Linda Stork, teacher, Eugene, OR
Linda Williams, Niantic, CT
Linda Wright, Human Rights Activist, Salvation Center And Refuge, Springfield, MA
Linda Zoblotsky, Performer, Oy Vey Prod.*, Dallas, TX
Lindsey Walker, Student, Smithville, MO
Lindy Powell, Professor, Loyalist College*, Bellevile, Ontario, Canada, ON, Canada
Lisa Block, Community Organizer, International Institute Of San Francisco*, San Francisco, CA
Lisa Brenneisen, Oakland, CA
Lisa Del Sesto, Benson, NC
Lisa Divall, Tasmania, Australia
Lisa Dollar, San Francisco, CA
Lisa Fuelleman, concerned citizen, Mt. Horeb, WI
Lisa Hazen, Pastor, First Church Of The Brethren*, Wichita, KS
Lisa Payton, Ann Arbor, MI
Lisa Pool, Consultant, Creative Consulting 101, Brighton, MA
Lisa Sparaco, Teacher, San Diego State University*, San Diego, CA
Lisbet Nielsen, Herlev, Denmark
Lise Michaud, Toronto, ON, Canada
Lisle Merriman, Montpelier, VT
Litzler Jean Pierre, Lyon, France
Liz Burbank, Seattle, WA
Lizz Lindsay, President, Vcc Faculty Association Local 15 Fpse*, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Lizzie Dewan, student, Tufts University*, Medford, MA
Llaurie Kimel, Scotts Valley, CA
Lo Cook, student/citizen, San Luis Obispo, CA
Loes Flendrie, Author, Leiden, Netherlands
Logan Marshall, Calgary, AB, Canada
Logic Genius, Humanologist, Humanity*, Earth, AK
Lois Boulgarides, Davis, CA
Lois Johnson, London, United Kingdom
Lois Lenius, No Females In Men's Wars*, Minneapolis, MN
Lois Turner, Retired, Christchurch, New Zealand
Lone Skov Al Awssi, Sales rep., Copenhagen, Denmark
Loraine Hudelson, Denman Island, BC, Canada
Lorenzo Canizares, Columnist, Progressive Exchange*, Harrisburg, PA
Lorenzo Della Corte, Speaker, Lands Democracy*, Firenze, Italy
Lori Price, General Manger, Pittsburgh, PA
Lori Winchell, Topeka, KS
Lorin Yochim, Graduatre Student, University Of Alberta*, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Lorna Sgammato, Plymouth, MA
Lorraine Caputo, documentary poet, Columbia, MO
Lorraine Marozzi, Marmora, NJ
Lorraine Wasso, Circle Of Truth*, Orland Park, IL
Lotfolaah Meisami, Cheshm Andaz Iran, Teharn, Iran
Lou Bernieri, Andover, MA
Louis Antonelli, Amawalk, NY
Louis C Morris, disabled, Morrisville, PA
Louis Jefferson, Doctor, Las Vegas, NV
Louis P (Phil) Sweet, Captain, USMM, Retired, New Port Richey, FL
Louise Auerhahn, San Jose, CA
Louise Carle, member, Codepinkforpeace, Sherwood, AR
Louise Esselstyn, CEO, Turning Corners Group, Kailua, HI
Louise Leask, Virden, MB, Canada
Louise Lebeau, Monroe Township, NJ
Louise Leonard, Gainesville, FL
Loyd Nolen Dunaway, ret, Oklahoma City, OK
Luana Carbonini, Udine, Italy
Luc Ruidant, Free lance journalist, Wanze, Belgium
Luca Tombolesi, Roma, Italy
Lucas Alexander, Singer, actor, songwriter, musician, model, humaitarian activist, Copenhagen, Denmark
Lucas Krejci, Software Developer, Aberdeen, UK
Lucas Smiraldo, Artistic Directior, The 28th Hour*, Tacoma, WA
Luci Murphy, Convenor, Metro Dc Gray Panthers, Washington, DC
Lucia C. Birnbaum, Professor, Berkeley,, CA
Lucia Krueger, teacher, Holbrook, NY
Lucie De Jaegher, Brugge, Belgium
Lucy Anthony, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Lucy Espinosa, Student/Mechanical engineering, Torreon, Mexico
Lucy Goldberg, Blacksburg, VA
Ludek Rosendorf, English teacherRidgeway, Australia
Luigi Presta, Săo Paulo, Brazil
Luis Vega, Brooklyn, NY
Lukas Krejci, Software developer, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Lukas Nordin, Stockholm, Sweden
Luke(y) Skinner, Perth, Australia
Luranne Drager, english teacher, Abraham Lincoln High School*, San Francisco, CA
Lutz Wittber, Dresden, Germany
Luzmila Villon, Yorba-linda, CA
Lydia Vickers, Coordinator/Spokesperson, Codepink Of Tallahassee, Fla, Tallahassee, FL
Lynda Aubrey, Elk, CA
Lynda Howland, Pittsford, NY
Lynda Leibowitz, Tuxedo Park, NY
Lynda Niemeier, lightworker, East Texas, PA
Lyndon Wilburg, Jamaica, NY
Lynn Azar, Bonny Doon, CA
Lynn Foster, Executive Secretary, International Society For Peace & Human Rights*, Calgary, AB, Canada
Lynn Gregory, RN, Cullowhee, NC
Lynn Merrick, research attorney, Honolulu, HI
Lynn Pacifico, New York, NY
Lynn Russ, Transcriptionist, Phoeinx, AZ
Lynne Biziewski, Lynn, MA
Lynne Danesh, retired, Cape Canaveral, FL
Lynne Dyson, Director, Richmond, BC, Canada
Lynne Staples, Clifford, MI
Lynnette Eldredge, Board Member, Peace Center Of Nevada County, Nevada City, CA
M Aga, Waipahu, HI
M. Canter, Tiburon, CA
M. De Wilde, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
M. Jamil Hanifi, Independent Scholar--Anthropology and History of Afghanistan, Okemos, MI
M.e Nikpour, Ilsede, Germany
Mabel Leon, Schenectady, NY
Mabel Sarco, Peruvian activist, Independent (no Organization)*, Lima, Peru
Macdonald Stainsby, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mack Shelley, Professor, Iowa State University*, Ames, IA
Macy Morse, member, Seacoast Peace Response, Portsmouth, NH
Madeline Shaw, Slate Hill, NY
Madelyn Mackay, Riverside, CA
Madhulika Jha, Hr-Consultant, Jharkhand, India
Madjid Maher, Architect, Poway, CA
Mads Kissow, Mads Kissow, Suf Denmark*, Dronninglund, CA, Denmark
Magda Barba, Mexico City, Mexico
Maggi Sullivan Godman, Retired, Sutter Creek, CA
Maggie Burraii, Eik Gr0ve, CA
Maggie Finch, Bath, ME
Maggie Testa, Teacher, Southington, CT
Maggie Whitehead, Supervisor, Newfield, NY
Mahboubeh Abbasgholizade, Director, Non-Governmental Organizations Training Center (NGOTC), Tehran, Iran
Mahboubeh Sadeghi-nia, PhD Reasercher, University Of Durham, Durham, United Kingdom
Mahmood Haeri, Project Manager, Iritec, Toronto, ON, Canada
Mahmood Kazemzadeh, President, Haleh Family, Inc., Van Nuys, CA
Mahmood Rahimzadeh, Student, Encino, CA
Mahmood Zandjani, Bristol, United Kingdom
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President, Iran*, Tehran, Iran
Mahmoud Barati, Acturary, West Coast Life Insurance Co*, Los Angeles, CA
Mahmoud Faghihi, London, United Kingdom
Mahmoud Jalalian, Architect, Sepkud Design Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mahmoud Muna, Finance Officer, University Of Sussex Student Union*, Brighton, United Kingdom
Mahmoud Ramezani, West Monroe, LA
Mahmoudreza Shirinsokhan, Munich, Germany
Mahnaz Ariamanesh, San Ramon, CA
Mahrokh Esfandiary, System Design Engineer, Broadcom*, Santa Clara, CA
Mahshid Samiei, pharmacist, Safeway*, Alex, VA
Mahtab Arefi, Kashmar, Iran
Mahvareh Ahghari, Toronto, ON, Canada
Maija Schaefer, Novato, CA
Mailie La Zarr, Modesto, CA
Maja Silberberg, Valley Village, CA
Majid Habibi, Principal, Mec Electrica Engineering*, Beaverton, OR
Majid Moghadam, Toronto, ON, Canada
Majid Yekan, Pleasanton, CA
Makon Fardis, Graduate Student, The University Of Montana*, Missoula, MT
Makoto Takemori, researcher, National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology*, Tsukuba, Japan
Malachy Kilbride, activist, Dawn/dc Anti-war Network, Arlington, VA
Malak Sarabi, San Diego, CA
Malcolm Garris, Sunnyvale, CA
Malcolm Hart, Account Manager, Roanoke, VA
Malcolm Povey, Professor of Food Physics, University Of Leeds*, Leeds, United Kingdom
Malihe Mohammaddi, Berlin, Germany
Malik Clinton, President, Inpdum-ws, Mocksville, NC
Mallory Musser, Seattle, WA
Mamoru Ito, Osakasayama, Japan
Mandana Kompani, San Jose, CA
Manijeh Khanmohammadi, Sherman Oaks, CA
Manijeh Mohraz, New York, NY
Manlio Dinucci, Author, Journalist, Il Manifesto*, Pisa, Italy
Manouchehr Taghavi, teacher, Osteraker*, Stodkholm, Sweden
Mansour Farhang, Professor of Political Science, Bennington College*, Bennington, VT
Mansoureh Tajik, Assistant Professor, Lowell, MA
Manu Shamsavari, Chairman Of The Board, Xandex Inc.*, Petaluma, CA
Mao Nakamura, Yokohama, Japan
Maral Sahebjame, Cerritos, CA
Marc Davidson, Medford, MA
Marc Gartmann, Kerkrade, Netherlands
Marc Pilisuk, Professor, Saybrookgraduate School*, Berkeley, CA
Marc Vercoutere, Gent, Belgium
Marce Pollan, writer, Takoma Park, Md, MD
Marcel Bartels, Webmaster, Mein Parteibuch, Berlin, Germany
Marcel Marusca, engineer, GE*, Markham, ON, Canada
Marcia Bourne, Coordinator, Windham Environmental Coalition*, Brattleboro, VT
Marcia Cooperman, Marcia Cooperman, Portland, OR
Marcia Slatkin, Shoreham, NY
Marco Baino, president, Quilombo Trentino*, Pregine -trento, Italy
Marco Castellano, Ph.D student, Rome, Italy
Marco Fine, Student, Taranto, Italy
Marco Puricelli, Physioterapist, Albizzate, Italy
Marco Scorcelletti, Torrance, CA
Marcos Bernaldez, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Marcus Hogle, San Francisco, CA
Marcus Lapthorn, Faringdon, United Kingdom
Mare Alkoufri, Bad Segeberg, Germany
Margaret Breslau, Secretary, Blacksburg, VA
Margaret Deppe, Chicago, IL
Margaret Hadderman, Silver City, NM
Margaret Huft, Artist/Illustrator, Poulsbo, WA
Margaret J. Lilienthal, Cape Codders For Peace And Justice*, East Dennis, MA
Margaret Krpan, Westlake Village, CA
Margaret L. Albert, Retired, San Antonio, TX
Margaret Murtagh, Schenectady, NY
Margaret Perkins, Columbia, SC
Margaret Powers, Student, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Margaret Richards, President, Grannies Against George, Pensacola, FL
Margaret Seely, New York, NY
Margaret Witham, teacher, Bunker Hill Community College*, Boston, MA
Margaretta Swigert-Gacheru, graduate student, Evanston, IL
Margarita McCabe, Lusby, MD
Margherita Grigolato, Martellago, Italy
Margi Beem-Miller, Ithaca, NY
Margie Haig, Fife Stop The War Coalition*, Anstruther, United Kingdom
Margie Lindsey, concerned citizen, Human*, San Diego, CA
Margie Schlicter, retired, Medford, NJ
Margo Goode, Torrance, CA
Margot Franklin, Ashland, OR
Margot Salom, Brisbane, Australia
Marguerite Pastirchak, Medical Biller, Port Jefferson Sta., NY
Mari Schimmer, Community Organizer, Denver, CO
Maria Chiara Tropea, Alba Cn, Italy
Maria Cristina Zanocco, Member of a local secretariat, Partito Della Rifondazione Comunista Voghera*, Voghera, Italy
Maria Grazia Ardizzone, Spokeswoman, Anti Imperialist Camp Italian Group, Perugia, Italy
Maria Hamlin Zuniga, Managua, Nicaragua
Maria Leza, Ph.D., Somerville, MA
Maria M. Cummings, Davenport, IA
Maria Phillips, Chico, CA
Maria Rost, Professor Emerita, Njcu*, Jersey City, NJ
Maria Sotolongo, East Meadow, NY
María Teresa Schnack, Presidente, Cofavi Comisión De Familiares De Víctimas De La Violencia Social De Argentina, Lomas De Zamora Buenos Aires, Argentina
Maria Tortu, Los Angeles, CA
Mariam Massarat, Los Altos, CA
Marian Blount, Santa Monica, CA
Marian Cruz, Hollister, CA
Mariana Nogales, Humacao, ot
Mariangela Maggiore, architect, Firenze, Italy
Marianna Carignola, student, Universty Of Flofence*, Perignano, Italy
Marianne Forsyth, Blacford, United Kingdom
Marie Edwards, Photographer/Writer, Thepressphoto, New York, NY
Marie Falbo, Seniors For Peace*, Winter Park, FL
Marie Fitzsimmons, substitute teacher aide, Pennsbury School Dist.*, Jacksonville, FL
Marie Kullman, Buffalo, NY
Marie Louise Morandi Long Zwicker, Sullivan, ME
Marie Louise Wammen, Student, Copenhagen, Denmark
Marie Major, Forensic Psychologist & Activist, UBC*, Powell River, BC, Canada
Marie Mates, Nesquehoning, PA
Marie Theresa Colgan Buckno, Newport, TN
Marie Voss, co-ordinator, Munich American Peace Committee, Munich, Germany, DE, Germany
Marie-Dominique Vernhes, Attac Deutschland, Hamburg, Germany
Mariel Caldwell, Springfield, MO
Marie-line Clement, Margival, France
Marietta McGannon,rsm, Millbrae, CA
Marilee Armstrong, Peace And Freedom Party*, El Cajon, CA
Marilyn Bush, retired, Trumansburg, NY
Marilyn Foley, Jacksonville, FL
Marilyn Fuller, Marquette, MI
Marilyn Hacker, Professor, City College Of New York, New York, NY
Marilyn Huddell, Alexandria, VA
Marilyn Jurich, Chestnut Hill, MA
Marilyn Kaggen, Brooklyn, NY
Marilyn Naparst, Berkeley, CA
Marilynn Boosinger, Willits, CA
Marina Ramos, Woodland Hills, CA
Mario Aguilar, Bakersfield, CA
Mario Muvdi, San Diego, CA
Mario Rivera, Winter Haven, FL
Marion Brockie, Peebles, United Kingdom
Marion Hersh, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Marion K Teisan, Anthem, AZ
Marion Koenig, New York, NY
Marion Rojas, retired physician, Oakland, CA
Marion Schulman, Los Angeles, CA
Marion Tucker, Professor, UCLA (U. Of California, Los Angeles)*, Oak Park, CA
Marion Ward, Retired, Vancouver For Peace*, Vancouver, WA
Marisa Nardini, teacher, Tamburi Di Pacevia Di Monticello*, Prato, Italy
Maritza Castillo, Miami, FL
Marjam Karapetian, Santa Rosa, CA
Mark Batty, United Kingdom
Mark Binder, Sarasota, FL
Mark Bishop, Kyle, TX
Mark Brady, Instructor in Economics, San Jose State University*, San Jose, CA
Mark Cannon, Microbiologist, Bloomington, IN
Mark Davis, Lusby, MD
Mark Fangmeier, Saint Paul, MN
Mark Giles, Cammeray, Australia
Mark Goretsky, Engineer, Plainview, NY
Mark Gutman, Meiers Lake, AK
Mark Hubert, Mark Hubert, Chicago, IL
Mark Jeror Sr., American*, Brushton, NY
Mark Marshall, Editor,*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Mark Materne, Waterbury, VT
Mark McCarty, San Diego, CA
Mark Reisinger, Assistant Professor, Geography, Suny Binghamton*, Vestal, NY
Mark Shapiro, London, United Kingdom
Mark Snyder, Founder,, Boston, MA
Mark Springer, Director of Youth & Family Ministry, Servant Church Of St. Alexander*, Farmington Hills,, MO
Mark Stansbery, Secretary, Community Organizing Center, Columbus, OH
Mark Stroberg, Co-Founder, Libertarian Party Of California Peace Caucus*, San Leandro, CA
Mark Swinton, Organist, Bath, United Kingdom
Markus Irniger, 5018 Erlinsbach, Switzerland
Marla Bottesch, Norridgewock, ME
Marlee Ouellet, Vancouver, NV, Canada
Marlena Grzaslewicz, Beacon, NY
Marlene Bertke, Staff, Benedictines For Peace*, Erie, PA
Marlene Feingold, New York, NY
Marliene Wolsey, Mission, BC, Canada
Marly Zavar, Săo Paulo, Brazil
Marmar Kabir, statistician, Cgt Sanofi-aventis*, Paris, France
Marsha McClelland, Founder, "we The People United Movement", Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Marshall Carter-Tripp, Retired Foreign Service Officer, Dept Of State*, El Paso, TX
Marta Lopez-Garza, Associate Professor, California State University*, Los Angeles, CA
Marta Russell, author, Encino, CA
Marta Werner, Assistant Professor of English, D'youville College*, Buffalo, NY
Marta Wolska, student, University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne*, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Martha Grodzki, Medical doctor, IPPNW*, Sohrschied, Germany
Martha Iancu, Associate Professor, George Fox University*, Newberg, OR
Martha Leahy, retired, Winchester, MA
Martha Nathan, Executive Director, Greensboro Justice Fund*, Northampton, MA
Martin Deppe, Life Director, Protestants For The Common Good*, Chicago, IL
Martin Hindel, Attorney, Usaf Reserves*, Silver Spring, MD
Martin Melkonian, Adj. Assoc. Prof., Hofstra University*, Uniondale, NY
Martin Petersen, Husum, Germany
Martin Zeis, Teacher Technical College, Attac Germany - Region Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Martina Vargova, project manager, Bratislava, Slovakia
Martine Derouaux, Brussels, Belgium
Martinotti Claudio, Ozzano Monferrato Al, Italy
Marty Maddox, Adjunct Instruct, Martin University*, Indianapolis, IN
Marty Wrin, Grassroots International*, Jamaica Plain, MA
Marvin Gettleman, Author, New York, NY
Mary Ann Shaening, Santa Fe, NM
Mary Ann Smale, Steuben, ME
Mary Anne Fratelli, Waterford, NY
Mary Beaudoin, Director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
Mary Beth Favorite, Pittsburgh, PA
Mary Boersma, Mary Boersma, San Diego, CA
Mary Byrne, Mendon, VT
Mary Cairns, Laurel Springs, NJ
Mary Coyne, Havertown, PA
Mary Elizabeth Pratt, Aquinnah, MA
Mary Geissman, New York, NY
Mary Jane Crooks, Ocala, FL
Mary Jane Crooks, Retired, Ocala, FL
Mary Kay Craig, Coordinator, Taps - Taking Action For Peaceful Solutions, Butte, MT
Mary Keenan, president, RHFactor Rock Hill For Action To Organize Resistance, Rock Hill, SC
Mary Kelly Black, President, Seneca Humane Society, Seneca Falls, NY
Mary L Van Straten, Elm Grove, WI
Mary Lebert, Brighton, MI
Mary Lou Finley, Peace And Freedom Party*, San Diego, CA
Mary Miraglia, Avon, NJ
Mary Mongold, Hancock, MI
Mary Montgomery Naderi, Costa Mesa, CA
Mary Ochal, Conshohocken, PA
Mary Pearce, Baltimore, MD
Mary Petterlin, Raton, NM
Mary Ryan, Reading, PA
Mary Shaw, Norristown, PA
Mary Shelton, Banner Elk, NC
Mary Skemp, Lexington, KY
Mary Smiler, Downingtown, PA
Mary Todd, Lawrence, MA
Mary Vaiden, Teacher/Artist, Area Schools*, Bristol, NH
Mary Zebell, Ithaca, NY
Mary Ziadeh, Mary Ziadeh, Fairfield, CA
Maryam Behrouzi, Programmer, Tehran, Iran
Maryam Shirinsokhan, Munich, Germany
Maryam Ulrike Blanck, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Maryann Egerter, Wilmington, NC
Maryann Kauffman, Monrovia, MD
Maryann Reber, Houston, TX
Maryanne Muller, Pastoral Associate, St.vincentferrerchurch, Brooklyn, NY
Maryellen Redish, Palm Springs, CA
Maryjohn Vanderloop, OSM, Servants Of Mary*, Ladysmith, WI
Marylyn Mackey, Mother/Teacher, Union Gap, WA
Mary-Sarah Roche-Mahdi, scholar, writer, activist, Cambridge, MA
Masa Swing, Band leader, Swing Masa Band*, New York, NY
Masako Takatani, human, Kurashiki, Japan
Masayuki Hori, Elmhurst, NY
Masood Kalhour, Yorba Linda, CA
Masood Sheikh, Member, Merrimack Valley People For Peace*, North Andover, MA
Masoud Almasi, Bridgewaterr, NJ
Masoud Hakami, Software Engineer, Gaithursburg, MD
Masoud Hosseini, software engineer, Topic Networks*, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Massimiliano Ay, Student and Unionist, Sisa Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Massy Homayouni, Managing Partner, Phoenix Capital*, New York, NY
Masud Farid, Managing Director, Munich, Germany
Masuod Mohajerani, solh talab, Irani*, Tehran, WY, Iran
Mateu Vincent, Raelien, 34070 Montpellier, France
Mathias Janssens, Horrues, Belgium
Matil Touma, Secretary, Mecha*, Ventura, CA
Matt Barganier, Editor,*, Baton Rouge, LA
Matt Galloway, Lutheran Social Services*, Essex Junction, VT
Matt Gordon, Portland, OR
Matt Hickner, Houston, TX
Matt Klein, San Francisco, CA
Matt Mickelson, Mechanical Engineer, Bleck Design Group*, Medford, MA
Matthew Arnold, Collegeville, MN
Matthew Frisch, teacher, Nyc Dept. Of Ed.*, Oakland Gardens, NY
Matthew Iskra, Seattle, WA
Matthew Ochalek, Chief Organizer, Voice For Peace, Gannon University, Erie, PA
Matthew Presto, Oberlin, OH
Matthew R. Courter, Seattle, WA
Matthew Rothschild, Editor, The Progressive Magazine*, Madison, WI
Matthias Linder, Stuttgart, Germany
Mattias Ericson, chairman Vänsterpartiet Vantör* (The Leftparty In Vantör*), Bandhagen, Sweden
Matubara Hideomi, Nagoya, Japan
Maud Easter, Delmar, NY
Maura Buckley, Indianapolis, IN
Maureen Lahey, Mount Vernon, NY
Maureen McCue, Physician/Professor, University Of Iowa*, Iowa City, IA
Maureen Small, Albuquerque, NM
Maurizio Vecchi, Napoli, Italy
Max Bronsema, Student, Albertson College Of Idaho*, Caldwell, ID
Max Heirich, Retired, Ann Arbor, MI
Max Mitchell, American Citizen, Berlin, NH
Max Nigh, Retired, Naples, FL
Max Von Schuler-Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan
Maxim Prodanov, Sofia, Bulgaria
Maxwell Olmstead, Pastor, Higganum Congregational Church*, Higganum, CT
May Heravi, Real Estate Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Maynard Seider, Professor of Sociology, Mass. College Of Liberal Arts*, Amherst, MA
Mayvelin Solheim, Břmlo, Norway
Maz Moini, Bandeh Khoda* ON, Canada
Mazda Aghamohammadi, Physician, USC*, Los Angeles, CA
Mazen Almoukdad, manager, Free Iraq Now, Anaheim, CA
Maziar Behrooz, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Maziar Zarnia, Professor, SJ, NB, Canada
Md. Abdur Rahim Molla, Assistant Professor Virology, Iedcr, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh*, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Meg Hillert, mother and housewife, Dallas, TX
Megumi Furubayashi, Tokyo, Japan
Megumi Karube, Kanazawa-city, Japan
Mehboob Ali Vazir, real estate consultant, Alishaan Housing*, Mumbai, India
Mehboob Syed, Marketing Executive, Pak Denim Ltd*, Karachi, Pakistan
Mehdi Abbasvand, Tehran, Iran
Mehdi Madani, Mill Valley, CA
Mehdi Matin, Retired, Walnut Creek, CA
Mehdi Mortezai, Network Analyst, California State University, Eastbay*, Hayward, CA
Mehdi Shahbazi, Self Empl., Marina Shaell, Marina, CA, Iran
Mehdi Yazdanpanah, Student, University Of Gorgan*, Gorgan, Iran
Mehran Ghavamzadeh, Teacher, Jonkoping, Sweden
Mehran Lashkari, Director, Quality Control (CAE), Solidworks Corporation*, Santa Monica, CA
Mehran Mozaffari, Senior I/T Specialist, Somerset, NJ
Mehran Parsi, Researcher, Royal Institute Of Technology*, Stockholm, Sweden
Mehrdad Shahabi, Tehran 15636, Iran
Mehrdad Maher, San Diego, CA
Mehrdad Samadzadeh, Toronto, ON, Canada
Mehrdad Shahabi, Tehran, Iran
Mehrdad Y-Tafti, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mehri Zand, Paris, AL, France
Mehrnaz Shahabi, Bristol, United Kingdom
Mehry Cornett, Irving, TX
Mekhala Natavar, Professor, Princeton University*, Princeton, NJ
Mel Hoit, Deputy Prosecuting AttorneySpokane, WA
Mele Stokesberry, Maui Peace Action*, Pukalani, HI
Melise Leech, Las Vegas, NV
Melissa Farmer, Nashville, TN
Melissa Ferral-Like, Falls Church, VA
Melissa Fritts, Front Royal, VA
Melissa Hays, Brattleboro, VT
Melissa Kush, Oil City, PA
Melissa Lambert, Studio City, CA
Melissa McCullough, Tacoma, WA
Mercedes Iyori, Representative, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Meredith Ryan, Mount Vernon, NY
Merrill A. Carter, Denver, CO
Merrill Cole, Ph.D., Philadelphia, PA
Merry Fitzgerald, Activist, Committee For The Defence Of The Iraqi Turkmen Rights*, Mons, Belgium
Merry Sharifzad, Culver City, CA
Mi An, university student,Italy
Mia Lindfors, visual artist, Helsinki, Finland
Micaela Cadena, Mesilla, NM
Michael Acree, San Francisco, CA
Michael Allen, CEO, The Wonder Bear Co., South San Francisco, CA
Michael Anderson, Founder, Denver Pda, Denver, CO
Michael Beeson, Cupertino, CA
Michael Belosa, Samobor, Croatia
Michael Berg, member, Most All*, Wilmington De 19806-4119, DE
Michael Bleiweiss, Vice President, Ethical Society Of Boston*, Methuen, MA
Michael Bordenave, Fresno, CA
Michael Brady, Student, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Michael Brull, Sydney, Australia
Michael Burlison, Vallejo, CA
Michael Caruso, Dundee, OR
Michael Cerkowski, Mechanicville, NY
Michael Chejlava, Northampton, PA
Michael Collier, Fumc-tacoma Micah Project, Tacoma, WA
Michael Danesi, retired, Newton, NJ
Michael Dixon, college instructor, Santa Monica, CA
Michael Donovan, Newton, MA
Michael E. Badgett, Mount Airy, NC
Michael Ellison, Organizer, Vancouver For Peace*, Vancouver, WA
Michael Frazier, Hadley, MA
Michael Gelineau, Holyoke, MA
Michael Gillespie, past Chairperson, Ames Interfaith Clouncil*, Maxwell, IA
Michael Gray, Torrance,, CA
Michael Gruener, Biscayne Park, FL
Michael Halmick, Bourbon, MO
Michael Harris, Mathematician, University Of Paris 7*, Philadelphia, PA
Michael Hejazi, Student & Financial Aid Worker, Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Michael Hillard, psychologist, Albuquerque, NM
Michael Hipple, Wagoner, OK
Michael Holubar, Wakeman, OH
Michael Johnson, Physician, Detroit, MI
Michael Keefer, Associate Professor, University Of Guelph*, Guelph, ON, Canada
Michael Kuruliak, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
Michael L Walker, Kansas City, MO
Michael L. Lindberg, Convener, Arise Peace With Justice Committee*, Springfield, MA
Michael Lee, Oxon, United Kingdom
Michael Letwin, Former President, Assn. Of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325*, New York, NY
Michael Mandel, Co-chair, Lawyers Against The War*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Michael McPherson, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Michael Moats, Michael Moats, Downers Grove, IL
Michael Molin, Frederikssund, Denmark
Michael Moreau, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Michael Motamedi Nia, Bisiness Owner, Nia Pacific, Santa Monica, CA
Michael Newman, Journalist, The Underground College, Portland, OR
Michael Novick, United Teachers Los Angeles*, Culver City, CA
Michael O'Neill, Tacoma, WA
Michael Parenti, author/commentator, Berkeley, CA
Michael Popowich, Coordinator, Arts For Peace*, Bronx, NY
Michael Rajczak, Teacher, Buffalo, NY
Michael Rivera, Willimantic, CT
Michael Rivers, Port Angeles, WA
Michael Rösgen, 51375 Leverkusen, Germany
Michael Rozumalski, Pastor, Luck, WI
Michael Rynn, Guildford, Australia
Michael Salmon, Christchurch, New Zealand
Michael Sharpe, Cary, NC
Michael Shaw, English Foreign Expert, Jinzhou City, China
Michael Shingleton, President, Shanti Stress Management, Dover, NH
Michael Teal, Victorville, CA
Michael Walker, Salem, NH
Michael Ward, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada
Michael Yanasak, Member, Veterans For Peace*, Shoreline, WA
Michael Ziser, Professor, University Of California, Davis*, Davis, CA
Michaele Kustudic, Steering Committee member, Council Of Canadians - Annapolis Valey Chapter*, Wolfville, NS, Canada
Michaelia Morgan, Pacific Grove, CA
Michael-Vincent Crea, Founder & Pastor, One World Life Systems, New York, NY
Michal Satransky, Praha 5, Czech Republic
Michel Austin, Retired University Lecturer, University Of St Andrews*, St Andrews, United Kingdom
Michel Coconis, Columbus, OH
Michel Dury, Trevoux, France
Michela Vitturi, Venezia, Italy
Michele Citoni, journalist, videomaker, Rome, Italy
Michele Foresti, student, Bergamo, Italy
Michele Guillon, against war in IRAN, Raelian, Belley, France
Michele Horton, Cave Junction, OR
Michelle Christopher, self emploied, Easton, PA
Michelle Dubas, Ontario, CA
Michelle Flores, Ojai, CA
Michelle Gerson, Mental Health Clinician, Solano County, Walnut Creek, CA
Mickey Shell, Grand Marais, MN
Miguel Figueroa, Leader, Communist Party Of Canada*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Mikael Von Knorring, Hagersten, Sweden
Mike Alewitz, Artistic Director, Labor Art & Mural Project, New Britain, CT
Mike Bakhtiari, Anaheim, CA
Mike Barron, Leander, TX
Mike Clear, Adjunct Senior Fellow, University Of Western Sydney, Penrith, Australia
Mike Driscoll, teacher, Surrey, Bc, BC, Canada
Mike Eilenfeldt, member, Union @ Cooper Union*, New York, New York, NY
Mike Elliott, ceo, M&k Elliott Inc, Westerville, OH
Mike Elmendorf, Long Beach, CA
Mike Forter, San Francisco, CA
Mike Glass, Employment Consultant, Gronlid, SK, Canada
Mike Haines, Henley Beach, Australia
Mike Hassibi, Austin, TX
Mike Hosford, US citizen, upstanding, Klamath Falls, OR
Mike Miles, Anathoth Community Farm*, Luck, WI
Mike Mullarkey, Tucson, AZ
Mike Mustkivi, Helsinki, Finland
Mike Tonga, Homer, AK
Milad Ghafoori, Programmer, North York, ON, Canada
Milan Marsic, Raelian Movement*, Nice, France
Milan Neubert, President, Party Of The Democratic Socialism, Praha 5, Czech Republic
Mildred (Milllie) Barnet, Santa Rosa, CA
Mildred Meyer, Retired, High Falls, NY
Mildred Seewald, Silver City, NM
Miles Pustinsky, COTA/L, Philadelphia, PA
Miles Wichelns, Sacramento, CA
Mili Zivkovic, C.E.O, Global Star Alliance, Geneva, Switzerland
Millie Lewis, Indianapolis, IN
Milly Williamson, Lecturer, Univeristy Of Leicieter*, London, AL, United Kingdom
Mimi Gronlund, Mclean, VA
Mimi Shapiro, Lancaster, PA
Mindy North, artist, Riner, VA
Minna Skafte Jensen, Prof.em., Valby, Denmark
Minoo Gorji, San Rafael, CA
Minoo Moallem, Porfessor, San Francisco State University*, San Francisco, CA
Miori Dunseith, Onancock, VA
Mira Paquette-perreault, Alma, QC, Canada
Mira Radermacher, Pupil, Marienheide, Germany
Miranda Inganni, Los Angeles, CA
Mirčne Ghossein, Wespac Foundation, New Rochelle, NY
Miriam Almeleh, Somerset Voices for Peace And Justice, Bridgewater, NJ
Miriam Berrigan, Allentown, PA
Miriam Brownlee, VP Marketing, Paradise Galleries*, San Diego, CA
Miriam Meyer, Student, Suf*, Karlslunde, Denmark
Miriam Poser, New York, NY
Miriam Seshadri, Burwood, Australia
Mirko Brugni, Milano, AK, Italy
Miroslav Kunovský, CG artist, Poprad, Slovakia
Misa Popovic, Skopje, Macedoni
Misao Shimamoto, Tokyo, Japan
Misha Denson, Federal Way, WA
Missy Goldberg, Lexington, MA
Mitchell Hall, Portland, OR
Mitchell Ripa, Solon, OH
Mitra Assadi, physician, Cooper/umdnj, Camden, NJ
Mitra Forsberg, Executive Assistant, Confidential*, Hermosa Beach, CA
Mitra Panahi, Tehran, Iran
Mitra Roshan, journaliste, Montreal, Canada
Mitra Saffari, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Miyuki Kohara, Kanazawa-city, Japan
Mizuko Yakuwa, Artists Against The Occupation, Tokyo, Japan
Moe Banafti, Program Manager, Laguna Niguel, CA
Moe Ghanem, Student, Tripoli, Lebanon
Mohaddesse Azimlu, student, University Of Waterloo*, Waterloo, ON, Canada
Mohamad Behabadi, employee, Bank, Gorgan, Iran
Mohamad Navab, Prof. Cardiology, Ucla*, Los Angeles, CA
Mohamad Rahimy, Associate Director, Alcon Labratories*, Mansfield, TX
Mohamad Reza Nasab Abdolahi, Shiraz, Iran
Mohamadreza Madani, Karaj, AL, Iran
Mohamamd Komijani, Tehran, Iran
Mohamed Bugaighis, Retired Professor of Statistics, Bethlehem, PA
Mohamed Elrayess, Scientist, Eisai*, London, United Kingdom
Mohamed Mitha, London, United Kingdom
Mohammad Auwal, Associate Professor of Communication, California State University, Los Angeles*, Los Angeles, CA
Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha, Executive Director, Roots International, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mohammad Borghei, teacher, Strayer University*, Springfield, VA
Mohammad Garakani, FA & Supplier Quality Eng. Manger, Exar Corp.*, Fremont, CA
Mohammad Hassan Talebi, stager, Hospital*, Isfahan, Iran
Mohammad Javad Mouludi, Kashmar, Iran
Mohammad Manzarpour, Journalist, London, United Kingdom
Mohammad Mukter Hossain, Computer In-charge, Dhaka Ahsania Mission*, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mohammad Naraghi, Professor, Manhattan College*, Yorktown Heights, NY
Mohammad Pezeshk, Tehran, Iran
Mohammad Reza Rasaei, PhD, Univerity Of Tehran*, Tehran, Iran
Mohammad Shekari Yazdi, Dermarologist, Orientalist, Vienna, Austria
Mohammad T Esbati, Economic, Stockholm, Sweden
Mohammad Taghioff, Miami, FL
Mohammad Zare, Lawyer, Iranian Bar, Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Mohammadreza Sardari, JOURNALIST, Sharghnewspeper*, Tehran, Iran
Mohammed Eghtedari, Member Consultative Body, Iran National Front Usa, Fairfax, VA
Mohammed Shirajum Monir, Programmer, Stc*, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mohsen Dolaty, Boxboro, MA
Mohsen Farhoodi, North York, Canada
Mohsen Mahdavi, Sheerness, United Kingdom
Mohsen Nejad, Belmont, CA
Mohsen Nejad, Realtor, Belmont, CA
Mohsen Sahebjame, Professor, Community College*, Cerritos, CA
Mohsen Zabihi, Paris, France
Moji Agha, Founder, Universal Coalition For Interfaith And Intercultural Knowledge And Action (UCIIKA)*, Tucson, AZ
Moji Malek, Miami, FL
Mojtaba Mahdavi, Department Of Political Science, University Of Western Ontario*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Mojtaba Razeghi, Crmel, CA
Molly Frankel, Human, Hilo, HI
Molly Gibbs, Molly Gibbs, Olympia, WA
Mona Delly, Moose Lake, MN
Monem Shalash, accountant, Alexandria, Egypt
Moni Sohrabpour, Assoc. Director - Labor Relations, AT&T*, San Carlos, CA
Monica Freddi, studente, Roma, Italy
Monica Boddie, Active (military) duty spouse, San Clemente, CA
Monica Daoulova, Peace Lover, Myself*, Sain T-lambert, QC, Canada
Monica Martenghi, Direttrice responsabile de "Il Bolscevico", organo del PMLI, Firenze, Italy
Monica Mazzitelli, Rome, Italy
Monica Mercedes Perez Jimenez, Daughter of former President of Venezuela, Boulivarian Circle, Santa Monica, CA
Monica Zoppč, researcher, National Research Council Fo Italy*, Pisa, Italy
Monika Balzer, Hamburg, Germany
Monika Romero, San Francisco, CA
Monique Liuzzi, Boston, MA
Monir Tayeb, DrEdinburgh, United Kingdom
Monireh Mohammadi, Director, Richmond Hill Academy Of Music & Arts*, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Monireh Ziaei, Research Librarian, State Library*, Adelaide, Australia
Monneron Ariane, MD, Research Director, Cnrs*, Marseille, France
Montgomery Lish, Teacher, Sweetwater Union High School District*, Jamul, CA
Monti Tiziana, Women In Black Italy*, Como, Italy
Morad Ozcan, Halifax, NS, Canada
Morgan Maxwell, Elementary School Teacher, Albuquerque, NM
Mori Kabir, scientist, Los Angeles, CA
Moriame Mathieu, Nimes, France
Moritz Rohrbach, IPPNW*, Munich, Germany
Morteza Abdollahi, Cupertino, CA
Morteza Mohit, Glendale, CA
Mory Moravej, architect, Mhdesign And Con., Anaheim, CA
Muhammad Jehangir Amjad, Teacher, Beaconhouse School System, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Muhammad Sahimi, Professor of Chemical & Pet. Enginnering, University Of Southern California*, Los Angeles, CA
Muhmmad Hallaj, Fairfax, VA
Muller Jean Luc, assistant guide, Raelian Mouvement*, Montpellier, AZ, France
Muqhaddim Javad, Hyderabad, India
Murray Beaver, Electrical Engineer, Retired, New Rochelle, NY
Mushtuq Husain, Director, Karl Marx Institute Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mustapa Hamid, Retiree, Port Klang, Malaysia
Myriam R. Schweingruber, Alterswil, Switzerland
Nader Bgherzadeh, Professor, Uc, Irvine, Irvine, CA
Nader Entessar, Professor of Political Science& Law, Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
Nader Hashemi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Nader Mahdavian, Mechanical Engineer, Easy Solution*, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Nader Sadeghi, Associate Professor of Surgery, George Washington University*, Washington, DC
Nader Yarpezeshkan, Student, Ucsb*, Isla Vista, CA
Nadia Schavecher, organizzatrice, Comitato Contro Le Guerre Zona2 Milano*, Milano, Italy
Nadia Sindi, Professor, AAI/ADC/AIUSA/CAIR*, Eugene, OR
Nadim Ali, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Nadine Dumser, Northport, NY
Nafiseh Nili, Research Manager, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada
Naghmeh Majdi, Researcher/student, Georgia Institute Of Technology*, Atlanta, GA
Nahid Biarash, Concord, CA
Nahid Salmani, student, Open Asia, Paris, France
Nahid Shariat, Fairfax Station, VA
Naima Yilo, Tu Delft*, Delft, Netherlands
Naja Koppel, singer/songwriter, Brooklyn, NY
Najwa Shaban, house wife, West Paterson, NJ
Nan J Beckwith'bonear, Honesdale, PA
Nancie Vanture, RN, Dunnellon, FL
Nancy Ann Siracusa, New York, Ny, NY
Nancy Chopp, Retired, Bay Village, OH
Nancy Czigany, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
Nancy Dammann, retired, Sun City, AZ
Nancy Devita, Cliffside Park, NJ
Nancy Du Plessis, Filmmaker, Independent*, New York, NY, Germany
Nancy Gallagher, Professor, Uc Santa Barbara*, Newbury Park, CA
Nancy Hughes, Lic. Clinical Social Worker, Saint Simons Island, GA
Nancy Jackson, Loveland, CO
Nancy Lewis, Nurse Practitioner, Quaker, Sf Friends Meeting, San Francisco, CA
Nancy Macnair, Facilitator, Athens Women In Black*, Athens, GA
Nancy McGuire, Denver, CO
Nancy Moore, Asheville, NC
Nancy Newman, San Jose, CA
Nancy Ramsden, Salem, MA
Nancy Rose-balamut, RN, Spring Lake Park, MN
Nancy S. Lovejoy, Wilbraham, MA
Nancy S. Lovejoy, Wilbraham, MA
Nancy Shatto, Ocean City, MD
Nancy Taylor, retired nurse, Bellevue, WA
Nancy Walker, Homemaker, Avila Beach, CA
Nancy Wesson, Wimberley, TX
Nandakumar V P, Social activist, Anti-imperialist Forum*, Chennai, India
Naoko Olsen, Aachen, Germany
Naoko Ono, Tokyo, Japan
Naoto Kudoh, student, University, Higashi Hiroshima, Japan
Narmi Michejda,*, Warsaw, Poland
Naser Mojtahed, physician, Albuqueruqe, NM
Nash Pangadapun, National Chairman, Maradeka, Alliance Of Muslim People Organizations In The Philippines, Manila, Philippines
Nasrin Assadi, San Francisco, CA
Nasrollah Fesharaki, Ex IIAF Officer, None At The Time Being*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Nasser Farahbakhsh, Assoc. Prof., Ucla*, Calabasas, CA
Nastaran Mohit, Brooklyn, NY
Natalie Davis, The Armchair Activist*, Baltimore, MD
Natalie Strongin, Seattle, WA
Natasha H, Youth Chair, Patrick Henry Democratic Club, Santa Ana, CA
Nate Goldshlag, Arlington, MA
Nathan Flentjar, Member, Resistance (socialist Youth Org.), Berri, Australia
Nathan Hetrick, Collegeville, MN
Nathan Trotter, Imperial Beach, CA
Nathanael Yager, Kinderhook, NY
Natsuki Kohrin, Osaka, Japan
Natsuko Ide, Student, American University*, Washington, DC
Nazanin Nazbanoo, tehran, Iran*, Tehran, Iran
Nazem Tahvilzadeh, Iranian Association Of Sweden*, Göteborg, Sweden
Negar Ghafouri, Calgary, AB, Canada
Neil Ralph, Greenlawn, NY
Neil Smith, Tottori, Japan
Nella Ginatempo, Professor on Sociology and activist, Bastaguerra-associazione Pacifista, Roma- Italia, Italy
Nelson Stoll, Oakland, CA
Nguyen Van Ky, Historian, Paris, France
Niarja Ann Marchand, Mariposa, CA
Nicholas Bisaccia, Pax Christi International*, Philadelphia, PA
Nicholas Camerota, Professor of Philosophy & Political Theory, Springfield Technical Community College*, Springfield, MA
Nicholas De Genova, Professor, Columbia University*, New York, NY
Nicholas Dormaar, Nicholas Dormaar, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
Nicholas Heer, Professor Emeritus, University Of Washington*, Seattle, WA
Nicholas Mattiello, Hoboken, NJ
Nicholas Mesmer, Pilot, Air Cargo Carriers*, Houlton, ME
Nicholas Renzler, Brooklyn, NY
Nichole Arel, Phoenix, AZ
Nick James, President, Leicester AUT*, Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Nick Thabit, Artist, Pittsfield, MA
Nick Zentor, Computer Graphic Artist, Agawam, MA
Nicola Kuhnke, 79106 Freiburg, Germany
Nicolae Rogojina, Montreal, QC, Canada
Nicolaj Christensen, Student, Juelsminde, Denmark
Nicole Ruettimann, Newcastle, United Kingdom
Nicomedes Castillo, Sebastian, FL
Niekoo Abbasian, Student, Illinois Institute Of Technolgy*, Chicago, IL
Nigel Baldwin, Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Nigel Guy, Helpdesk Analyst, IBM*, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Niki & Mr. Rebel Fagin, Healdsburg, CA
Nikolaj Hviid, Ringkoebing, Denmark
Nikou Zahedani, stop war on Iran, Granitebay, CA
Niloofar Gheissari, Researcher, Canberra, Australia
Niloofar Haeri, Professor, Johns Hopkins University*, Balimore, MD
Nilou Khalili, Thornhill, ON, Canada
Nima Farid, Muenchen, Germany
Nimâ Machouf, Epidemiologist, Montreal, QC, Canada
Nima Safa Dargiri, Bandar Abbas, Iran
Nima Taradji, President, Taradji Law Offices, Chicago, IL
Nina Abbasi, designer, Theatre*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Nina Aghabeikzadeh, Bayonne, NJ
Nina Council, retired, Ashland, OR
Nina Elina Stenitzer, Helsinki, Finland
Nina Hagen, Singer/ Human Rights Activist,*, Berlin, Germany
Nina Jackson, Billings, MT
Nina Lazar, USA citizen, Cedar Grove, NJ
Nina Lederer, Vienna, Austria
Nina Milam, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Nina Wibbenmeyer, Teacher, Austin, TX
Nino Deprophetis, Teacher, Nea*, Media, PA
Nipin Gangadharan, District Project Officer, Undp*, New Delhi, IN, India
Niranjan Chatterjee, Retired Professor of Mineralogy, Detmold, Germany
Nivisha Singh, HR-Executive, Hr-access, Noida, India
Niyazi Yigen, lecturer, Copehagen, Denmark
Noah Maasarani, Homs, Syria
Nobuaki Ikeda, Chairperson of the board of directors, Medical Corpration Dojinkai, Skai, Japan
Nobuko Aso, Futtu, Japan
Noel Catrambone, Chicago, IL
Noel Colangelo, Raton, NM
Noha Radwan, Assistant Professor, Columbia University*, New York, NY
Nooshin Vassei, Richmond, CA
Norene Bailey, Santa Cruz, CA
Noriko Hosobuchi, Sister, Franciscan Missonaries Of Mary*, Tohari Tochigi, Japan
Noriko Kato, Chiba, Japan
Norm Cohen, Executive Director, Coalition For Peace And Justice, Linwood, NJ
Norm Wallen, Flagstaff, AZ
Norma Antonanzas, Los Angeles, CA
Norma J F Harrison, central cmtees member, Peace & Freedom Party*, Berkeley, CA
Norma Riccobene, AMERICAN, Ocala, FL
Norman Balabanian, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse Univesity*, Gainesville, FL
Norman Ewers, Irvine, CA
Normand Bonenfant, West Warwick, RI
Noshin Hatami, Teacher, Department Of Education, Bronx, NY
Nour Shiyyab, Cairo, Egypt
Noushin Nabavi, Student, University Of Toronto*, Thornhill, ON, Canada
Noyma Appelbaum, U.S. citizen, Philadelphia, PA
Nunzio Pruiti, Santo Stefano Di Camastra, Italy
Nuruzzaman Latif, Montreal, QC, Canada
O.C. Brown, Guelph, ON, Canada
Odette Chauve, Morangles, France
Odilo Metzler, Pax Christi*, Stuttgart, Germany
O'Kelly McCluskey, Director, Virtual Us Peace Academy [VUSPA], Lynnwood, WA
Ola Karlsson, Student, Chalmers University Of Technology*, Göteborg, Sweden
Olga Winbush, College Professor, Lancaster, CA
Oli Simon, Yogi, Hamburg, Germany
Olivia Elenes, San Diego, CA
Olivier Lachenaud, Student, Montpellier, France
Olivier Rochette, Raelian*, Bron, France
Olli Tammilehto, Researcher, Fiskars, Finland
Omid Fatahi, Kermansh, Iran
Omid Habibinia, Media Researcher, IFEF, Brussels, Belgium
Omid Jesmi, Montreal, QC, Canada
Omid Lotfi, Snyder, NY
One Sun, San Clemente, CA
Opal Patin, MFSO*, Crosby, TX
öran Källqvist, Dr, Gällivare, Sweden
Orie Shirakawa, Accupunctulist, Suginami City, Japan
Orion Hughes, Seattle, WA
Oswald Kipke, Bad Duerkheim, Germany
Otared Kavian, Otared Kavian, Université De Versailles*, Versailles, France
Ouisa Davis, El Paso, TX
Owen Ephraim, Systems Research Engineer, Polybus Developments, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Owen Whitman, CEO, Tamarind Associates Inc.*, Tampa, FL
P. J. Laska, Poet, Beckley, WV
Paddy Uech, bootynoze, Pagéro Moosiggs Munich, Munich, Germany
Pakan Mazaheri, Dental Surgeon, London, United Kingdom
Pĺl Mathiesen, Technical manager, Sosialistisk Venstreparti*, Hommersĺk, Norway
Pam Humphrey, Johnson Co. Texas Coordinator, Code Pink*, Burleson, TX
Pamela Godsey, Social Worker, Idrc*, Indianapolis, IN
Pamela Harms, Dumfries, VA
Pamela Nordhof, Member, Holland Peacemakers*, Hamilton, MI
Pamela Nowlin, Canmore, AB, Canada
Pamela Ryan, South Portland, ME
Pamela Williams, mother, Park City, UT
Paola Lori, Firenze, Italy
Paola Manduca, Prof.University of Genova, Italy, World March Of Women*, Genova, Italy
Paolo Pazzaglia, Pontinvrea (savona - Italia), Italy
Paolo Scardi, Teacher, Public Schools, Maccagno, Italy
Parastoo Dokouhaki, Journalist, Tehran, Iran
Parham Donyai, Managing Director, London, United Kingdom
Parham Nassehpoor, Halle, Germany
Parinaz Hakimi, Newport Beach, CA
Parisa Amjadi, Laboratory Manager, London, United Kingdom
Parvin Eftekhari, Economic, Stockholm, Sweden
Parvin Khorrami, Toronto, ON, Canada
Parvin Shahlapour, La, CA
Parvine Kia, Rosemead, CA
Pasha Zio, Mechanicsburg, PA
Pat Chefalo, Rochester, NY
Pat Hovey, Coordinator, North Fork People Of Conscience, Southold, NY
Pat Hovey, North Fork People Of Conscience, Southold, NY
Pat Pickren, Winter Haven, FL
Pat Zadorsky, Owner/ ChefLondon, ON, Canada
Patricia A Kauffmann, Student, Northeast Kingdom Peace And Justice Group*, Newport Center, VT
Patricia A. Curtis, St. Louis, MO
Patricia Baeten, Green Bay, WI
Patricia Duran-Healy, Los Angeles, CA
Patricia Ecklund-Ruch, Yamhill County Democrats*, Sheridan, OR
Patricia Farrelly, Islip, NY
Patricia G. Lamanna, Poughkeepsie, NY
Patricia Galloway, Eliot, ME
Patricia George, Camp Verde, AZ
Patricia George, Retired, Costa Mesa, CA
Patricia Gibbs, Telecommunications Workers Union*, Map, BC, Canada
Patricia Hennessey, Decatur, GA
Patricia Hval, Westerly, RI
Patricia Lamb, teacher, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
Patricia Lane, University City,, MO
Patricia Letherer, Secretary/Treasurer, Advocacy For Justice, Saginaw, MI
Patricia Marks, New York, NY
Patricia McSweeney, San Rafael, CA
Patricia Panitz, Secretary, Mass. Animal Rights Coalition*, Centerville, MA
Patricia T.M. Lyons, Ph.D., Psychologist, Self Employed*, Jamaica, NY
Patricia Zimmerman, Social Worker, Accept*, Cupertino, CA
Patrick Bosold, Fairfield, IA
Patrick Brantlinger, Rudy Professor of English, Indiana University*, Bloomington, IN
Patrick Broderick, Genoa City, WI
Patrick Coons, Free Ameica Now, Astoria, OR
Patrick Debuyck, Zwevegem, AL, Belgium
Patrick Dunlevy, Glendale, CA
Patrick Holohan, Brooklyn, NY
Patrick Smith, Concerned Individual, World Peace Line*, Canton, OH
Patrizia Fiumara Thomsen, Artist, IAPMA*, Blommenslyst Odense, Denmark
Patryk Baryla, letter carrier, Canada Post Corporation*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Patti Brimberry, Founder, Mountain Neighbors For Peace & Justice, Ruidoso, NM
Patti Davis, San Francisco, CA
Patty Diana, Glendale, AZ
Patty McGrath, Potomac, MD
Paul "zool" Zulkowiz, Green Party*, Woodmere, NY
Paul Aarts, Lecturer in International Relations, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Paul Bennett, New York, NY
Paul Busch, yoga teacher, Pobco, Saint Paul, MN
Paul Charbonnet Moulton, Tallahassee, FL
Paul Curtin, Buffalo, NY
Paul D. Alexander, Lagrange, GA
Paul Dorner, Blue Mounds, WI
Paul Edwards, Unit Executive Officer, Cupe Local 79*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Paul Finerty, business owner, Ashton Place- Assisted Living, Sarasota, FL
Paul Foote, Professor, California State University, Fullerton*, Fullerton, CA
Paul Friend, Upper Marlboro, MD
Paul Gross, Carson, CA
Paul Hagen-Holt, Activist, Oceanside, CA
Paul Hassett, Forest Hills, NY
Paul Kesler, Bridgeport, PA
Paul Kinzelman, Peralta, NM
Paul Lefrak, Broward Antiwar Coalition, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Paul McCarthy, Spokane, WA
Paul Miller, Senior Biomedical Scientist, London, United Kingdom
Paul Miniato, Delta, BC, Canada
Paul Moe, CEO, Exotica Woodworks, Amery, WI
Paul Motta, Bend, OR
Paul Motta, Carlsbad, CA
Paul O'Hanlon, Edinburgh Stop The War, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Paul Pechter, Member, San Diego Labor Against War*, San Diego, CA
Paul Ruttencutter, Portland, OR
Paul Salomon, Valley Village, CA
Paul Sauers, Highland Park, NJ
Paul Schlessinger, Louisville, KY
Paul Seely, El Cajon, CA
Paul Sigloch, Stuttgart, Germany
Paul Vigar, 1st class Gasfitter, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Paul Vinogradoff, London, United Kingdom
Paul Vitko, Maple Grove, MN
Paul Wooldridge, Hedon, United Kingdom
Paula Daneshkhah, Clerk, Falconer, NY
Paula James, Attorney, Austin, TX
Paula Payton, Ann Arbor, MI
Paula Westerlund, retired, Pepin, WI
Paul-anthony Mariani, Melbourne, Australia
Paule Buchanan, Coral Springs, FL
Paulette Lieby, O'connor Act, Australia
Pauline Oliveros, Kingston, NY
Pavel Nalevka, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Pavel Salák, Hodonín, Czech Republic
Pavel Symersky, Trinec, Czech Republic
Pegah Mirhosseini, San Diego, CA
Peggy Borgens, Democracy For America, Ferndale, WA
Peggy Brewster, Union, NH
Peggy Kingman, Sonora, CA
Peggy Meisch, North Branch, MN
Peggy R. Henderson, Rolla, MO
Peggy Sue McRae, Friday Harbor, WA
Pegi Ard, Pueblo, CO
Pejmaan Fallah, Columbus, OH
Penelope Carpenter, Norwich, United Kingdom
Penny Ladeur, Floyd, VA
Per Fagereng, Drummer, General Strike (musical Group)*, Portland, OR
Pérez Bernalte, Barcelona, Spain
Pete Pete Munoz, Director, Pa`ia, Maui, HI
Peter Abbott, Wauwatosa, WI
Peter And Hilma Towell, Waterford,mi, MI
Peter And Janet Huston, Coordinators, Volunteers in Mission, United Methodist Troy Annual Conference*, Scotia, NY
Peter Baumgartel, DIRECTOR OF IT, American International College*, New Britain, CT
Peter Berkowitz, Cambridge, MA
Peter Bickford, Mountain View, CA
Peter Clark, Exeter, NH
Peter Cruttenden, Graduate Student, American University (School Of International Service)*, Alexandria, VA
Peter Edgerton, Portland, OR
Peter Ehrhorn, Kailua, HI
Peter Goselin, National Lawyers Guild, Ct Chapter*, Hartford, CT
Peter Gunther, Founder, Progressive Archivists*, Chicago, IL
Peter Harley, writer, Portugal Cove, NF, Canada
Peter Herborn, Senior Lecturer Social Sciences, University Of Western Sydney*, Warrimoo, Australia
Peter Hollings, Atlanta, GA
Peter Marcus, retired hospital worker, Hospital Employees' Union - Local 6010- Canadian Union Of Public Employees*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Peter Offord, chair, Norwich Stop The War Coalition, Norwich, United Kingdom
Peter Panizzutti, Independence, OH
Peter Robinson, Iowa City, IA
Peter Strutynski, Speaker, Federal Comitee Of The Peace Counsil (germany), Kassel, Germany
Peter Thomson, Langley, BC, Canada
Peter Von Christierson, Port Townsend, WA
Peter Vujacic, Retired, Estepona, DC, Spain
Peter White, Independent Candidate for Congress, Ma 10th District, Hyannis, MA
Petra Hüneke-Eisel, Stuttgart, Germany
Petter Flensburg, Member of Youth Left Stockholms Regional Committee, Ung Vänster/youth Left, Vällingby, Sweden
Peynosh Shahandar, student, Gothenburg, Sweden
Phil Leggiere, Writer, Demarest, NJ
Philip And Judith Wick, Brooklin, ME
Philip Appleman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana University*, East Hampton, NY
Philip Callas, Salem, MA
Philip Couillard, Cudahy, WI
Philip Greenspan, Spring Valley, NY
Philip Ingenito, Austin, TX
Philip Kauffman, Overland Park, KS
Philip Koch, Professor, Maryland Institute College Of Art*, Baltimore, MD
Philip Restino, Co-Chair, Founding Member, Central Florida Veterans For Peace, Daytona Beach, FL
Philippe Charmes, artist, Strasbourg, France
Philippe Deterre, reseracher, Cnrs*, Courcouronnes, France
Philippe Devigne, 28197 Bremen, Germany
Philippe Dumas, Saint Hostien, France
Philippe Jacqueroux, Lyon, France
Philippe Lachenaud, Research scientist, Cirad*, Montpellier, France
Philippe Vacher, Raelian, Clermont Ferrand, France
Phillip Field, Newburgh, IN
Phillip Ray, student, Detroit, MI
Phillip Stephens, Student, Fayetteville, AR
Phinneous Markson, EMT, Alamo Ems/ Health Quest*, Germantown, NY
Phoebe Knopf, Boston, MA
Phyllis K Fess Baker, LCSW, Nasw*, Atascadero, CA
Phyllis Miller, Boston, MD
Phyllis Sale, private citizen, New York, NY
Pia Hoda Vasic, Social worker student, Odense NŘ, Denmark
Pier Luigi Porta, Assago, Italy
Pierluigi Zuliani, Venezia, Italy
Piero Bernocchi, Confederazione Cobas - Italy, Roma, Italy
Piero Pinzauti, Oxford, United Kingdom
Pierre Graber, Pierre Graber, Le Locle, Switzerland
Pierre Hachet, Physicien, Raelian*, Lorient, France
Pirouz Azadi, University Professor, State Island, NY
Pirouz Pirouz, ProfessorShaker Heights, OH
Pnina Feiler, Reg.Nurse, Physicians For Human Rights*, Yad-Hanna, Israel
Pol De Vos, coordinator peace movement, Stop United States Of Aggression, Brussels, Belgium
Polly Mann, Women Against Military Madness*, Minneapolis, MN
Polly Salvati, Johnson City, TN
Ponniah Rajamanickam, College Professor, Tamil Nadu Science Forum*, Madurai, India
Poopak Taati, Professor, Consultant, Director, Media For Thought, Dc, MD
Pop Cipria-Dorel, Student, SIBIU, Romania
Pouya Gadim, Tehran, Iran
Priscilla Bradley, Blodgett, OR
Prof. Juan Carlos Sánchez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pupak Haghighi, Artist, Pomegranate*, Sussex, United Kingdom
Quinn Miller, Berkeley, CA
Rabia Al-Adawiyya, Las Vegas, NV
Rachel Dietz, Clinical Social Worker, Ft. Smith, AR
Rachel Lagodka, New Paltz, NY
Rachel V Kleypas-Sparrow, spastic paraplegia sufferer, Norwich, United Kingdom
Rachel Wakefield, Farmington, NH
Rachel Wolf, Rachel Wolf, Santa Cruz, CA
Radan Slavik, researcher, Prague, Czech Republic
Raeder Anderson, Artist, Pryor, OK
Rafael García, Pastor, Summerfield United Methodist Chruch*, Port Chester, NY
Rafael Pla-Lopez, Titular Teacher, Universitat De Valencia*, Burjass Spain
Rafael Sorkin, Professor of Physics, Syracuse University*, Syracuse, NY
Rafeek Ferouz, Georgetown, MD, Guyana
Raha Bahreini, Richmond Hill,, ON, Canada
Rain Burroughs, Virginia Anti-war Network And Green Party Of Richmond, Va*, Richmond, VA, North
Rainee Lyleson, Avalon, Australia
Rainer Fielenbach, Church*, Straubing, Germany
Rainer Rupp, Journalist, German Daily "Junge Welt"*, Saarburg, Germany
Rajesh R., Assistant Secretary, All India Anti-imperialist Forum*, New Delhi, India
Ralph Fisler, North Canton, OH
Ramin Rakhsha, Mining Engineer, Dianella, Wa, Australia
Ramin Skibba, Pittsburgh, PA
Ramjierasyid Ramjie, worker, Mata*, Perak Dr, Malaysia, Malaysia
Ramon Puga, teacher, Kerhonkson, NY
Randa Haggag, Senior Brand Manager, Aujan*, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Randall Gicker, Eugene, OR
Randall Kessinger, Granby, MO
Randi Andersen, Gunnison, CO
Randi Fćrevik, preschool teacher, Internasjonale Sosialister*, 0553 Oslo, Norway
Randolph Langenbach, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Oakland, CA
Randy Pottinger, Latrobe, PA
Rao Nagisetty, Professor, University Of Toledo*, Toledo, OH
Rashna Singh, Visiting Professor, Colorado Springs, CO
Rata Hojjat, Student, Philadelphia, PA
Ratsiu Molemo, Economist, Ministry Of Natural Resources*, Maseru, Lesotho
Ray Brown, Consultant Psychotherapist, NHS*, Bristol, United Kingdom
Ray Harris, TAX PROFESSIONAL, Carrollton, GA
Ray Kiely, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, Soas*, London, United Kingdom
Ray Macnair, Co-chair, Economic Justice Coalition*, Athens, GA
Ray McAnelly, Research Associate, Colorado State Univ.*, Fort Collins, CO
Ray McCall, Owner, Rays Country Store, Mt Grove, MO
Ray Miller, AKA Jack Random, Writer, Modesto, CA
Raybblin Vargas, Development Director, Dominican Women's Development Center*, New York,
Raymond Pratt, Cleveland, OH
Reba Gutin-hassett, Forest Hills, NY
Rebecca Garden, Syracuse, NY
Rebecca Leo, Eastham, MA
Rebecca Marsland, Oxford, United Kingdom
Rebecca Yarowsky, Richmond, VA
Rebekah Rubensohn, student, Sydney University, Sydney, Australia
Reem Abu-Sbaih, Osteopath mama, Bkln, NY
Reese Forbes, Veterans For Peace*, Kirkwood, MO
Reiko Obata, Faculty, Music Department, San Diego Mesa College*, San Diego, CA
Reinhard Schwandt, Betriebsrat, Ver.Di (Union Of Service Employees In Germany)*, 22763 Hamburg, Germany
Renato Paris, pacifista, Torino, Italy
Renaud Blanchet, Recologne, France
Renault Christian, Lavans Les St Claude, France
Renecca Prine, Social Worker, Los Angeles, CA
Renee Veen, Student, Arvada, CO
Renée Wang, Seeheim, Germany
Resa Buzzalu, Hamburg, Germany
Rex English, Chicago, IL
Rex Estell, Ranchos De Taos, NM
Reynaldo Marion, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Reza Akhavan, Sr. Manager, Potomac, MD
Reza Badvy, manager, Arian Tobak*, Stockholm, Sweden
Reza Ghaemi, Wirral, United Kingdom
Reza Ghanei, Engineer, Canoga Park, CA
Reza Gharagozloo, Karaj, Iran
Reza Ghazai, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Reza Jafari, Student, Royal Holloway University Of London*, Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Reza Khs, Student, Tehran, Iran
Reza Massoumi, Sockholm, Sweden
Reza Mirian, Long Beach, CA
Reza Morovat, Scientist, Nhs*, Oxford, United Kingdom
Reza Namdar, Delegate to Executive Council, Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild*, Washington, DC
Reza Saebi, Toronto, ON, Canada
Reza San, Tehran, Iran
Reza Shirazi, Radio Producer, Fairfax Public Access TV*, Fairfax, VA
Reza Tahmasbi, Student, UNE*, Armidale, Australia
Reza Zaraatkar, Liecester, United Kingdom
Rhea Green, Ukiah, CA
Rhiannon Perry Alwine, Pound Ridge, NY
Rhonda Syphax, Wa, WA
Ricardo Garcia, engineer, Woodstock, IL
Ricardo Santiago, Delegate, Free People's Movement, New York, NY
Ricardo U. Berg, Los Angeles, CA
Riccardo Parra, Ph.D Student, Cnr*, Pisa, Italy
Rich McCampbell, engineer, Milton, MA
Rich Wyman, composer, musician, activist, Park City For Peace, Park City, UT
Richard & Carolyn Rosenstein, Los Angeles, CA
Richard And Sandi Schmidt, Mukilteo, WA
Richard Angehr, Schenectady, NY
Richard Brinton, Salinas, CA
Richard Burkhart, President, Coalition For A World Parliament And Global Democracy, Seattle, WA
Richard Burstell, Leeds, NY
Richard Clarke, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Richard Dawson, Torrance, CA
Richard Doyle, writer/researcher, Flanders, NJ
Richard Duffee, Stamford, CT
Richard Dutkiewicz, Allegan, MI
Richard Estes, Davis, CA
Richard Finlay, Fixer, Fixer's Union*, Dublin, Ireland
Richard Greene, online activist, Seaside, CA
Richard Greve, Staten Island, NY
Richard Haviland, Montville, NJ
Richard Kaziny, Evanston, IL
Richard Kirchhoff, Seattle, WA
Richard Lawson, Teacher, Dept Of Education And Training*, Sydney, Australia
Richard Marcuse, President, Richard Marcuse Consulting, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Richard Marra, Schenectady, NY
Richard Mayson, Wellington, New Zealand
Richard McCormick, Wellington, New Zealand
Richard McCurdy, University Of Florida Retired, Gainesville, FL
Richard Meritzer, Chairperson, Gertrude Stein Political Club Of Greater Pittsburgh*, Pittsburgh, PA
Richard Moult, composer, Gaze Tree*, Clun, United Kingdom
Richard Moye, St. Johnsbury, VT
Richard Neuse, professor emeritus, University Of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
Richard Nutt, Orangevale, CA
Richard Ochs, state delegate, Maryland Green Party*, Baltimore, MD
Richard O'Leary, Bronx, NY
Richard Pieart, Visalia, CA
Richard Roberts, Gibsonville, NC
Richard Sam Salmon, comrade worker, diabeled and retired, Communist Party USA Wisconsin Section, Green Bay, WI
Richard Sanders, Physician Assistant, Glendora, CA
Richard Smith, Retiree, Lewisburg, PA
Richard Squires, Retired Research Scientist, Woodland, CA
Richard Tapper, Professor Emeritus, University Of London*, London, United Kingdom
Richard Tewes, Nevada City, CA
Richard Wallis, Attorney, Spokane, WA
Richard Walnut, member, South Jersey Campaign For Peace & Justice*, Vincentown, NJ
Richard Wilkinson, Ponder, TX
Richard Wood, Co-Chair, Sociology Department, Deanza College*, Loma Mar, CA
Richard Young, Albuquerque, NM
Rick Burkhardt, Songwriter / Composer, The Prince Myshkins, Madison, WI
Rick Hearn, President, M.o.v.e. Men Opposed To Violence Everywhere, Chester, VT
Rick Klein, Ripton, VT
Rick Merlotti, Hollywood, FL
Rick Muildier, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Rick Robinson, Putney, VT
Rick Scheffert, Calmar, IA
Rick Taylor, Tucker, GA
Rieko Miyoshi, New York, NY
Rita Gallin, Professor, East Lansing, MI
Rita Jongen, Rochester, NY
Rita Marin, Lake Como, PA
Riza Sihbudi, Research Professor, Indonesian Institute Of Sciences, Jakarta, Indonesia
Roanna Krisko, Sacramento For Democracy, Sacramento Coalition To End The War*, Sacramento, CA
Rob Skelley, Human Being, Humanity, Canton, OH
Rob Wheeler, Organizer, Carlisle Peace College*, Scotland, PA
Robbir Lauter, Nurse Practitioner, Community Health Center, Amherst, MA
Robert & Anita Underwood, Retired Federal Investigator, U.s. Food & Drug Administration*, Green Lane, PA
Robert Alagjozovski, Proect manager, Ngo Kontrapunkt*, Valandovo, Macedoni
Robert Anger, Beverly Hills, CA
Robert Astrue, Trinidad, CA
Robert Basch, W. Newton, MA
Robert Bisson, Stuyvesant, NY
Robert Brown, Rochester, NY
Robert Brown, Wichita Falls, TX
Robert Burns, Fire Chief (retired), Mountain View, CA
Robert Carter, Retired, Houston, TX
Robert Castro, Ph.D. canididate, Texas A&M University-Kingsville*, Kingsville, TX
Robert Cole, Oaxaca, Mexico
Robert Dennis, Dallas Peace Center*, Dallas, TX
Robert Fuller, Apple Valley, CA
Robert Gendron, Winchester, VA
Robert Goldberg, owner, Coelectronics*, Jericho, NY
Robert Haynes, Sandpoint, ID
Robert Hegarty, Baltimore, MD
Robert Heiniger, Glen Burnie, MD
Robert Heron, Retired, Los Angeles, CA
Robert Huggins, Retired, San Diego, CA
Robert Husák, Prague, Czech Republic
Robert Jackson, Metalsmith, Athens, GA
Robert Jones, President, Jones Consulting Ltd.*, Acworth, GA
Robert Kelly, Jefferson, ME
Robert Kelly, Member, Humans Who Think, Hampton Bays, NY
Robert King, Maldon, United Kingdom
Robert Leonard, retired teacher, Coquitlam Bc, BC, Canada
Robert Lofthouse, Professor, Broome Community College*, Ithaca, NY
Robert Mancini, teacher, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Robert Mc Henry, president, Rockwell International*, San Jose, CA
Robert McEldowney, Laupahoehoe, HI
Robert McLean, Attorney, Ocala, FL
Robert Melsh, Lead Chair ,Social Justice Com., Universalist Unitarian Church*, Riverside, CA
Robert Merritt, Owner,*, Folsom, CA
Robert Messina, Round Lake Park, IL
Robert Moir, Central Nj Coalition For Peace And Justice, Fair Haven, NJ
Robert Moir, Steering Committee Member, Central Nj Coalition For Peace And Justice*, Fair Haven, NJ
Robert Moore, Tampa, FL
Robert Nuzum, St. Petersburg, FL
Robert Obrien, Lee, MA
Robert O'Neil, West Long Branch, NJ
Robert Periano, Augusta, GA
Robert Pike, Member / Co-ordinator, The Resistance, Long Beach, CA
Robert Potter, Professor Emeritus, University Of California, Santa Barbara*, Santa Barbara, CA
Robert Ranney, Battlefield, MO
Robert Reilly, St. Clair Shores, MI
Robert Reite, President, Telecentral Electronics, Inc., Exeter, PA
Robert Srbin, Residential Manager, Riverdale, NY
Robert Stebbins, Corvallis, OR
Robert Studholme, Lecturer, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Robert Sumner, Hartford, KY
Robert Thompson, Avocat Honoraire, Rimboval, France
Robert Turnbull, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Robert Weaver, Pax Christi*, Clarion, PA
Robert Weingart, Powell, OH
Robert Whitehead, Classroom Teacher/Union Rep, Sacramento City Teachers Association/California Teachers Association/National Education Association*, Sacramento, CA
Robert Wilhelm, Lebanon, PA
Roberta Lkeegan, Retired Person, South Boston, MA
Roberto Cancel, teacher, Tallahassee, FL
Roberto O. Lozano, Kelseyville, CA
Roberto Taddeo, Committee Against War*, Neaples, Italy
Robert-Paul Lemay, Student, University Of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
Robin Alpern, Peekskill, NY
Robin Friend, Retired, Social Security Administration*, Yelm, WA
Robin Heinemann, Cedar Hill, MO
Robin Kearney, EAP Lecturer, School Of Oriental And African Studies, University Of London*, London, United Kingdom
Robin Kearney, EAP Lecturer, School Of Oriental And African Studies, University Of London*, London, United Kingdom
Robin Lerner, LCSW, Beyond War*, Ventura, CA
Robin McCubbin, San Diego, CA
Robin Powell, Penn State-university Park, Belcourt, ND
Robina Mapstone, Robina Mapstone, Home*, Venice, CA
Rochelle Hair, President, Time & Place Real Estate And Consulting*, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Rod Hojat, medical student, Gallipolis, OH
Rod Hutchinson, Boss, H&h Machine*, Edmonds, WA
Roderic Gorney, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
Rodney Glover, Owner, FCR*, Brentwood, TN
Rodolfo Zarli, dentist, Buttrio, Italy
Roger Baker, Radiologist, Mineral Wells, TX
Roger Chaillet, Dallas, TX
Roger Conant, Pelham, MA
Roger Drew, Purchase, NY
Roger Drowne Ec, Earth Citizen,*, Tuftonboro, NH
Roger Ellman, Director, The-origin Foundation, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA
Roger Jones, Los Angeles, CA
Roger Kemble, Principal Architect/planner, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Roger Schreiber, Partner, Solve Et Coagula, St.Gallen, Switzerland
Roger Vannoy, Nursing student/Inactive Marine, Charleston, WV
Rogers Turrentine, Encinitas, CA
Rohan Dsouza, Bangalore, India
Roksana Alavi, Roksana Alavi, Mcallen, TX
Roland Blach, DFG-VK*, Stuttgart, Germany
Roland Germain, Germantown, TN
Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont, Lecturer, Roskilde University*, Roskilde, Denmark
Rolf Ernst, Plano, TX
Rolland Fellows, Psychologist, Austin, TX
Roma Guy, Clinical Faculty, Department of Health Education, San Francisco State University*, San Francisco, CA
Roman Kurkin, student, Prague, Czech Republic
Romy Schreiber, student, Dieburg, Germany
Ron & Maria De Stefano, West Paterson, NJ
Ron Angell, UPAG, Peace & Justice, GSI, Oak Park, IL
Ron Graham, Houston, TX
Ron Jacobs, writer and library worker, Asheville, NC
Ron Marr, Chepachet, RI
Ron Ridenour, journalist-author, Ronne, Denmark
Ron Turner, Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Ronald Brown, Longmont, CO
Ronald Mickley, Lubbock, TX
Ronald Redder, clergy, Roselawn Lutheran Church*, Cincinnati, OH
Ronald Richardson, Missouri Valley, IA
Ronald Squillante, San Francisco, CA
Ronald Strand, Valncouver, BC, Canada
Ronelle Moehrke, Augusta, GA
Ronnel Corre, San Jose, CA
Rosalba Palmas, Pavia, Italy
Rosaleen Knoepfel, public school teacher, Brooklyn, NY
Rosalia Krenn, peace group, Arge Wehrdienstverweigerung, Salzburg, Austria
Rosalie Bertell, Retired President, Intr'l Inst. Of Concern For Public Health*, Yardley, PA
Rosalie R, Evanston, IL
Rosalie Sedita, Retired, Boxford, MA
Rosalind Freeman, Huntington Beach, CA
Rosan Daido, Abb Missouri Zen Center*, St. Louis, MO
Rosario Attanasio, membro, Coll. "Iqbal Masih" Lecce ( I )*, Lecce (Italia), BC, Italy
Rose Clear, Library technician, Tafe Nsw*, Penrith, Australia
Rose Jeranium, Jeraniums Not Uranium*, Pahoa, HI
Rose Rubio, RETIRED, Kissimmee Fl, FL
Rose-anne Franklin, Para, Suriname
Roseanne Mendoza, Irvine, CA
Rosemary Graf, Cummington, MA
Ross Anderson, Glenavy, United Kingdom
Ross Campbell, retired, Central Coast, Australia
Ross Heckmann, Arcadia, CA
Rossella Pizzera, copywriter, Milano, Italy
Rostislav Kryl, Chodov, Czech Republic
Roudabeh Shafie, Founder, Action Iran, London, United Kingdom
Rouhi Shafii, Author and Social Scientist, Surrey, United Kingdom
Rowena Lawrence, Indianapolis, IN
Rox Ann Bradley, Home Maker, Yorktown, VA
Roxanne Sumner, St. Paul, MN
Roxanne Warren, Principal, Roxanne Warren Architects, New York, NY
Roy Lanek, Padang, Indonesia
Roya Sedighian, I/T Specialist, Yorktown Heights, NY
Roya Sedighian, Yorktown Heights, NY
Roya Zare, Dr., Baku, Azerbaijan
Roz Banki, Northridge, CA
Rpbert Gendron, Winchester, VA
Ruben Cuyugan, Retired, Lenoir, NC
Rudi Bock, 53129 Bonn, Germany
Rudi Saad, Director, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Rudolf Stratmann, Hamburg, Germany
Rudy Zeller, Instructor, Contra Costa College*, Richmond, CA
Runar Sveinbjornsson, Electrician foreman, Reykjavik, Iceland
Rund Awwad Bajes, Projects coordinator, Ministry Of Environment*, Amman, Jordan
Rush Rehm, Professor, Stanford University*, Redwood City, CA
Russ Grubbs, Russ Grubbs, Playa Del Rey, CA
Russ Michael, Virginia Beach, VA
Russell Banks, Author, Saratoga Springs, NY
Russell Bates, Berkeley, CA
Russell Bridge, Santa Barbara, CA
Russell Bulmer, London, United Kingdom
Russell Cronin, London, United Kingdom
Russell Schoch, Berkeley, CA
Rustie Woods, Sebastopol, CA
Ruth Conrad Liechty, member, Seniors For Peace*, Goshen, IN
Ruth Eisenhower, Cold Spring, NY
Ruth Fallenbaum, Oakland, CA
Ruth Hsiao, retired professor, Tufts Univ.*, Cambridge, MA
Ruth Hull-Richter, Chairman, Patrick Henry Democratic Club, Santa Ana, CA
Ruth Marchese, Brooklyn, NY
Ruth Persky, Ruth Persky, Los Angeles, CA
Ruth Russell, memberAdelaide, Australia
Ruth Van Den Tol, Leibnitz, Austria
Ruth Wells, Student, Sydney, Australia
Ry Siggelkow, Theology Student, University Of St. Thomas*, Minneapolis, MN
Ryan McGinnis, College Student, Neumann / Pax Christi*, Philadelphia, PA
Ryan Potochnik, Saint Francis, WI
Ryo Ishiguro, Takatsuki-City, Japan
S Andersen, Phone worker, Dublin 1, Ireland
S. Andersen, special education teacher, San Bernardino, CA
S. Jahangeer, Alexandria, VA
S. M. Shamim Ul Moula, Ph.D. MBBS., Director, Safe Life (NGO), Dhaka, Bangladesh
S. Wolf Britain, Human and Civil Rights Advocate, Wolf Enterprises Human & Civil Rights Advocacy, Whitefish, MT
Saba Alasfoor, Manama, Bahrain
Saba Ranjbar, Chicago, IL
Saba Sohail, Columbus, OH
Sabina Feshti, student, University Of Florence*, Florence, Italy
Sabine, Sophie & Marie Gorsse, Saint Romain De Popey, France
Sabrina Choi, Itasca, IL
Sabrina Siskind, Oakland, CA
Sadegh Maleki, Tehran-iran, Iran
Sadie Norlin, student, Brooklyn Park, MN
Sadu Nanjundiah, Professor, Central Connecticut State University*, New Britain, CT
Saeed Behbahani, TV Journaliste, Mihantv*, Centreville, VA
Saeed Karim Aghaei, London, United Kingdom
Saeed Vaseghi, Professor, Brunel University*, London, United Kingdom
Saeid Raoufi, Orangevale, CA
Saha Sadeghi, physician, San Diego, CA
Sahar Taman, Chippewa Falls, WI
Sahel Ansari, M.D in Radiology, Mdi*, S, CA
Saideh Khadir, emergency phisician, St-luc Hospital, Montreal, QC, Canada
Saito Yuko, Sakura, Japan
Sakamoto Shuichi, Sapporo, Japan
Sako Sefiani, Professor of Computer Science, Montrose, CA
Sala Nolan-gonzales, Minister for Criminal Justice and Human Rights, United Church Of Christ*, Cleveland, OH
Salahuddin Razzaq, CEO, Hot Hut*, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Salim Vally, activist, Anti War Coalition, Johannesburg, South Africa
Sally Hanchett, Newport, RI
Sally Hanlon, Patient / Staff Liaison, La Clinica Del Pueblo*, Washington,, DC
Sally McKinney, Bloomington, IN
Sally O'Brien, Journalist/Senior Producer, Wbai/pacifica Radio-ny*, New York, NY
Sally Orr, Belen, NM
Sally Silva, Pine City, MN
Sally Thompson, Teacher, Sisters Of The Holy Names Of Jesus And Mary, San Francisco, CA
Sally-Alice And Don Thompson, Albuquerque, NM
Salomeh Ghorban, Student, Berkeley, CA
Salvatore Iaccarino, Pisa, Italy
Salwa Rashad, Madison, WI
Sam Bernstein, Librarian, Here Local 34*, New Haven, CT
Sam Bradley, Supporter, Codepink Orlando/, Orlando, FL
Sam Hamill, Director, Poets Against War, Port Townsend, WA
Sam Houston Allred, San Francisco, CA
Sam Noumoff, Mcgill University*, Montreal, QC, Canada
Sam Weinreb, member, Coalition For Peace And Justice*, Nyack, NY
Samantha Dean, Staten Island, Ny, NY
Samantha Weinbrecht, Indianapolis, IN
Sami Ramadani, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University*, London, United Kingdom
Samir El Houdaigui, Rabat, Morocco
Samuel Collins, Professor, Towson University*, Towson, MD
Samuel H. Neff, Richmond, IN
Samuel Thomas, Disability, Willow Grove, PA
Samuele Gallazzi, engineer, La Pulce, Solbiate Olona, Italy
Sanae Shinomiya, Sagamihara-City, Japan
Sandra Barringer, Retired manager, Disabled American Veterans*, Lansing, MI
Sandra Caplan, Teacher, Caawston Elementary School*, Hemet, CA
Sandra Desmedt, Boonton, NJ
Sandra Dini, Peterborough, United Kingdom
Sandra Hall, San Francisco, CA
Sandra Litchfield, Mission, KS
Sandra Olsen, IPPNW*, Heidelberg, Germany
Sandra Pirouz, Shaker Heights, OH
Sandrine Catris, Against The Occupation Of Iraq, Bloomington, IN
Sandro Caparelli, Urbanista, Comune Di Venezia*, Venezia, Italy
Sandy Rose, sewing machine operator, Stow, OH
Sandy Shevack, social worker, Paterson, NJ
Sanjeev Chowdhury, Judge, Munich, Germany
Sara Ballestriero, Italy
Sara Betty Berenson, San Francisco, CA
Sara Dehart, Lynnwood, WA
Sara Ebarati, USA is nobody, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center, New York, NY
Sara Ganjaei, Norwich, United Kingdom
Sara Gunning, Staten Island, NY
Sara Kristine Sortland Nes, 6968 Flekke, Norway, Norway
Sara Malewski, Utica, MI
Sara Powell, Washington Report On Middle East Affairs*, Annandale, VA
Sara Taheri, Product Development, BBL*, London, United Kingdom
Sarah "echo" Steiner, Co-Chair, Green Party Of Florida And Palm Beach County, Lake Worth, FL
Sarah Brown, Server/ Student, City College Of San Francisco*, San Francisco, CA
Sarah Cutler, Santa Fe, NM
Sarah Deady, Secretary, Amnesty International Of Truman State University*, Arnold, MO
Sarah Elfstrom, student, Richmond, BC, Canada
Sarah Gardener, Rochester, NY
Sarah Lafford, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Sarah Mostajeran, San Diego, CA
Sarah Schwarz, St. Augustine, FL
Sarah Thorne, Sydney, Australia
Sarah Whitman, Impruneta, Italy
Saraswati Kavula, Filmmaker, Movement Against Uranium Project, Hyderabad, India
Sarie Bryson, Thousand Oaks, CA
Sasan Safari, Ballarat, Australia
Sasha Ali, Encino, CA
Sashinka Gorguinpour, Padova, Italy
Sassan Abdolazimi, Architect, Nadel Architects,inc., Sherman Oaks, CA
Satoru Hosogi, no more blood , no more lies, Free Jamal Campaign*, Tokyo Japan, Japan
Satrio Arismunandar, Executive Director, The Indonesian Peace Society, Depok, Indonesia
Sauro Selleri, Engineer, Nussbaumen, Switzerland
Sayed Ali, Lover of Iran, Love Rahbare Muazzam Sayed Ali Khamenai*, Jammu & Kashmir, India
Scappin Alessandro, Venice, Italy
Scenna Shipley, Portland, OR
Scot Sandoval, Attorney, Tujunga, CA
Scott Ainslie, Chairman, Cattail Music, Ltd, Brattleboro, VT
Scott Brown, Belleville, MI
Scott Cooper, College Instructor, Itaca College In Los Angeles*, Venice, CA
Scott Craig, Vice Chairman, Northville Democrats*, Northville, MI
Scott Griffith, Boonton Twp, NJ
Scott Horton, Assistant Editor,*, Austin, TX
Scott Inniss, student, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Scott Lockett, Maple Heights, OH
Scott Malec, Researcher, Pittsburgh, PA
Scott Richard Lyons, Columnist, Indian Country Today, Syracuse, NY
Scott Weigandt, Oshkosh, WI
Sean Baren, Director of Health Quality, Medford, MA
Sean Hall, Member, Against The Occupation Of Iraq*, Bloomington, IN
Sean Hendry, Radord, VA
Sean Karimpour, Realtor, Alta Loma, CA
Sean Kasper, Merrill, WI
Sean Mulligan, Alpharetta, GA
Sean Murphy, Assistant Editor, New Hope Gazette*, Cherry Hill, NJ
Sean O'neil, Missoula, MT
Sean Proietti, Richmond, VA
Sean Tesh, Systems Engineer, Vienna, VA
Sean Watson, Human Rights Activist, Wilmington, NC
Sejong Oh, Yokohama, Japan
Selemon Selam, Masters Degree in Buisness Adm., Privat*, Koeln, Germany
Selene Salas, Student, Sylmar, CA
Sellam Ismail, Livermore, CA
Selva Tinnan, Statesville, NC
Serena Romano, researcher, Naples, Italy
Serenity Allah, Pasadena, CA
Serge Arakeli, Poet - Writer, Doonside, Australia
Sergio Deggiovanni, Faenza, Italy
Sergio Hernandez, Buffalo, NY
Serina Yamazaki, Student, University Of Lincoln*, Lincoln, United Kingdom
Seth Hall, Progressive, Cambridge, MA
Severio Nesich, Casselberry, FL
Seyed Jalal Khatounabadi, Retired, London, United Kingdom
Sha Azedi, Riverside, CA
Shabnam Mayet, Anti War Coalition South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa
Shabnam Mirmanesh, Cherry Hill, NJ
Shadi Rostami, System Architect, Vernier Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Shady Shivakhah, Tehran, Iran
Shae Matrix, Tucson, AZ
Shahab Alizadeh, Real Estate Consultant, Wonderagents, Inc., San Ramon, CA
Shahab Jafari, student, High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Shahin Gransar, Student, Studio City, CA
Shahin Issaee, BP, Hull, United Kingdom
Shahin Shabanian, Williamsport, PA
Shahin Shahrestani, student, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Shahla Abghari, Dr., Mareitta, GA
Shahmir Sardar, private citizen, Flossmoor, IL
Shahram Shirazi, Artist, Tehran, Iran
Shahram Tousi, Principal Consultant, Glenview, IL
Shahriar Etemadi, Columbia, MD
Shahrnush Parsipur, Albany, CA
Shakeerah Haikal, Philadelphia, PA
Shakib Ahsan, soft engr, Emis*, Edmond, OK
Shana Scudder, Raleigh, NC
Shane McElroy, Sarasota, FL
Shannon Hughes, shannon hughes, Point Arena, CA
Sharat G. Lin, South Asians For Collective Action*, Fremont, CA
Sharon Ghamari-Tabrizi, Visiting Assistant Professor, University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign*, Champaign, IL
Sharon Hunter, Detroit, MI
Sharon Johnson, Realtor, Osceola, WI
Sharon Raynor, Ossining, NY
Sharon Roedl, Sister, School Sister Of Notre Dame*, Milwaukee, WI
Sharrhan Williamson, Cambridge, MA
Sharyn Leslie, San Francisco, CA
Shaukat Ali Mahmud, Retiree, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Shawn And Jaime Osborne, Professor of English, Fabricator/Designer, Long Beach, CA
Shawn Goldak, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Shawna Laird, Veterinary Technician, Ocean City, NJ
Sheelagh Weeks, Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Shehryar Khalid Rao, Sr. Brand Manager, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sheikh Islam, Sales support rep, Rogers*, Mississauga, Canada
Sheila & Rev. John Collins, Professor and Clergyman, William Paterson University & United Methodist Church*, New Rochelle, NY
Sheila Amies-Byron, Paignton, United Kingdom
Sheila Brown, Toronto, ON, Canada
Sheila Dunnachie, Mayne Island, BC, Canada
Sheila Evans, Henniker, NH
Sheila Pyatt, Wife, mother and U.S. citizen, Oakland, CA
Sheila Shidnia, Brooklyn, NY
Shelagh Young, Lakefield, ON, Canada
Sherna Gluck, Proefssor Emerita, California State Unviersity, Lb*, Topanga, CA
Sherry Adams, Long Beach, CA
Sherry Steeves, Sandgate, VT
Sherry Vatter, Instructor, Csu, Long Beach*, Los Angeles, CA
Sherry Wolf, International Socialist Review, Chicago, IL
Sherry Zawistowski, Winfield, IL
Sherry Zitter, Hudson, MA
Shervin Amoukhteh, Irvine, CA
Shiara Lempinen, Buena Vista, CO
Shifa Naeem, Dr. Karachi, Pakistan
Shigeru Takeuchi, Professor of Mathematics, Gifu University*, Gifu, Japan
Shiho Ando, Mihara-City, Japan
Shima Ebrahimi, Senior Account Executive, Smci*, W. Hollywood, CA
Shine Khan, production manager, Toronto, Canada
Shingo Yoshigoe, why?why?, Iiyama, Japan
Shinichi Takenaka, Kahoku-city, Japan
Shireen Mahdavi, Professor, University Of Utah*, Salt Lake City, UT
Shirin Jabbarzadeh, Roswell, GA
Shirin Tavallaey Roodsari, Gothenburg, Sweden
Shirley Franklin, Seior Lecturer n Education, St Martin's College*, London, United Kingdom
Shirley Maxwell, Los Gatos, CA
Shirou Taira, Hirosima, Japan
Sho Yoshimitsu, Osaka City, Japan
Shoaib Sultan, Journalist, Oslo, Norway
Shokooh Mirzadegi, Writer & Journalist, Centennial, CO
Sholeh Payrovi, housewife, Home*, San Jose, CA, Iran
Shuaib Zaman, Copehagen, Denmark
Shuja Syed, Toronto, ON, Canada
Shunji Ichinose, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba, Japan
Sia Khosrovi, Palo Alto, CA
Siamak Amini, Professor, University Of Salford*, Salford, United Kingdom
Siamak Farah-Bakhshian, Hamzaboon, Llc*, Tarzana, CA
Siamak Movahedi, Professor & Chairman, Department Of Sociology, University Of Massachusetts Boston*, Boston, MA
Siamak Vossoughi, San Francisco, CA
Siamak Zadeh, Menlo Park, CA
Siavash Enayati, Senior Software Engineer, Foster City, CA
Sid Shniad, Research Director, Telecommunications Workers Union*, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Siegfried Makulla, Oberhaching, Germany
Siegfried Nenke, Rev.em. (lutheran), Jena, Germany
Siglinda Scarpa-Anderson, Pittsboro, NC
Sigrin Torres-Aulenta, Long Beach, CA
Sigurđur Flosason, Kópavogur, Iceland
Silian Della Ragione, Student, /, Treviso, Italy
Silvia Eby, Sacramento, CA
Silvia Lelli, professor, Antropologiche*, Firenze, Italy
Silvia Monelli, Roma, Italy
Silvia Rossi, Legnano, Italy
Sima Aprahamian, Asst. Prof. & Fellow, Sociology-anthropology & Simone De Beauvoir Institute*, Montreal, Canada
Simon Balassanian, Self Employed, Chtb*, La Crescenta, CA
Simon Enoch, Ryerson University*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Simon Holm Klange, Ringkřbing, Denmark
Simon Küffer, co-manager creative dep, Pixelfarm, Berne, Switzerland
Simon McAllan, Professor, ISO, Bagdad, AZ
Simon Parker, Senior Lecturer, University Of York*, York, United Kingdom
Simon Wood, Auckland, New Zealand
Simone Crebel, Trieste, Italy
Simone Mills, Los Angeles, CA
Simone Oggionni, member of the regional commitee, Communist Refoundation Party Of Emilia-romagna (italy)*, S.lazzaro Di Savena(bologna), Italy
Simone Toccacieli, Lucrezia (pu), Italy
Simoon Nasir, Wh, CA
Sinmyung Kim, Toukyou, Jordan
Sirus Azhdari, Milano, Iran
Skye Soroush, IT Manager, San Pedro, CA
Soenke WandschneiderD - 20099 Hamburg, Germany
Soha Soheili, Dural, IN, Australia
Soheil Vatandoust, manager, Worldmart*, Castle Hill, Australia
Soheil Zendeh, Lexington, MA
Solita Work, Calgary, AB, Canada
Solmaz Parsa, Kristianstad, SC, Sweden
Somprasong Phimmasone, Bloomington, MN
Sondra Cooper, Sonoma, CA
Sondra Hale Hale, Professor, Anthropology, U. Of California, Los Angeles (ucla)*, Culver City, CA
Sonia Bristot, Sedico, Italy
Sonia Gaona-Jurado, Popayan, Colombia
Sonia Lombardo, Augusta, Italy
Sonia Rosa Lokey, Owner, Essene, Sausalito, CA
Soodie Shakerin, Iranian American, Emeryville, CA
Sophia Hughes, Charlottesville, VA
Sophie Lorant, director, Mechant Loup Production, Paris, France
Sorab Ghandhi, Professor Emeritus, Escondido, CA
Soraya Sepahpour-ulrich, Graduate Student, University Of Utah*, Salt Lake City, UT
Soraya Ulrich, grad student, Salt Lake City, UT
Soren Raarup, Ringsted, Denmark
Sougand Sayad, Student, Qom, Iran
Sousi Issmail, stop it ! for freedom of all countries, Lat, Syria
Spartaco Vitiello, Napoli, Italy
Sreeni Konda, Norwich, United Kingdom
Stacey Jolly, Dallas, GA
Stacey Matson-Z+A4451uvic, Cold Spring, NY
Stacia Fleegal, writer, West Chester, PA
Stack Kenny, Hyde Park, VT
Stacy Billingsley, Desert Hot Springs, CA
Stan Call, Boise, ID
Stan Huculak, Do not invade Iran, Mount Prospect, IL
Stan Scarano, CoPresident, National Coalition For The Chemically Injured*, Gloversville, NY
Stan Serafin, Sp. Ed. Teacher, Aps*, Corrales, NM
Stanislaus Stewart, New York, NY
Stanislav Tvrz, .NET Developer, Praha, Czech Republic
Stanley Heller, Chairperson, Middle East Crisis Committee, Woodbridge, CT
Stanley Vittoz, Toronto, ON, Canada
Steen Holmgren, architect, Bronshoj, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stefan Notter, Stuttgart, Germany
Stefan Vey, 79256 Buchenbach, Germany
Stefanie Krebs-pahlke, Employee, Berlin, Germany
Stefanie Lutz, Member, Campus Anti-war Network - Vcu Chapter, Richmond, VA
Stefano Cattaneo, Pedrengo, Italy
Stefano Cavallari, Rovigo, Italy
Stefano Nonino, Segretario, Prc Circolo Della Montagna Tolmezzo (ud)*, Tolmezzo (ud), Italy
Stefano Reyes, student, Bologna, Italy
Stefano Ulliana, Teacher, Codroipo, Italy
Steinar Matthíasson, Reykjavík, Iceland
Steindór Jónsson, Steindór Jónsson, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland
Stepan Safarloo, Glendale, CA
Stephanie Agnew, Northampton, MA
Stephanie Brewster, Family Case Manager, Head Start, Corydon, KY
Stephanie Cronin, Research Fellow, University Of Northampton, Northampton, United Kingdom
Stephanie Frizzell, Dallas, TX
Stephanie Hiller, Founder, Women For A Better World, Occidental, CA
Stephanie Lohse, Mother/Student/Teacher/UStaxpayer, Montpellier, France
Stephanie Mawson, Victoria, Australia
Stephanie McDowall, retired, Nanaimo*, BC, Canada
Stephanie Ojeda, Student, Garland, TX
Stephanie Sheets-Varnado, Consultant, Nashville, TN
Stephanie Smith, Ormond Beach, FL
Stephanie Sullivan, Oregon City, OR
Stephanie Westbrook, Rome, Italy
Stephanie Yesner, Mattapan, MA
Stephen And Adrienne Osborn, Camano Island, WA
Stephen Britton, Toronto, ON, Canada
Stephen Calkins, Ithaca, NY
Stephen Durham, student, South Pittsburg, TN
Stephen Esposito, student, Massa Lubrense, Italy
Stephen Foust, Batavia, IL
Stephen Funk, Marine, conscientious objector, Iraq Veterans Against The War, San Francisco, CA
Stephen Lendman, retired, Chicago, IL
Stephen Lewis, West Valley City, UT
Stephen Long, Writer, Arlington, TX
Stephen Lucas, Manhattan Beach, CA
Stephen Smith, Surrey, United Kingdom
Stephen Stalker, Binghamton, NY
Stephen Von Sychowski, Ycl Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Stephen Webster, Investigative Reporter, The News Connection*, Highland Village, TX
Stephen Yando, Research Scientist, Consultant*, Brooklyn, NY
Sterling Wallstrum, Student, Activist,, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Steve Belosi, Lake St Louis, MO
Steve Cone, Farmington, NM
Steve Foss, Bisbee, AZ
Steve Gosden, Cedar Rapids, IA
Steve Heeren, retired, Vernon, BC, Canada
Steve Howard, Cincinnati, OH
Steve Infantino, Bayside, CA
Steve Kainen, teacher, Wells Village School*, Wells, VT
Steve Karas, Democracy For Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Lee, Organizer, Wilmington Peace Meetup, Wilmington, NC
Steve Lux, Math/Science Teacher, Shalhevet High School*, Hawthorne, CA
Steve Martin, Vista, CA
Steve Merrill, Camp Verde, AZ
Steve Mirmanesh, physician, Cherry Hill, NJ
Steve North, Hong Kong, Comoros
Steve Robey, Bellingham, WA
Steve Rundle, Labrador, Australia
Steve Smith, Chapel Hill, NC
Steven Beck, Muskegon, MI
Steven Brewer, Seneca Falls, NY
Steven Burge, unemployed with 3 college degrees, Gettysburg, SD
Steven Burrall, physician, Permanente Medical Group*, Elk Grove, CA
Steven Erickson, Pennington, NJ
Steven Harrington, Reading, MA
Steven Holzberg, Dr., Lafayette, CA
Steven Jonas, MD, MPH, Professor, Stony Brook University*, Stony Brook, NY
Steven Karp, San Francisco, CA
Steven Lux, Math/Science Teacher, Shalhevet High School*, Hawthorne, CA
Steven Marrone, Professor, Tufts University*, Medford, MA
Steven Nichols, Fayetteville, AR
Steven Overstreet, Aptos, CA
Steven Smith, Chesterfield, AL, United Kingdom
Stewart Guthrie, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Fordham University*, Miami, FL
Sue Azizi, Chandler, AZ
Sue Baumgardt, Hove, United Kingdom
Sue Harrington, Piedmont, CA
Sue Weakley, London, United Kingdom
Sue West, member, Uaw*, Loves Park, IL
Suresh Paul, Executive Director, Arts For Peace*, New York, NY
Susan Arndt, Evergreen Peace & Justice Community*, Kirkland, WA
Susan Aryamanesh, Software Engineer, Mountain View, CA
Susan B. Sanford, Mountain View, HI
Susan Batstone, Brighton, United Kingdom
Susan Blackwell, Lecturer, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Susan Bradford, Delaware Water Gap, PA
Susan Childs, Longs, SC
Susan Davis, clergy, UMC, Endicott, NY
Susan Doane, Long Beach, CA
Susan E. Davis, Delegate, National Writers Union Uaw Local 1981*, New York, NY
Susan Estrella, Vista, CA
Susan Fay, Bridgeport, CT
Susan Gill, San Anselmo, CA
Susan Golden, Kailua-kona, HI
Susan House, Simi Valley, CA
Susan L D Shamblin, Morganton, NC
Susan Lees, Arlington, MA
Susan Marcus, retired, Sequim, WA
Susan Morucci, Humanitarian Aid Worker, Doctors Of The World Greek Delegation*, Athens, Greece
Susan Pearce, Buffalo, WY
Susan Rivo, Arlington, MA
Susan Stephens, cartographer, LANL/UNM*, Santa Fe, NM
Susan Swanson, Paicines, CA
Susan Zipp, Advisor, Communications Coordination Committee, For The United Nations*, Sausalito, CA
Susana Merino, Editor, Attac International, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Susanna Angeleri, Prc Italy*, Arezzo, Italy
Susanna Porte, Board Member, Mass Peace Action*, Cambridge, MA
Susanne Coie, Los Angeles, CA
Susanne Merrill, Afton, VA
Susanne Willard, Portland, ME
Susie Garris, Grass Valley, CA
Suzan Davis, West Springfield, MA
Suzan Zabeti, IT Network administrator, Education, Nsw, Australia
Suzanna Collerd, River Forest, IL
Suzanne Logan, teacher, Pt Reyes Station, CA
Suzanne Ludlum, Teacher, Oakland Usd*, Oakland, CA
Suzanne Maxson, High School Teacher, Sebastopol, CA
Suzanne Noble, Santa Monica, CA
Suzanne Richardson, Bronx, NY
Sven-Erik Simonsen, Valby, Denmark
Syed Mazheruddin, Cost Engineer, Saudi Electricity Company*, Riyad 11411, Saudi Arabia
Syed Rizvi, San Jose, CA
Sylva Krogh, Teacher, Alberta Teachers Association*, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Sylvia Inwood, Detroit, MI
Sylvie Belanger, professor, SUNY @ Buffalo*, Buffalo, NY
Sylvine Occhipinti, Roma, Italy
Syndi Holmes, Syndi Holmes,5th District (nc) Campaign, Mocksville, NC
Syrus Eslami, Plano, TX
T. Parker-Hartog, Minneapolis, MN
T. Thompson, Tempe, AZ
Tadashi Fukushima, Yamanashi, Japan
Tadashi Maeda, General Producer, Teatro Nacional Sucre, Quito, Ecuador
Tadashi Settsu, Nam, Ram, Paff*, Funabashi, Japan
Tahereh Hojjat, Associate Professor, Desales Univeristy*, Center Valley, PA
Tahir Khan, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Taisir Ghazi, retired assistant accountant, Sydney, Australia
Taiyo Na, Artist, New York, NY
Taja Hawkins, Bisbee, AZ
Takahiro Natsui, DO NOT KILL CHILDREN!, Reset-n*, Tokyo, Japan
Takashi Nakagawa, Mishima-gun Shimamoto-cho, Japan
Takashi Sanada, Kanazawa Ishikawa, Japan
Takaya Sugimoto, Nagoya, Japan
Tamaki Sakurai, Tokorozawasi, Japan
Tamar Krikorian, Student, University Of Waterloo*, Waterloo, ON, Canada
Tamara Gabay, Student, Suf*, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tamas Vekey, Chateauguay, QC, Canada
Tania Burchardt, Senior Research Fellow, London School Of Economics*, London, United Kingdom
Tania Noctiummes, economist, Fondation On Multilateralim, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Tanja Pasini, Translation coordinator, X-cosmos*, Padua, Italy
Tanvir Khan, Needham, MA
Tanweer Mahmoodullah, Dr., Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Targol Mesbah, Oakland, CA
Tarja Ervasti, Artist, Suomusjärvi, Finland
Taryn Morrison, Winnipeg, Canada*, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Tatsuji Hirasawa, na, Na*, Na, Japan
Tayebeh Karimpour, retired, Upland, CA
Taylor Samuel, Aum, Winston-salem, NC
Ted Arens, Manistee, MI
Ted Johnson, Colrain, MA
Ted McLaughlin, Euless, TX
Ted Morgan, Professor of Political Science, Lehigh University*, Bethlehem, PA
Ted Stevens, Washington, DC
Ted Stolze, Ted Stolze, Cerritos College*, Long Beach, CA
Teena Jo Neal, Tucson, AZ
Teodora Grosso, Genova, Italy
Teodoro Kroeker, Berlin, Germany
Terence Cochrane, Brisbane, Australia
Teresa Sao, Culver City, CA
Teresa Tombesi, impiegata, Comune Di Castagneto Carducci*, Donoratico, AL, Italy
Terese Svoboda, Writer, Fordham*, New York, NY
Teri Gonzales-Lowry, Chicago, IL
Terrence Zander, member, Veterans For Peace*, Olympia, WA
Terri Andersen, Pagosa Springs, CO
Terri Davis, Loveland, CO
Terri Lloyd, Entrepreneur, Terri Lloyd Company*, Los Angeles, CA
Terri Simon, Vallejo, CA
Terrie Williams, Vidor, TX
Terry Dubose, Associate Professor, Uams*, Little Rock, AR
Terry Felgate, Library assistant, University Of Essex*, Colchester, United Kingdom
Terry Ruthrauff, Psychologist, Williamsport, MD
Terumi Terao, Professor Emeritus, Nagoya Institute Of Technology*, Gifu-ken, Tajimi-shi, Japan
Tetsuo Tanaka, Osaka-city, Japan
Teymour Rezaei, Student, Tudelft*, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Thaher Pelaseyed, Gothenburg, Sweden
Thais Thomas, Sacramento, CA
Thea Paneth, Arlington United For Justice With Peace*, Arlington, MA
Thelma Seto, Writer, Athens, OH
Theo Papathanasis, Unsuccessful Writer, Athens, Greece
Theodore D. Turner, Private CitizenBrooklyn,, NY
Theodore Kneupper, Coordinator, Slippery Rock Peace And Justice Coalition, Slippery Rock, PA
Theodore Wilcox, Retired Professor, Rit*, Rochester, NY
Theresa Golden, Hawthorne, CA
Theresa Kane, Peace Advocate, Boston, MA
Theresa Mitchell, broadcaster, Kboo Portland*, Portland, OR
Theresa Rossiter, West Linn, OR
Therese Folsom, Columbia, MO
Thierry Deshayes, Scottsdale, AZ
Thomas Abowd, cardiologist, Toledo, OH
Thomas and Anne Marie Abowd, Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition*, Toledo, OH
Thomas And Ms. Anne Marie Abowd, Cardiologist, Toledo, OH
Thomas Anderson, Dripping Springs, TX
Thomas Andreola, Park Ridge, NJ
Thomas Autenrieth, Basel, Switzerland
Thomas Bautz, Teacher, Lake Mary, FL
Thomas Baxter, Librarian, Progressive Librarians Guild*, Tallahassee, FL
Thomas Beaulieu, Coventry, CT
Thomas Beaulieu, Coventry, CT
Thomas Becker, Berlin, Germany
Thomas Bias, President, Northwest New Jersey Peace Fellowship*, Sparta, NJ
Thomas Brendel, Stuttgart, Germany
Thomas Carney, Artist, Human, Austin, TX
Thomas Chen, Graduate Student, Brown University*, Providence, RI
Thomas Clash-Drexler, Public Policy ManagementDelmar, NY
Thomas Dorsey, Amityville, NY
Thomas Ebert, Plant City, FL
Thomas Esseling, Cologne, Germany
Thomas Fitch, Senior Academic Advisor, College Of Liberal Arts, University Of Minnesota*, Minneapolis, MN
Thomas Freund, retired, Mendocino, CA
Thomas Gabriel Giering, San Francisco, CA
Thomas Gregory, Shelton, CT
Thomas H. Baumgartner, LTC USAF (Retired), Edenton, NC
Thomas Harrelson, Editor,, Fargo, ND
Thomas Hennessy, Norfolk, VA
Thomas Immanuel Steinberg,, Hamburg, Germany
Thomas Keene Wall, worker, Miami, FL
Thomas Kelly, Teacher, La, CA
Thomas Koppel, Composer, The Savage Rose*, Rio Blanco, ot
Thomas Lash, Teacher, Coastal Convergence Society, Huntington Beach, CA
Thomas Lavigne, 2004 Green Party Candidate for US House of Representative, 13th Dist Mich, Green Party Of Michigan - Detroit Greens, Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Thomas Mauel, socialist, Unorganized*, Menomonie, WI
Thomas Murata, Brooklyn, NY
Thomas Payne, Farmer, Payne Farm, Shortsville, NY
Thomas Portney, Psychotherapist, North Augusta, SC
Thomas Prando, Co-Chair, Bernalillo County Green Party, Albuquerque, NM
Thomas Rockriver, Member, Veterans For Peace, Vvaw, Veterans For Common Sense*, Chapel Hill, NC
Thomas Wcislo, Calgary, AB, Canada
Thomas Young, Peterborough, ON, Canada
Thorbjřrn Nielsen, Student in Denmark, Suf*, Herning, Denmark
Thrudur Arna Briem, teacher, Samtök Herstödvaandstaedinga*, Reykjavík, Iceland
Tiffany Johnson, Richmond, VA
Tighe Barry, Code Pink*, Santa Monica, CA
Tim Blackmore, Tim Blackmore, Associate Professor*, London, ON, Canada
Tim Buehler, Emery, SD
Tim Casebolt, Co-chair, Green Party of San Diego, San Diego, CA
Tim Holmes, York, United Kingdom
Tim Morris, Toronto, ON, Canada
Tim Natale, programmer, Pasadena, CA
Tim O'Connor, Alliance, NE
Tim Pearce, Pittsburgh, PA
Timon Screech, university professor, University Of London*, London, United Kingdom
Timothy Baer, Organizer, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition, Nashville, IN
Timothy Brennan, Author, St. Paul, MN
Timothy Dicks, Hillside, NJ
Timothy Michel, Homeless, Homeless Of America, Los Angeles, CA
Timothy Mieyal, Parma, OH
Timothy Santoirre, Artist, Mount Horeb, WI
Timur Mestani, Istanbul, Turkey
Tina Khorram, Production Administrator, Cbs/paramount/judge Joe*, Santa Monica, CA
Tina Lagerström, Student, Linköping, Sweden
Tina Louise, writer, Arms Against War, Blackpool, United Kingdom
Tina Nialetz, Bristol, NH
Tiziana Longhitano, Docente, Franciscan Sisters, Rome, Italy
Tiziano Cardosi, Firenze, Italy
Tj Kiernan, South Yarmouth, MA
Toby Stover, High Falls, NY
Todd Anderson, San Francisco, CA
Todd Dennis, member, Veterans For Peace*, Eleva, WI
Todd Glover, Lincoln, NE
Todd Rusk, Urbana, IL
Todd Souvignier, author, musician, technologist, New Orleans, LA
Tom Cahill, Senior Networking Co-ordinator, Shifting Ground*, Bedarieux, France
Tom Carlsson, Truckdriver, Växjö, Sweden
Tom Clark, Herlev, Denmark
Tom Costello, Pearland, TX
Tom E. Bullock, Anacortes, WA
Tom Hilbert, Trier, Germany
Tom House, Berea, KY
Tom Jeannot, Professor of Philosophy, Gonzaga University*, Spokane, WA
Tom Krebsbach, Founder, Brier, WA
Tom Lobello, founder, 9-11 Revelations Group, Minneapolis, MN
Tom Marvin, Professor, Southern Oregon University*, Ashland, OR
Tom Miller, Legal Counsel, Global Exchange*, Oakland, CA
Tom Murphy, Representative Press, Mineola, NY
Tom Sandborn, writer/activist, Vancouver,, BC, Canada
Tom Willetts, York, YT, United Kingdom
Tom Wolfe, environmental education officer, BTCV*, Leeds, United Kingdom
Tom Wood, San Francisco, CA
Tomá Nawar, Prague, Czech Republic
Tomas Ledvina, Prague, Czech Republic
Tomas Polak, engineer, Pardubice, Czech Republic
Tomas Villalobos, Teacher, Escondido, CA
Tommaso Gamaleri, Rete Lilliput Italy*, Savona, Italy
Tomo Sekine, Tokyo, Japan
Tomomi Tanaka, Bayonne, NJ
Toni Gross, Oakland, CA
Toni Hamilton, Will County Democrats*, Joliet, IL
Tonia Eldridge, Librarian, State Library Of South Australia*, Alberton, Australia
Tony Digerolamo, Blue Anchor, NJ
Tony Platt, Professor, Cal State Univ Sacramento*, Berkeley, CA
Tony Simpson, Member, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Tork & Ulla Haxthausen & Paul, writer, S-28593 Markaryd, Sweden
Torsten Raagaard, Journalist, Danish Consumer Council*, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Toru Takahashi, Kamakura, Japan
Toshihiro Ikeda, OITA REPRESENTATIVE, Peace Cycle Japan, Nakatsu-city, Japan
Toshio Nagasawa, Kodaira-city, Japan
Touraj Daryaee, History Professor, California State Univesity, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA
Tracey Haines, nurse/carer, West Suffolk Health Authority, Thetford, United Kingdom
Tracy Ewing, Pacifica, CA
Tracy W Powell, Human being, Life, Anacortes, WA
Treva Mathur, Wichita, KS
Trevor Harris, Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Trevor Steele, Glanville, Australia
Trish Wickstead, Great Coxwell, United Kingdom
Troy Hill, Class Representative, Clark University Student Council*, Worcester, MA
Troy Hone, Staines, United Kingdom
Troy Rawls, Poet /Spoken Word Artist/Independent Producer, Whittier, CA
Trudy Morgan, Ukiah, CA
Tsunehiro Hayashi, Tsu-city Mie-pref., Japan
Turd Ferguson, CIO, Served Master Industries, Sheboygan, WI
Ty Geltmaker, author, historian, Los Angeles, CA
Ulla Roder, Peaceactivist, Women For Peace And Trident Ploughshares, Wri - Danish Branch*, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ullrich Mies, M.A: Social Scienes, Friends Of The Earth*, Vaals, Netherlands
Ulrich Rosemeyer, Free Journalist, Gifhorn, Germany
Una Coghlan, Member, Voice Of Women For Peace*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Unal Bahar, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Uncle Don B. Fanning, writer, educator, Flagstaff, AZ
Ursel Hertel, Weil Der Stadt, Germany
Ursula Mosley, Ontario, OR
Vahid Isabeigi, Gatineau, QC, Canada
Vahid Payrovi, Sr. Const. Inspector, Valley Transportation Authority*, San Jose, CA, Iran
Vajih Goudarzi, Springfield, VA
Val Krehbiel, Minister, Salina People For Peace, Salina, KS
Val Sanfilippo, FDNY family, SEIU, Sierra, Moveon, Save*, San Diego, CA
Valentina Bernardi Bernardi, University Student, London, United Kingdom
Valeria Bertini, Emergency, Volterra, Italy
Valerie Bonzek, Ludlow, MA
Valerie Kemp, teacher, LAUSD*, Los Angeles, CA
Valery Guignon, Dallas, TX
Vallin D. Estes, Professor Emeritus, Pfeiffer University*, Oak Island, NC
Van Temple, President, Evergreen Consulting, Inc.*, Ardencroft, DE
Vanessa Brown, Novato, CA
Vanessa Cummins, Chichester, United Kingdom
Vaughn Marlowe, Newport, OR
Vermont Trotter, Cda, ID
Vernnena Staab, Grate great Grandma, Des Moines, WA
Veronica Ganora, student, Sydney, Australia
Veronica Irene Lopez, Santa Rosa, CA
Veronica Russell, New Orleans, LA
Veronika Rochhart, teacher, Steirische Friedensplattform*, Graz, Austria
Vic & Barby Ulmer, Co-Directors, Our Developing World, Saratoga, CA
Vic Anderson, Eagle Lake, FL
Vick Poier, Maps (montevideo Area Peace Seekers)*, Montevideo, MN
Vicky Cosgrove, Little Neck, NY
Vicky Trippe, Retired, Teacher*, Springfield, MO
Victor Degiovanni, Senglea, Malta
Victor Vuyas, San Francisco, CA
Victoria Folker, Coos Bay, OR
Victoria Marie Debarbieri, Tobyhanna, PA
Victoria Neumann, Teacher, South Strafford, VT
Viktor Dedaj, independent journalist, Lyon, France
Vinayak Vinayak, Venice, CA
Vince Lawrence, Cabinet Maker, Veteran, Wintersville, OH
Vince Newton, Richmond, VA
Vince Nobile, Professor of U.S. History, Chaffey College*, Oceanside,, CA
Vince Nobile, Welland, ON, Canada
Vincent Cowherd, Camden, NJ
Vinie Burrows, UN representative, Womens International Democratic Federation, New York, NY
Virginia Baron, writer, Guilford, CT
Virginia Chavez Bell, Las Cruces, NM
Virginia Green, Staff Assistant, Saratoga Springs, NY
Virginia Hoffman, Asheville, NC
Virginia Kennedy, member, Marions For Peace, Ocala, FL
Virginia Kruse, Madison, WI
Virginia Momenee, Portland, ME
Virginia Wilber, communications intern, Fellowship Of Reconciliation*, Nyack, NY
Vitaly Volmensky, Pacific Grove, CA
Vito Camarretta, Taranto, Italy
Vittorio Agnoletto, european parlamentarian, GUE/NGL*, Milan, Italy
Vittorio Grieco, Matera, Italy
Vivian So, College Student, Camosun College*, Victoria Bc, BC, Canada
Viviana Cavalli, Milano, Italy
Vivienne Davies, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Vlad Bogomolnyy, Brooklyn, NY
Vladimir Zbozinek, Crewe, United Kingdom
Volker Bunzendahl, Psychologist, Lecturer, CVU Nordjylland, Langa, Denmark
W G Aguilera, Lake Forest, CA
W Jean Rohrer, Southwest Harbor, ME
W. Kreide, Hoechst, Germany
Waifun Chan, Tax Paying U.S. Citizen, Irvine, CA
Wais Alemi, Serhg, CA
Wal Cooper, Queanbeyan, Australia
Wallace Hoskins, San Diego, CA
Walter Dillon, Annandale, VA
Walter Knight, Professor Emeritus, Hiram College*, Helnea, MT
Walter Oczkowski, President, International Business, Deerfield, NY
Walter Vanderbush, Franklin, IN
Walter` Wood, Salyer, CA
Waltraut Wirtgen, Ärztin, Ippnw*, München, Germany
Wanda Bennett, Omaha, NE
Wanda McDonald, Toms River, NJ
Wanda S. Ballentine, Eagan, MN
Wang Feng Ng, Music therapist, Singapore, Singapore
Warren Brubacher, Activist, Toronto Stop The War Coalition*, Toronto, ON, Canada
Warren Hill, Stone Mountain, GA
Warren Popp, Student and Activist, St. Louis Community College-meramec College Progressives For Peace, St. Louis, MO
Wayne Sirlin, Chatham, NY
Weiqing Sun, Senior Program Officer, Beijing, China
Wendy Bice, staff representative, Cupe*, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wendy Hansen, Mt. Hamilton, CA
Wendy J Jones, Ripley, WV
Wendy Lariviere, lawyer, San Francisco, CA
Wendy Newhall, Brookfield, MA
Wendy Rae Woods, Wendy Rae Woods, Vermontpeacetrain*, North Bennington, VT
Wendy Winston, Venice, CA
Werner Gebert, Ofterdingen, Germany
Werner Ilse, Ahlen, Germany
Wesam Haboush, Canterbury, United Kingdom
Wesley Brown, Democrats, Marietta, GA
Wesley Fulton, Intern, The Student Conservation Association*, San Jose, CA
Wesley Morgan, Hamilton, ON, Canada
Whitney Bauman, Whitney Bauman, Berkeley, CA
Wieslaw Jacek Krasinski, President CEW, Complex Euro World*, Katowice, MT, Poland
Wil Van Der Klift, Chief editor Manifest, NCPN*, The Hague, Netherlands
Wilda Walker, Las Vegas, NV
Wilhelm Langthaler, International Spokesman, Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, Austria
Will Klump, New York, NY
Will Learmonth, Student of Politics and International Relations, Department Of Politics, European Studies And International Relations, Felsted, United Kingdom
Will Tuttle, Healdsburg, CA
Willaim . H Worthington,Jr, Winterville, NC
William Bateman, co-chair, Peoples Assembly-asemblea Popular, Providence, RI
William Boerst, Celoron, NY
William Bowker, Largo, FL
William Buehlman, Social Work Associate and Student, Ucsf And City College Of San Francisco*, San Fracisco, CA
William Burns, Lecturer, Howard University*, Washington, DC
William Cali, Garfield, NJ
William Capriola, Attorney, Sebastopol, CA
William Cavanaugh, Associate Professor, University Of St. Thomas*, St. Paul, MN
William Craigmyle, Flight Instructor, Flying Starts*, Oneonta, NY
William E. Hazel III, Member, MECAWI*, Detroit, MI
William F. Brabenec, Attica, MI
William Fentress, Oak Hill, VA
William Field, Wilmington, DE
William Gamble, New York, NY
William Gammon, Austin, TX
William Grigg, Senior Editor, The New American Magazine*, Payette, ID
William H Warrick Iii Md, Family Doctor, Veterans For Peace*, Gainesville, FL
William H Worthington, VC, Coalition Against Racism (car), Winterville, NC
William Hastings, Associate Professor, Fordham University*, Paramus, NJ
William Hoover, Catonsville, MD
William Kennedy, Chicago, IL
William Keyes, President, Tom Paine Chrapter 101, Albany, Ny - Veterance For Peace, Inc., Albany, NY
William Knuttel, Napa, CA
William McCrudden, E. Quogue, NY
William O'Neill, retired, Hendersonville, NC
William Patterson, Miami, FL
William Peltz, Albany, NY
William Powell, Sao Paulo, Brazil
William Stepp, New York, NY
William Wachob, Eggertsville, NY
William Wade, Pago Pago
William Weiksnar, Pastor, Camden, NJ
William Welsh, Scotts Valley, CA
William Zorumski, Taos, NM
William Zuzak, Nuclear/Plasma Physicist (retired), Atomic Energy Of Canada Ltd*, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Willy Lipschutz, Retired Teacher, Uft-nyc, Hollywood, FL
Wilmer Rutt, Berwyn, IL
Wimalasena Hewage, Journalist, Bbc*, London, United Kingdom
Winfrid Eisenberg, MD, Pediatrician, Ippnw, Member Of The German Board*, 32051 Herford, Germany
Winfried Orthmann, Professor for Near Eastern Archaeology, Mandelbachtal, Germany
Wisdom Paradise, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wolfgang Conrad, D-15569 Woltersdorf, Germany
Wolfgang Kurt, Osteopath, Mönchengladbach, Germany
Wolfgang Schreiner, member international workgroup, Greens Germany*, Esslingen, Germany
Wolf-juergen Herzog, Redakteur Roter Morgen, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Wren Osborn, Council Member, Green Party Of San Diego*, El Cajon, CA
Xanthe Hall, Berlin, Germany
Yael Lotan-Hairston, Israel-Palestine Peace Committee*, Givatayim, Israel
Yahanna Faith-Smith, Cambridge, MA
Yahya Muldrow, Servant of G'd, Muslim Ummah, Houston, TX
Yalda Riaz, Melbourne, Australia
Yasaman Mostajeran, Instructor, Irvine, CA
Yash Jain, Chennai, India
Yasmine Wasfi, Physician, Jenkintown, PA
Yasuhisa Iwakawa, Chiba, Chiba-ken, Japan
Yasushige Isaka, Tokyo, Japan
Yasuyuki Oda, CEO, Suiei_npo*, Otaru, Japan
Yavar Moghimi, Washington, DC
Yilmaz Kocer, Ph.D Student, New York University*, New York, NY
Yoann Le Guen, Canterbury, United Kingdom
Yoji Yamatani, Emeritus Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan*, Kyoto, Japan
Yoko Morooka, Cairo, Egypt
Yoko Nakamura, Chita-gun, Japan
Yoshie Furuhashi, Columbus, OH
Yoshihiro Tomura, Yotsukaido, Japan
Yoshinori Monden, Tokyo, Japan
Yosmary Delgado De Rausseo, NO BLOOD FOR OIL... STOP!, Movimiento 13 De Abril - Venezuela, Carabobo, Venezuela
Younghui Kim, editer, Minjok Tonshin*, La, CA
Yuichi Ashina, Kooriyama, Japan
Yuka Hasegawa, Hokuto, Japan
Yukari Tamura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Yukiko Maruta, Kawasaki, Japan
Yusef Jalali, Research Engineer, Whittier, CA
Yvette T. Waters, concerned citizen, Boston, MA
Yvonne Garcia, Tampa, FL
Yvonne Gavre, San Francisco, CA
Yvonne Schmidt, Lecturer, University Of Graz*, Graz, Austria
Z S, Beverly Hills, CA
Zac Townsend, Eugene, OR
Zacharias Cokkinos, New York City, NY
Zachary Johnson, Marion, IA
Zachary Levenson, Gilbert W. Beebe Fellow, Hiroshima, Japan
Zahra Billoo, Advisor, Muslim Student Association West*, Alhambra, CA
Zahra Taheri, Associate Professor, Tokyo University Of Foreign Studies*, Tokyo, CA, Japan
Zaineb Alani, Columbus, OH
Zandra Moberg, Philadelphia, PA
Zarar Sheikh, Sugar Land, TX
Zarina Bhatia, M Litt (Oxon), Qualified Public Service Interpreter, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Zeba Khalid, Gaithersbug, MD
Zeenat Bint Mahmood, City Of Tshwane, South Africa
Zeki Ergas, Founder, Millennium Solidarity Geneva Group, Geneva, Switzerland
Zendaniye Irani Land, Baba Be To Che?, Iran
Zhaleh Sahand, Youth Advocate, Houston, TX
Zia Abedi, Malmö, YT, Sweden
Zia Seddique-Bahram, Accommodation Officer, Cardiff Council*, Cardiff, United Kingdom
Zia Syed, International Secretary, All Pakistan Federation Of United Trade Unions (apfutu), Gujrat, MN, Pakistan
Ziba Bastani, Houston, TX
Ziba Mir-hosseini, Research Fellow, London Middle East Institute*, London, United Kingdom
Zoe Dwyer, Santa Fe, NM
Zoe Torres, student, San Francisco, CA
Zohreh Vaezian, no war is good war, Richmond, CA
Zulema Suárez, Jersey City, NJ

* = for identification only


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